Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 31 July 2015

A round up of current US and world news in a prophetic light.

Greetings from Tyler,

Those defending sanctuary cities and open borders policies will say this story is just another anecdote. “Good Samaritan Family Gunned Down Trying to Help Stranded Driver in Montana” reads the headline. A couple picked up their adult daughter, and went back to help the driver who appeared to be stranded along side the road. When they arrived the stranded eighteen year old Hispanic pulled a gun on them and demanded money. They told him they didn’t have any on them, so he told them to start walking down the road away from their car, and then started shooting. He shot the father dead first, then the mother, and wounded the daughter as she ran from the scene. He’d been picked up recently for burglary, but couldn’t be deported because he’d recently received “permanent resident status” thanks to one of the president’s compassionate policies. Obviously, someone with the temperament and mindset of this foreigner had no business being on the road in Montana or anywhere else in America. But there are hundreds of thousands more roaming the streets and highways just like this animal. Hundreds of thousands more are in prison, and will be released before the president leaves office. Assuming the country survives that long.

This situation further illustrates a point that is being made with every one of these crimes, the vast majority of which never get national attention. And that is that life is cheap south of the border, and it is cheap in Central America. Murder, rape, kidnappings occur all the time in cities and towns where drug cartels make the rules. People in that environment are exposed to violence and dead bodies all the time. They come to the United States in pursuit of what the government is selling, social justice. The statistics of illegal crime in Texas alone are such that we couldn’t hear the details of all of them in a lifetime. Somehow we’re supposed to believe, “Diversity makes us stronger.”

If you believe that, you probably think that Planned Parenthood is doing the right thing with their butchery and trafficking of “tissues” from little unborn babies. Life is cheap south of the border? How cheap is life to those who insist that such practices must be supported and financed by all of us? How cheap is life to the “doctors” who carry out such inhumane actions with their own hands, one hoping that it will earn her a Lamborghini? This doesn’t just besmirch the concept of humanity, it is a stain on the conscience of every American who’s heard of these practices.

The videos airing nightly and even the spoken accounts are too gruesome to bear, especially for a family caring for a helpless little newborn infant. If these practices continue to be supported by U.S. leadership, and there is no outcry by the population to put a stop to it then we are well on our way to becoming the kind of third-world quagmire that exists in Mexico and Central America, maybe worse. Has everyone’s conscience been calloused to the point that we are willing to co-exist with this kind of depravity?

Most of the country has bowed down to the filthy abomination of homosexuality, and stayed quiet while the practice has been not just accepted but sanctified by the pretense of “marriage.” That fact alone will see our nation, our military and churches cursed. But the butchery of unborn babies for profit is about as low as it gets. It is on a par with Nazi experimentation that went on alongside their death camps. Presumably, the practice continues even as the wretched details spill out into our living rooms. But the current president has already vowed to veto any legislation that would curtail our taxes from supporting the organization that practices these heinous crimes against humanity. He’ll strut onto a stage somewhere in the days to come to throw his head around and tell us how narrow-minded we are and what valuable research is being accomplished.

This is the stuff of which curses are made. These are sins that should be abhorred by everyone with an ounce of human dignity. If they are not branded as such along with a large dose of humility and repentance, then we can expect defeat at the hands of our enemies. The communist saboteurs who have America by the throat can respect Islam, settling its foreign adherents in our cities and towns by the hundreds of thousands, sanctify sodomy, import diseased illiterates by the millions, while calling us simple and stupid for believing in God but not global warming.

We keep thinking, surely Americans will rebel against such putrid tyranny. But few will make a peep because they’re so outnumbered in a society that can’t be disturbed from the pursuit of pleasure. But a disturbance that will demand everyone’s attention cannot be far off. With no shift in course, it is inevitable. Maybe we can’t repent on behalf of national sins, but we’d better try.


Mark Armstrong