Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 4 January 2013

Greetings from Tyler,

Americans have watched, dumbstruck, the U.S. administration praise and promote the so-called “Arab spring” overtaking nation after nation across the Middle East.  Tunisia fell first, then Yemen and Egypt, cheered on by the White House and Department of State as a brilliant example of democracy in action.  If it was democracy, it only lasted long enough to see radical Islamists take power and implement the strictures of Sharia law in those nations while adopting postures hostile toward Israel and the west.

America then actively intervened militarily (under the guise of NATO) to topple Kaddaffi’s Libya, turning it into a hotbed of al Qaeda connected terrorist training camps as the final communications of  Ambassador Stevens before they slaughtered him make clear.

The list of nations that have seen similar attempts to rise up and overthrow governments are as long as your leg, but the one that’s been the bloodiest and is still ongoing is the situation in Syria.  Again, America is on the side of those trying to topple the regime.  If and when that happens, we’ll see Syria turned into another religious Islamic asylum with the destruction of Israel and the West its top priority.  Maybe you can figure out how that ties in with American interests.  Or for that matter, how any of this does.

When certain official representatives have questioned the influence of Islamic advisors in the White House, in the State Department, in Homeland Security and Federal law enforcement agencies, advisers with specific Muslim Brotherhood affiliations, they’ve been accused of “Islamophobia” with all the dark racist implications that accompany the manufactured politically correct lingo they’ve created.  However, there’s no further reason to malign those who’ve dared express their concerns.  On December 22, Egypt’s very own Rose El-Youssef magazine has specifically named several of the Muslim Brotherhood operatives boasting that they’ve played a role in turning American policy “from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organisations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Seems like they may be giving these guys a little more credit than they deserve, and not enough to the current occupant of the Oval Office.  There is also something afoot that most probably know nothing about.  That is the scheduled delivery of a squadron of 20 of America’s sophisticated fighter aircraft to the Muslim Brotherhood rulers of Egypt in order to make good on a previous arrangement with former President Mubarak.  Can that possibly happen?  Is there any blinding outrage capable of shocking our sensibilities any further?  The mainstream media will probably make certain that this little detail never penetrates most of our population.

Aren’t you glad they made that last minute deal to circumvent the financial catastrophe they created?  Certainly it means at least a couple of months more employment for thousands working in the defence and military arena.  It also means another unemployment extension for many who’ve already been drawing the benefits for three years.  Who knows all the short term ramifications?  What we all know for certain is that the insane spending sure to bankrupt our economy and plunge much the rest of the world into crisis as well will continue on.  Never mind the size of the debt now being laden on every innocent newborn, the price of this administration’s political support is out of this world.

Of course the little deal they just had to cut will take a chunk out of everybody who works, and a couple hundred thousand per year out of the hide of high rollers.  Meanwhile spending has not been cut at all, and is instead increasing!  We’ll get another high drama dog and pony show here in just a matter of weeks when we reach the “debt ceiling,” the maximum amount of debt Congress has previously approved.  It’s another bad joke.  What good is a debt ceiling when they just keep increasing it every time its hit without taking any measures to correct the problem?

So here we are, strangers in our own country.  We’re told we have to accept, if not support this “gay marriage” catastrophe as state after state makes it lawful.  Our leadership is in bed with our most dangerous enemies, promoting them and arming them.  They’re working overtime to make sure the last mass murder doesn’t represent a lost opportunity to disarm law abiding citizens, which has been proven time and again to be the best deterrent against crime.

Maybe they’re not trying to destroy the only nation built on a foundation of God’s laws, recognising Him as the basis of all our freedoms and blessings.  Strike that.  It’s not possible.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Our leadership flaunts its arrogance while promoting a wide range of issues that defy God and His Word.  You simply cannot ignore it unless you tune out completely.  Would that it were possible.  Instead, we’d better brace ourselves against the evil our nation promotes in the name of good.  The wrecking crew is just getting started, and it aims to finish the job.  It’s just not that hard to contemplate an eventual breakdown of order.  Who are we going to call then?

I hate to tell you this, because my Mom never wants people worrying about her.  But I must ask for your prayers at this time.  She is extremely weak, with a long list of concerns; but right now particularly so.  I’d sure appreciate your prayers on her behalf.  Thank you all.

Mark Armstrong