Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 23 October 2015 – Reviewing world and US news with a prophetic perspective.

Greetings from Tyler,

The deception of the current administration, of which Hillary Clinton was a key player until she resigned the post of Secretary of State, is so thick and multi-layered that the casual observer may never be able to see truth. You may or may not have cringed at the mainstream network reports that the Ben Ghazi hearings never laid a glove on Hillary Clinton or the heaps of deceit that were pumped out by the Obama administration in the weeks, months and now years following the attacks against the U.S. compound and the murder of the ambassador and three other American personnel.

Having only seen an unedited portion of the proceedings that languished into the evening, it was obvious that “smoking guns” were scattered all over the desks and tables but the madam former Secretary simply ignored them and obfuscated toward new and untried explanations, refusing to acknowledge obvious contradictions between what she knew to be the truth as opposed to the ridiculous “video/demonstration” story that was being fed to the public just weeks prior to the re-election of Barrack Hussein Obama for a disastrous second term. Mrs. Clinton was quoted segments of her own communications on the night of the attack showing that she knew with certainty who was responsible, and that it had nothing to do with some impromptu reaction to an unknown video purported to insult the Muslim prophet. But yesterday she said that things were still unclear, and that conflicting information continued to come in to cloud official understanding of what had just transpired.

But even that explanation doesn’t exonerate the lies that were unblinkingly uttered by the previously unknown Susan Rice, who appeared on every network Sunday news hour to reiterate a false narrative designed to deflect attention away from the despicable perpetrators of the attack, and away from the government agency that decided to stand down and leave American personnel to be slaughtered in order to avoid publicity that likely would have altered the outcome of the pending presidential election.

If you’ve heard the first-hand testimony of the men who went in to rescue the remaining couple of souls still alive in the besieged compound, you know that they did so in contravention of “stand-down” orders they were being given over the phone. The State Department and the administration insist, to this day, there were no “stand-down” orders. But why would those brave guys make up a detail like that? Who are you going to believe? Politicians who had everything to lose, or the men in the thick of it who have nothing to gain?

No, lies upon lies were told under oath in yesterday’s hearings. It is, as we all learned over years with the Clintons in the spotlight, their first and last strategy for survival in the face of ruinous facts. It is also the habit of the current administration, that has absolutely no compunction about sending their spokesman out to arrogantly deceive the public on every subject on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the press eats it up and regurgitates it for mass consumption. So after waiting years for an election altering cover up to finally be exposed, the media tells us to move along, there’s nothing to see here.

Funny though, after all the deflections, misdirection and prevarications, the obvious villain in the tragedy is ignored. And that is the wretched culture and its underlying religion that makes attacking, killing and burning a completely understandable reaction to the presence of people who don’t believe as they do, won’t worship their perverted prophet, or go on bended knee facing Mecca every time a tone-deaf warbler bleats from the nearest minaret.

The administration claimed it was perfectly understandable that there would have been violent demonstrations leading to murder and arson in Muslim reaction to an obscure internet video that failed to venerate the Islamic prophet. Perfectly understandable given the insanity of devout Islamists perhaps, if that’s what had happened. The State Department knew better, as Hillary’s communications revealed for the FIRST TIME THURSDAY (now three years after the fact), the administration knew better, and the subversive mainstream media undoubtedly knew better too. But this was pretty much nobody’s fault, at least in the eyes of those who were at fault. Certainly not Hillary’s or Obama’s, even though they’re the ones who orchestrated the defeat of the Gaddafi regime and turned all of Libya into a lawless, terrorist free-for-all.

As usual, the real culprit walks off Scott free. And the real culprit is the malicious belief system/political ideology known as Islam. No doubt there are some Muslims somewhere who want to live peacefully. Those are the ones who don’t pay much attention to the highly revered clerics all over the Middle East and in the West who scream for the annihilation of Christians and Jews in their spit flecked rants.

Europeans have been subjected to years of the same false narrative, socialist brainwashing that currently rules from the heights of American government and media. They’re all just human beings just like we are!

Oh yeah? Check out how the poor asylum seekers are behaving in Europe! Take a look at their politeness, they’re habits of cleanliness and their gratitude for the food, shelter and transportation they’ve been granted by the shell-shocked citizens of Europe. Some of the European countries are trying to keep their chins up and look on the bright side, hoping that the additional cheap labor force will help propel economic growth. Really? They really think these hordes of Muslims see a job in their future? Take a look at their home towns and villages. Have you ever toured anywhere in that cursed region? You think they are brought up with some inkling of a work ethic? No, they are not. They are taught at home, at school and at the Mosque to do one thing. Kill Jews, kill Christians, convert the world to Islam by whatever means necessary, preferably by torture and hideous death.

Polite, compassionate Europeans are in for a rude awakening. The prospect of a Muslim invasion is no longer theoretical. It is already there in their midst, and its growing bigger and stronger with each passing day. It only takes a handful of devout Muslims to rock the very foundations of a modern Western nation, as we in the U.S. learned the hard way. Anyone with half a wit knows there are hundreds, maybe thousands or tens of thousands among the poor asylum seekers who believe fervently in the overthrow of Western society and culture, and believe they’ll be rewarded in the afterlife the more Jews and Christians they kill.

And the pope says they worship the One True God! He said it here in the United States, in the Vatican, and repeats it often in subtle language we hardly recognize, but is a clear message to Muslims that he understands and respects certain aspects of Islam. Europe’s continued ignorance of fact will destroy the EU, culturally and economically. We will likely see the Europe of Bible prophecy emerge from the disastrous Muslim invasion. Call it compassion if you must. It is in fact the destruction of Western civilization.


Mark Armstrong