Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong—28 August 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

One evil insane outrage after another assails our senses to the point now that we have to wonder if current leadership and its lap-dog media aren’t “in the tank” for the most fringe of lunatics. Having talked to Murray in Sydney, Australia yesterday, it’s clear that the video recorded by the black homosexual of his hand and gun as he shot the reporter, her interview subject and the cameraman has been seen on network television around the world.

What was the official reaction? We have to impose “common sense” gun laws! What are those? The socialist ilk want to disarm everybody, leaving citizens defenceless against the violence leadership has stirred up by stoking racial hatreds, promoting anti-law enforcement sentiment, all the while ignoring or denying the crime-wave that has been imported and unleashed by executive order.

What about the black homosexual who murdered the young female reporter, her cameraman and gravely injured the woman being interviewed? He perceived himself as a victim, when in fact he was a bully. He’d been fired from the same TV station where his victims worked for starting arguments, trying to pick fights, being “aggressive in body-language” to other employees. He was full of accusations, and even filed a complaint with the “Equal Employment Opportunity Commission” claiming discrimination. The agency investigated, found that his accusations were false and dismissed the case.

After being fired from the TV station, the murderer-to-be went off and nursed his hatred for two years, convincing himself that he was a victim, until finally he acted out his uncontrollable urge for revenge. Now the whole world is seeing the gruesome video he took, showing his hand aiming his gun and shooting the unsuspecting reporter on Live television doing her interview. Now we know from the wretch’s own “manifesto” that he was hoping to spark a “race war.” And the president and his ideological entourage are calling for gun control? How about they stop stoking the hatreds they’ve so openly promoted in every case that fits their agenda. How about they quit claiming “white privilege” and “police brutality” in every instance, nearly always in contravention of the facts.

The world must pity the United States at this point. It must look as if we’ve all lost our minds, and are being herded around in a national insane asylum! Why didn’t they just say “black lives matter” and mourn the passing of the homosexual murderer, saying he meant well? It would have made as much sense as racing out to talk “gun control,” and would have been more sincere.

Our nation is in serious trouble, and everybody knows it. The problem is that those promoting lunacy will be proud of themselves if law and order breaks down; if there is a race war; if law enforcement is overwhelmed by illegal alien criminals. It’s all part of the Saul Alinsky manifesto studied, preached and practiced by the current president and the pant-suited wannabe. Incredibly, they’ve succeeded in a great many of their machinations, and it may already be too late for the United States to return to any semblance of dignity.

These updates have often drawn attention to Europe’s influx of problem migrants from Africa and the Middle East, and the strife that has already generated inside the European Union. With more and more arriving in Greece and Italy all the time, the situation finally began to rate mainstream media newsbreak status this week. You may have seen some of the images or video of what’s going on along Hungary’s eastern border. Immigrants are rushing border agents, escaping into Hungary where they can plot their migration deeper into Europe. The problem of unassimilated (mostly Muslim) immigrants was already a political hot potato, propelling right-wing parties into parliaments across Europe and notably in Germany.

More than three thousand, mostly Syrians, are reported to have breached Hungary’s border yesterday. They are arriving in their hundreds and thousands along the shores of Greece and Italy, beaten and abused by human smugglers according to reports.

Will this be the issue that brings down the European Union? Or will it be the looming economic crisis? How about the growing military/terrorist threat from ISIS or Iran – both growing by the day?

The world is starting to come apart at the seams. The United States has largely become a country ruled by lawless entities, from the White House to unaccountable national agencies. Should we talk about the EPA’s poisoning of the Animas River that runs through some of the most beautiful pristine country you’ll ever see? Or the fact that despite a federal judge’s injunction against the EPA’s new “water rule” that the EPA defiantly plans to enforce the edict anyway?

Everywhere you look, the wheels are coming off. Especially in the regions, like central Europe and the Middle East, where Bible prophecy indicates a great conflict will arise. The nation that could have been, and should have been providing just leadership has turned the U.S. military into a sprawling social experiment, more concerned with “gay rights” and Muslim sensibilities than showing strength to keep bad actors in line.

ISIS has run amok, and continues its expanding reign of evil. Thanks to Kerry and Obama, Iran is on top of the world, economically and militarily. The survival of Israel is obviously not a priority of current U.S. leadership. The United States is mired in mind-boggling debt, unproductive infighting and wallowing in unspeakable sin.

The Pope thinks he has all the answers, and he’s coming to lecture us about global warming and the goodness of illegal immigrants next month. It just might work on a populace that no longer seems to believe in anything. If this picture doesn’t illustrate a route to tribulation, we’ll hate to see what comes next. It’s past time for national repentance. May we all do our best to draw close to God, obey His Laws, keep His Sabbath holy, and exhort others to reject deception, withdraw from useless pursuits and consider what we’ve wrought. Have a good one,


Mark Armstrong

P.S. The GTA program has just commenced another run on Prayer Channel on Dish network, Sundays at 1:00 pm EST. We had about six hundred new contacts from our run on the CW network, but it was nearly four times more expensive. Almost as many calls are coming in from Dish, and so far it has proven to be much more cost effective.

Also, in Australia, the GTA telecast continues on TVS (Sydney – Channel 44) at 7.00am Sundays and in Perth, WA, on WTV Channel 44 on Sundays 8.00am local time. The GTA program will also commence to air on WTV Wednesdays at 9.00am from 16 September 15. The telecast on Brisbane’s 31 Digital has been discontinued for the time being.

We received an urgent prayer request today for Terry Williams of Tulsa, OK. She was to undergo emergency surgery today. Her elderly Mom, Maxine loves her dearly and needs her continued assistance.

Aunt Lois is still in the hospital, trying to gain enough strength to be released. She’s been in good spirits, and we’re still hoping and praying for her full recovery.