Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 8 May 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

Is there anything about our Constitutionally protected freedoms that doesn’t infuriate jihadists? Or do they only attack when somebody draws a cartoon of their “prophet?” ISIS boasted responsibility for the attack in Dallas, where two jihadis rolled in from Phoenix prepared to kill everybody at the cartoon contest. They were heroically taken out by an off-duty traffic cop and his trusty sidearm, managing only to graze a security guard in the ankle. Why would ISIS think there was anything for which to take credit? Nevertheless, they took the opportunity to claim that they have dozens of “fighters” in several states awaiting orders to attack Americans.

Not to worry though. The FBI is keeping an eye on all suspected terrorists moving freely about the United States. They were even keeping an eye on one of the Dallas attackers! But that didn’t stop him from loading up AK’s with plenty of ammo and driving a thousand miles to shoot up a cartoon contest. Nice to know that even though the importation of suspicious characters from terrorist-friendly regions of the Middle East goes on continually, that the Feds are keeping an eye on them. That’s implausible and impossible, and whatever their policies may be, it didn’t prevent the attempt to murder Americans in Dallas.

Pamela Gellar, who sponsored the free-speech event in Dallas has been roundly criticized for creating a provocation. But she made a point that is hard to refute. The Muslim terrorists belonged to a mosque in Phoenix operated by a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. They intend to overthrow the United States and constrain us all under the dictates of Sharia law. If the amateur terrorists hadn’t loaded their guns and headed to the fortified conference in Dallas, sooner or later they would have attacked some other civilian target. Maybe fortified cartoon contests should be held twice a week all over the U.S. just to flush out the idiots!

It has happened again. They kept us on pins and needles right up until ballots were counted in the British election for the office of Prime Minister. Then we learn that it was a blowout for incumbent David Cameron. But it was too close to call according to the media. It happened the same way in Israel, where Prime Minister Netanyahu was predicted to lose to the Obama team feverishly campaigning against him. Either the media engages in wishful thinking in their reporting, or they intentionally crank out rank propaganda in the hopes of swaying the outcome. Either way, their election predictions carry about as much wight as their global warming prognostications.

What a pitiful, ridiculous charade we watched in Baltimore! The angry mob already has representation at every level of city administration, including the top echelon of law enforcement. Not only that, but the city has received billions of dollars in “stimulus” money, Federal funds for everything from education to the environment. Where’s all the money going? The bad side of town is still a shambles, and the marauding “youth” showed clearly how they behave when law enforcement is unable or unwilling to respond.

According to the Governor of Maryland, 115 businesses, mostly minority owned, were destroyed in the looting rampage, many without insurance. That ought to show the establishment! What more could they do to prove that the United States is institutionally racist? Not to worry, though. The Department of Injustice is descending upon the beleaguered Police Department to investigate suspicions of discrimination and brutality. This after the State Attorney charged six officers, three white and three black, with second degree murder and manslaughter. She declared to the assembled mob, “I’ve heard your cries of ‘No Justice, No Peace…’This is your moment, this is our moment.”

It appears that the Baltimore Mayor, Police Commissioner, and State Attorney represent the mob. They’ve unrealistically raised expectations in the “community” that legal revenge will be visited upon law enforcement, as if that will somehow pacify those who will steal all they can carry if the opportunity arises. Whatever happened to justice being blind? We’ll see, at considerable length, whether that turns out to be the case. Chances are better than good that the hastily brought charges will not survive scrutiny, cars will be stomped and burned, businesses looted and torched once again.

Not much was made of the fact that the leader of the New Black Panther party showed up in Baltimore to hail the looters and arsonists as heroic, or that Al Sharpton took the opportunity to call for the central government to take over local law enforcement all over the United States. The activists want racial upheaval to sweep the United States, and there’s not much they won’t do to provoke it. Word is that many in the rank and file of the Baltimore police want out. Their duty to protect the community, keep the peace and apprehend criminals has just become way too risky. They were already putting themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis, but now that their administrative bosses and even the mayor have shown a willingness to sacrifice them in the face of a violent mob, many want to move away and start over. What will Baltimore look like then?

While national attention is focused on supposed police malfeasance in the treatment of gang bangers and dope peddlers, Iran is jockeying warships around the choke-points through which much of the world’s oil is shipped from the Middle East. There have been close calls with the U.S. Navy in incidents downplayed by the Pentagon. How can the administration be “negotiating” a nuclear pact with professional liars and cheats while they threaten to destroy Israel and defeat the United States, and risk war with provocations at sea? It boggles the mind.

From the southern border comes word that the invasion of illegals is accelerating by the day. There is already a court order in place telling the administration to cease and desist granting legal status including social security numbers to millions of illegals. But they continue pouring across the border anyway. Now Hillary Clinton, who expects to be the first female president of the United States has repudiated her staunch position against illegal immigration, and now is calling for a “path to full citizenship” for illegals to be implemented as soon as possible!

We are living in a time we could never have imagined. Our current leaders, and the one considered the “favorite” to succeed the current president, are following the strategies of their radical socialist gurus to deceive and overwhelm citizens of the United States with financial burdens and empathetic guilt too great to be borne. The vast majority simply want to ignore them and the disasters they’re fomenting in the name of social justice, environmentalism, and non-discrimination. Every notion of holding on to righteous principals or traditional precepts is laughed off, lampooned or worse. But we’re supposed to “understand” the hurt feelings of murderous Muslims, disrespected gangsters, homo-couples’ need for matrimony, and criminals flooding the border. The pressures against our faith, our traditions, and our way of life is only starting to build. Soon, they’ll introduce their secret weapon into the fray, the pope! Between him, the UN, the president, the anarchists, the race baiters, the so-called “scientific community” and the media, surely we’ll realize that resistance is futile! Nope.

No we won’t. We will continue denounce evil, resist the tyrannical dictates of those who would falsify our heritage and force evil down our throats. May God help us.


Mark Armstrong