Weekly Update–by Mark Armstrong – 30 October 2015 – Reviewing world and US news with a prophetic perspective.

Greetings from Tyler,

We’re hearing very little in the American mainstream media about the continuing Muslim invasion of Europe. It’s almost as if it isn’t happening, or if it is, it’s just not that important. But ignoring this situation certainly won’t make it go away. And the invasion is hugely important, not only, because it is will critically alter the culture, standard of living, safety and security in many European countries, but it may well be the catalyst that will bring down the European Union.

Who knew that Sweden’s Foreign Minister has publicly stated that, having already accepted nearly 200,000 Muslim “asylum seekers,” that his nation is facing “collapse”? Why are so many Muslims intent on making their way to Sweden? Because it has some of the most generous welfare states in all of Europe. According to reports, six immigrant housing centers have recently been torched, and eight others were burned down earlier this year bringing the annual total to fourteen. That would seem to indicate that all Swedes are not all that excited about the hordes of new neighbors. The “collapse” referenced by the Foreign Minister may not just be strain on the nation’s economic ability to house, feed and support the Muslims, a backlash from angry citizens might just also contribute.

The main complaint from Sweden seems to be that other European nations, aside from Germany, are not doing enough to absorb their fair share. When you delve deeper into the Muslim onslaught of young single men swarming into Europe, you begin to realize that they are not behaving very well. They’ve overwhelmed hospitals all along their path, with diseases and ailments not seen in Europe for centuries. They angrily refuse assistance from female staff. There have been reports of instances where doctors and nurses have been attacked, and found themselves on the receiving end of the Intensive Care Unit.

The Muslim invasion of Europe is no longer theoretical. They are already there now in their hundreds of thousands, upending every aspect of life wherever they land.

Of course our American president couldn’t be prouder of himself, as his policies are largely responsible for the Muslim exodus. And he’s proud of Angela Merkel for having shepherded them into Germany and insisting on infiltrating them throughout Europe. Photos and videos show them marching through a city in Bavaria as German women are heard in the background lamenting, “This is our future.”

The future has come to America too. Not just from the Muslim Middle East, but from Mexico and Central America. Try going to a mall or a hospital. What do you see? It’s getting to be the same everywhere. Foreigners of every description are swarming every public facility. In many locations they seem to be in the majority, and it is no accident. It is Social Justice, courtesy Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright and Barrack Hussein Obama.

The seeds are being sown for the overthrow of western civilization, and having been thoroughly brainwashed, we’re all supposed to be applauding. The mainstream media now takes for granted that the insanity of open borders and socialist/communist style redistribution is now a western value and our highest priority, right up there with global warming.

When you see the stuff coming out of government agencies, where bureaucrats are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to “nudge” us in the right direction, you might think you’re reading something out of a propaganda comic. The Department of Energy is urging parents to have their children dress up as a solar panel or windmill for Halloween. Yes, the brainwashing should start as early as possible. And what are you going to do if the little darlings show up at your front door disguised as solar panels or wind turbans? Insult them? What on earth is the Department of Energy doing validating the practice of Halloween in the first place?

Well there is a caution, almost as comedic as the rest. The DoE is also warning that all the carved pumpkins are contributing to global warming! Maybe that’ll be the reason people begin to re-think Halloween. It’s destroying the planet!

Never mind the Muslim invasion of Europe, or the United States spending itself into bankruptcy to settle people who have come in their millions to prey on Americans. The real concern is global warming, and what all those pumpkins may be doing to contribute to the destruction of the planet!

The insanity is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Americans are being played for such fools. They assume we’ve rejected God, all but a few “bitter clingers,” and can’t wait for Hillary Clinton to finish what Obama started. Maybe the influx of foreigners has changed our demographics sufficiently that their arrogant suppositions will hold up.

Nobody is getting in their way. Certainly not the “loyal opposition.” They’ve just enshrined all the idiotic social spending into law for another two years. By that time we’ll be seeing the national debt zoom over the 20 trillion mark. The damage may well be beyond repair, and that is apparently what our leadership wants.

What will Europe look like in another two years? How many millions of rude, angry Muslims will inhabit the continent by then? Will the EU still be in business, or will it have collapsed and been replaced by a new coalition led by a much different Germany than the one led by Angela Merkel?

What will the Middle East look like? Now that the United States has turned its back on Israel in favor of some sick relationship with Iran, who stands with Israel? More and more of the Middle East is looking like a terrorist free-for-all. Russia now threatens the United States on a regular basis, and now operates a forward base out of Syria.

China talks tough, and now says it’s not afraid of war with the U.S. We’ll see if that makes the nightly news. Fat chance!

Between Obama and Merkel, Europe and America have been made to be incredibly weak. Both have shown signs that they value their social justice/political correctness much higher than the citizens they purport to represent. The world has taken notice and is taking advantage, as if on cue. We’re going to hate to see where this leads. The answer lies in some of the scariest prophecies the Bible has to offer.

Mark Armstrong