Weekly Update by Mr. Armstrong – 3 April 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

Renounce your Christian beliefs, or suffer the consequences! Sounds like Islam and the tactics of ISIS doesn’t it? Yes, but now it’s also the homo activists in Indiana. If we thought we had some say-so over what kind of religious ceremonies we participate in, we just learned otherwise. A law suit might take some time to play out, but Indianans found out that the wrong answer would bring about an immediate avalanche of terroristic threats. The queer people have ripped a page from the play-book of Islamic terror. The poor girl at the Christian owned pizzeria instantly became a reviled bigot in the eyes of a pious mainstream media, harassed and frightened out of business by militant fruitcakes. It is heartening to know that tens of thousands of traditional Americans have pitched in to save the Mom and Pop pizza family from financial ruin. But the militant pinkos won the day against the Indiana governor, and the Arkansas governor, and the notion of any remaining vestige of religious freedom in the U.S.

They’re also dancing in the streets of Tehran while Israel finds itself at the mercy of a nuclear deal in the making, by an administration desperate for something that resembles an accomplishment in a region where American foreign policy has been turned on its head. Fallout is intense. Former friends and allies in the Arab world are alarmed as the terrorist theocracy of Iran is coddled and embraced by the current U.S. administration while their security interests are betrayed.

We are told that the “framework” of a deal with Iran has been reached. The administration is trying to sell the idea that Iran has agreed to be delayed in its quest to become a nuclear military power. Days before the celebration, the Iranian regime made it clear that the “destruction of Israel” was off the table as a point of negotiation. Neither was Iran’s promotion of terror ever addressed in the talks.

The ayatollah Khameini led chants of “death to America” only days prior to the “historic” breakthrough of a “framework” for a “deal” that still doesn’t exist! At the expiration of the “deadline” for agreement, John Kerry and the president rushed out to declare victory.

Iran has already denied everything the State department claimed was achieved. Iran literally gave up nothing specific in exchange for promises that economic sanctions will soon be lifted. Another point of celebration must be that Iran can breathe easy, knowing that there is no danger of military strikes against their nuclear installations as long as the Obama administration is desperate for an agreement. There will certainly be no American actions, and because our diplomats are continuing to “negotiate” or more accurately capitulate, Iran rests easy that there will be no Israeli action either.

Israel believes, with ample justification that its security has been sold down the river. Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and several gulf kingdoms believe that they’ve also been betrayed and are scrambling to come up with some strategy for security now that the U.S. has shown willingness to let Iran continue nuclear development while using terror to exert influence and in the case of Yemen, topple the government. All America’s traditional partners in the Middle East, first and foremost Israel, have been betrayed in the interests of giving Iran what it wants.

The bottom line is, Iran gets the bomb. Our Arab allies, and more importantly Israel can just back off and shut up. And the gay lobby gets what it wants, and everybody had better be ready to participate and celebrate, or else.

Terrorists who just carried out the massacre of 147 or more nominal Christians in Kenya gave everybody a choice. Muslims line up here, and Christians over there. Then they heartlessly mowed down the Christians. The Christians could have promised to convert to save themselves. The way things are going, it may be a choice we’ll all have to face.
Mark Armstrong