Greetings from Tyler,
This is a week that will live in infamy. A majority on Supreme Court of the United States has officially flipped off God. They’ve held that their judgment supersedes His Law. However this monstrous miscarriage of jurisprudence plays out across our lives, there is no question that five of the justices just elevated their temporal authority above that of God.
Is it not now our Christian duty to defy the “law” of the land? The founders articulated the bedrock truth that any law that violates the Laws of Creation, of Nature and the Universe is no law at all. Any law of man that contradicts God’s Law WILL BE OVERTURNED. If not by legal wrangling, then surely by the Deity Himself when and how He sees fit.
There appears to be no more remedy under the Constitution or in our judicial system to obey God in the face of those who would force the will of the sodomites upon us all. Certainly Christian ministers will have no protection for opting out of the performance of a queer matrimonial ceremony. They will face law-suits in Federal Court claiming discrimination and all kinds of pain and suffering on the part of the plaintiffs, they will be on the hook for civil damages at the least, and potentially punitive sanctions for having violated Federal Law.
States’ rights are down the tube. Texas recently passed a law guaranteeing that county courthouses could not be sanctioned for refusing to issue marriage licenses permitting perverse couplings by the State. But that’s all up in the air now. The Texas Governor Abbot has issued a memo saying that Constitutional First Amendment rights (Freedom of Religion and Speech) should take priority in matters of issuing marriage licenses.
But it looks like we’ll all be guilty of “discrimination” if we continue to stand against the abomination of queer matrimony. As Governor Abbot stated, “This nation was founded by people who sought a place to worship God according to the dictates of conscience, and free from government coercion. It is therefore no coincidence that the freedom of religion is the very first freedom guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.” He went on to say that, “Texans of all faiths must be absolutely secure in the knowledge that their religious freedom is beyond the reach of government.” That is a wonderful sentiment, and certainly something we’ve all taken for granted in the United States. But we’ve noticed that some who’ve declined participation in the abomination of “vows before God and men” have been sanctioned and fined. What right of religious freedom protected them?
The high court committed another breach of justice by ruling against the clear language in the Obamacare law, and saved it by doing so! Words, no matter how incontrovertibly clear, can simply be ignored by “justices” determined to vote their socialist, fascist ideology, regardless of the facts before them. They should be impeached and disgraced. But the limp wrists in Congress don’t have the fortitude and won’t do it. God will. His word has plenty to say about unjust judges, and that’s exactly what they are.
Mass murders are occurring all around the Middle East almost daily at the hands of one or another of the innumerable Muslim terror organizations. Beheadings carried out by these filthy barbarians hardly rate a notice, they’ve become so common. Christians are singled out for torture and death. U.S. agencies say that ISIS has representatives in all 50 states, and that the threat of terror is at an all time high. But as you well know, neither the religion of Islam nor its most devout adherents can be recognized as a threat to peaceful civilization by current leadership. No, according to the president and his entourage, Christians and their beliefs are the biggest threat, right behind global warming.
The White House is issuing directives urging that doctors warn their patients about the health dangers of global warming, and health professionals are directed to push patients to support the president’s regulatory agenda. The White House Wants Your Doctor to Teach You About Global Warming is the article published by The Daily Caller carrying that report.
Nuclear Iran? That’s no big deal to arrogant national and military leaders celebrating “gay pride month.” ISIS? They’ll get around to it. Dope smugglers, criminals and undesirables flooding across our borders, we’ve got to settle them in our neighborhoods and support them.
The Federal government and the vast majority of media have turned totalitarian and fascist against anybody who would dare use common sense to form an opinion. They’re now dictating that we swallow their tortured logic, accept that we will be punished for refusing to countenance and promote one sin-edict after another. This is going to end up in some major clashes, unless the majority of Americans refuse to notice or take a stand.
What has happened this week opens up cracks in the foundation of the United States that may never be repaired. We keep waiting for someone to call them out, to speak the truth, to take them on. Someone with the position and power to go head to head. What we find is that there is no one who is in such a position. There simply is no higher office than the presidency and no judicial power above that of the Supreme Court. We can rebel against such government tyranny on a personal, and in our case on an organizational level, but we cannot force them to be honest or to honor the oath of office they so routinely violate.
God will have to intervene for any of this to be made right. He is true and just, and He will overturn the idiotic decisions of the judicial ideological zealots. If my Dad were alive today, he would declare the Supreme Court in defiance of the High Court of Heaven. And it surely is.
It looks as though every available remedy for the socialist, and increasingly fascist behavior of those in power, is gone. There are no backstops, nowhere to appeal one incomprehensible dictate after another. God will fix it and He’ll fix them. But our United States looks more and more like it is cruising toward ruination. If ever we had the responsibility to be obedient, stand firm, to speak out, to watch and to warn all who will listen, it is now.

Mark Armstrong
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