Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 4 September 2015 Traversing the news impacting world headlines in a prophetic light.

Greetings from Tyler,

Tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East continue flooding into Europe. Photographs showing their arrival on the shores of Greece and Italy accompany news stories charting the influx north and west. An estimated 2,500 have drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean this year. Thousands more have made their way into Hungary where they’ve descended on a train station in Budapest, creating a humanitarian crisis. Train service west has been discontinued. Many took refuge on stranded trains, which became unbearably unsanitary.

Hungary is erecting razor-wire fences along its southern and eastern borders, trying to stem the flow. Meanwhile, angry refugees have left the train station and temporary camps and set off on foot along a six-lane highway on a three hundred mile trek toward Germany. Hungary doesn’t want the Middle Eastern migrants. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban is quoted as saying, “Now we talk about hundreds of thousands, but next year we will talk about millions and there is no end to this. All of a sudden we will see that we are in the minority in our own continent.”

The EU is trying to insist that all member countries accept their fair share of Middle Eastern refugees, in the face of public sentiment that is not all that welcoming. The UK is under constant pressure as well, with migrants staged on the French side of the English Channel looking to get to England one way or the other. The English already spend well over a billion dollars per year to support immigrants, and are under constant pressure from the EU and the UN to take more.

Some 300,000, mostly Muslim, are believed to have swarmed into Europe this year alone. It is reported that there have been 200 attacks against refugee centers this year in Germany. As the European refugee crisis continues to grow, Europe will be further destabilized and may very well see political upheaval in the wake of growing anarchy.

Illegal immigration, finally, has become perhaps the most hotly debated problem in the United States? But don’t worry, the pope will be along shortly to straighten all of us out.

We are all aware of the spate police officers being ambushed and killed in the United States. There have been at least three since last week’s Update. The ambush of the Deputy Sheriff in Houston, the officer killed in Illinois, and one found murdered in his apartment in Abilene, Texas. This couldn’t have anything to do with the demonstrations and chants by the “black lives matter” group, or the widely seen videos on social media calling for the killing of policemen, could it? One getting attention of late is a warning that, “It’s not safe to be white in America anymore.” It warns that whites should expect to be attacked at any time.

Popular radio host Glenn Beck called for a national day of prayer today, to coincide with the funeral of Deputy Darren Goforth in Houston. He’s even asked that people circle police stations to pray for the protection of law officers nationwide. Both are great ideas, the second designed to show law enforcement that the public appreciates and depends on their service. In truth, every day should be a national day of prayer and repentance. But the United States is digging itself into deeper trouble nearly every day.

By now you know about the Kentucky clerk who is in jail for refusing a federal judge’s order to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. It has become impossible to be employed by the U.S. government, including the military, unless you’re prepared to cooperate with one sin mandate after another. Under the circumstances the jailed woman in Kentucky may have no choice but to resign the position to which she was elected, or face additional jail time. It has been pointed out that the angry “gays” could have easily gone to another district for their bogus “marriage” papers. They appear to have intentionally singled out this courthouse in order to force the issue on the woman who said she couldn’t in good conscience, and wouldn’t, affix her signature to documents that blatantly fly in the face of God’s Word. She may be the first of many to languish behind bars for refusing to personally endorse government-mandated iniquity.

As the American president presses Senators for support of the nuclear “deal” with Iran, its officials are increasingly brazen with their threats to overthrow Israel. They’re also boasting that no inspectors will be allowed to see what’s going on in crucial nuclear facilities. It is public knowledge that they already spend billions to fund terrorists around the world, and under the Obama “deal” they’re about to have $150 billion more. Iran has been brazenly hateful and threatening ever since the revolution of 1979. But have you ever seen them more gleeful?

It is beyond comprehension that the current U.S. president has chosen to stand with Iran rather than Israel, ceding their acquisition of nuclear weapons and their ability to employ ICBM’s. One of their commanders is quoted in a PJ Media story today saying, “We’re preparing to overthrow Israel… We welcome war.”

America’s leadership has joined forces with the Muslim cult of death, and is forcing that decision down the throats of large majorities in the House and Senate by demanding compliance from enough Democrats (34) to uphold the president’s “deal.”

The pope will be coming here shortly to address the UN, and for the first time in history, a joint session of Congress. He will preach open borders for Europe and the United States, and tell us that it is our Christian duty to believe in the bogus theory of global warming and accept ruinous mandates. The whole thing is a massive deception, and has become a false religion. But he’s already got most prominent protestant leaders in his pocket (assuming he’s got one in his papal robe).

Just like Europeans, we’re being run over with mass deception, demanding immigrants, vicious criminals, and leadership is aligned with the pope in an effort to overthrow capitalism and freedom. It’s looking more and more like captivity leading to tribulation. The current president should be impeached for aiding and abetting a sworn enemy of the United States (among numerous other crimes and misdemeanors) and the pope’s visa should be revoked. But almost nobody has the guts to do what’s right. It’s high time we heed God’s warnings, set ourselves apart and prepare ourselves for the upheavals of Matthew 24.


Mark Armstrong

P.S. We’re hearing that Terry Williams is recovering from botched surgeries, and our prayers for her continue. Aunt Lois Chapman is still in the hospital, trying to make enough progress to move into a facility dedicated to rehabilitation. We had a big response to last week’s television program on the Prayer Channel on the Dish network, with nearly eighty first time callers for that outlet alone. The new Twenty-first Century WATCH is our biggest issue to date with 40 pages. It has just been forwarded to the printer. We’ll have it out before the Feast. Our sincere thanks to all who make it possible.