Greetings from Tyler,

Does God have a sense of humour, or what?

The “global warming,” “climate change” discussion has now waxed idiotic and painfully hilarious.  In last week’s recitation of Update material, I suggested that the boatload of “scientists and tourists” stranded in the Antarctic ice were almost certainly caught up in, if not proponents of global-warming dogma.  After all, they are from Australia where a carbon tax has doubled power bills.

It turns out I didn’t know the half of it, and the truth of the story was, and still is being concealed by the mainstream media.  It turns out that 98% of all stories on the icebound ship neglected to mention that it was on a mission to retrace the travels of a famous explorer and document how little ice there is now compared to back when.

As everyone is well aware, at least two ice-breaker vessels were unable to reach the stranded research vessel, and the passengers had to be helicoptered off their ship to safety.  Now it turns out that the rescue vessel which served as a launch site for the helicopters is itself stranded in the expanding ice cap.  Even as the the cautionary tale was playing out, one of the big Australian papers carried an article warning that global-warming was occurring at a faster pace and causing more damage than even Al Gore would have imagined.

Of course it is the long hot summer right now in Australia, and they have regions over there that get hotter than Death Valley.  Apparently it just stood to reason that the Antarctic ice must be melting like crazy, and they thought they would sail down to document the disaster.  They must not have been heard about how much additional ice has appeared of late on both polar icecaps.  But maybe they had seen the reports of record cold across vast regions of the United States, and thought they’d go gather some “data” to bolster their bogus dogma.  We can only hope that they are properly embarrassed, and the folks back home have followed the drama, and maybe they’ll think twice about how much power they’ve placed in the hands of legislators and regulators to price civilized life out of reach.

Last night, National Geographic aired a documentary featuring experts who believe that the record actually shows a trend toward cooling, and that another ice-age may be in our future.  That prospect was presented with almost as much alarm as its counterpart.  They talked of what would happen if the earth’s average temperature should decline by as little as four of five degrees, how food production would undergo a major decline and mass starvation would result.

They went on to detail what a precise and narrow window of temperature variation is required for life on earth to be sustained as we know it.  Isn’t that a happy coincidence?  Earth rotates exactly the right distance from the sun, allowing for us to thrive amid the changing seasons.  Wasn’t the “big bang” brilliant?

Mainstream everything claims that you are the equivalent of a “flat-earther” and have no respect for science if you don’t believe in “the big bang,” evolution and global-warming.  I would submit that a great many scientists who generate papers and teach this stuff have no regard for real science.  After all, there is just no way for them to prove any of it by legitimate means.  And now you’ve seen the absurdity of the latest attempt by a group of global-warming alarmists to prove their point.  It’s a lot funner than we realized a week ago, and more so now that a second rescue vessel has been involuntarily decommissioned.

Since it is summer in the southern hemisphere, it will be interesting to see if and when the two boats can be salvaged.  They still have crews aboard.  Hopefully, with nowhere to go and lots of time on their hands, someone will write a book.  Eventually, they too may have to be rescued.

We just passed the New Year celebration, and this years’ Rose Parade took place under that beautiful southern California blue sky just as it does nearly every January 1st.  The Rose Parade runs right in front of one of my childhood homes, and aside from some late night revelry, the event has always had a wholesome aura about it.  The top marching bands in the country are there, along with the spectacular flowered floats and beautiful horses laden with silver-plated tack.

For some reason, the Tournament of Roses organisation this year was proud to have a float in the parade from an outfit that raises money to find a “cure” for AIDS.  That float was to feature an actual marriage ceremony between two men as it made its way down the long parade route.  The idea is apparently that queer matrimony is the best way to avoid AIDS.  So there you have it.  Another fine and uniquely American institution has besmirched itself, climbing proudly aboard the pro-homo bandwagon.

Let’s see now, the U.S. military, the Boy Scouts of America, about seventeen states and now the Tournament of Roses?  How long before God regards us as the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah?  If this nation can’t figure out the necessity to stand against this blight, we will reap a similar reward.

Can’t anyone see that we don’t have time for such nonsense?

America has lost its standing and influence around the world but particularly in the Middle East where our nation has squandered all respect, even in the case of Israel.  John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State is over there now with an armload of solutions that are going nowhere.  Nowhere with the Israelis, nowhere with the Palestinians (who demonstrated and protested his visit), nowhere.  But he caught some attention by suggesting that “some of the holy places” be placed under the control of the Vatican.

It’s almost like they know about the prophecies and want to be on the wrong side of them!  The Israelis have allowed mostly Arabic control over the Temple Mount, and “Christian” control of some of the other sites which may or may not be historically legitimate, but nevertheless are tourist stops.  The pope may not be moving to Jerusalem just yet, but Islam is going nuclear, Europe (actually Germany) is beginning to try to fill the void being left by the current U.S. administration.  As Kerry told the Israelis right after concluding the recent “deal” to let Iran pursue its nuclear program, “International forces will protect you.”  Sounds like a recipe for end-time prophecy.

Mark Armstrong