Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 24 July 2015

A weekly round up of US and world news in a prophetic light.

Greetings from Tyler,

This week we learned that there is much that has not been revealed about the ridiculous “deal” that has been struck with Iran. We use the term “deal” advisedly, as that is the term insisted upon by the State Department and the Obama Rainbow House.

What a scene it was this week when the pompous Secretary of State John Kerry appeared before Congressional hearings to defend the indefensible. It was in many ways a reprise of that memorable performance he made following his return from Viet Nam. This time as before, he spouted illogical propaganda designed to benefit the enemy at the expense of national security, world security, and certainly at the expense of the truth.

The blinding move by the administration this week (but by no means the only one) was to have the American Ambassador to the UN trot the monstrosity out before the Security Council and gain the world’s endorsement of the “deal” with Iran before the Congress even had a chance to consider it. But even when they do consider it, they won’t know exactly what they are considering. That’s because it has just been revealed that there are “side deals” known only to the Iranians and the UN’s nuclear regulatory body that are not part of any text Congress will see. In fact, the story goes, that even our State Department and president are not privy to secret details worked out between Iran and the UN. So neither Obama nor his impudent Secretary of State even know what the terms of inspection will be for Iranian nuclear sites.

Iran continues to threaten the United States and bluster that they will not abide by any prohibition regarding the purchase or sale of weapons or related technology. Iran says that no inspectors will be admitted to nuclear sites related to military installations under any circumstances. And, as you know, Iran will have $100,000,000,000 freed up instantly to fund their program of international terrorism. The “deal” also provides for the U.S. to help Iran protect its nuclear program from interference by any other interested party, like for instance, Israel.

In a nutshell, the White House has just concluded an arrangement that is in fact a TREATY with Iran that it refuses to call a treaty. The worst purveyor of Islamic terror on earth is now a partner of the United States. Israel’s concern and universal condemnation of this treaty gets no reaction at all.

Although the stock market shook off its concerns over Greece and its default on payments of debt to the EU, that situation still is not resolved. After Greek citizens followed the urgent advice of its socialist/communist Prime Minster, voting no on another bailout with austerity provisions, he (Alexi Tsipras) proceeded to negotiate for the bailout anyway. Word is that Greece will basically cede its national sovereignty to Germany, including bank policies and decisions right up to ownership of national possessions. It leads one to wonder if this may not be a precedent for what will happen with several other nations deeply indebted to the EU.

To whom will the United States turn when it becomes obvious that our own national debt can never be repaid? Will our formerly proud and independent nation also go to Europe on bended knee for a solution? Between the Germans and the Vatican, they’ll probably know just what to do.

Sick and unbearable as it is, how do we ignore the revelations regarding the heartless practices of the government-funded abortion industry. Watching smug abortion doctors sipping wine and enjoying lunch while negotiating a price for unborn infants’ internal organs is not a lot different than watching testimony that took place at the trials for concentration camp butchers at Nuremberg. Except these “doctors” are not on trial. They’re highly paid specialists expecting to further enrich themselves by charging a fee for “handling specimens.”

Anyone who cannot see what is happening to the United States has both eyes closed. We have leadership who promotes and defends everything you read above. Obviously, none of it bodes well for a revival of America. We’re now a nation that makes a suicide pact with one of the most evil regimes on earth, welcomes criminal illegal aliens, funds and defends inhumane mutilations of babies not yet born, and demands that we all cheerfully cooperate with sodomites.

Everything we know about God and His promises tells us that this cannot stand. A nation, any nation that degrades itself in this manner has a bleak future. That is a Law of Nature and of God that cannot be sidestepped with soothing tones from arrogant leaders. At this point, there is little excuse for those who still don’t see what’s up. Deception? Current leadership with the help of the mainstream media seems to calculate every move and every statement as a crafty deception. But they’re so unbelievably sloppy and inept about it that those who are still deceived must remain that way intentionally. If Congress can’t see fit to do its job, and there’s no sign that it will, we’ll be lucky if there’s anything left to save by the next national election.

From here on, it looks like Germany and the Pope hold all the cards. And that is exactly what the Church of God has warned of all along. The demise of the United States is accelerating


Mark Armstrong