The debacle in Iraq threatens to be a major disaster for Israel, Europe, the United States and the whole world. But there are no plans to stop it, and it may already be too late. Iran’s involvement in trying to save Iraq’s Shiite influence further complicates the situation beyond comprehension. U.S. leadership claims to be surprised, caught off guard, and at a loss for a response, even though this outcome was predicted for Iraq since before American forces were evacuated.

Another important factor in the make-up of the jihadist army fighting to install a caliphate headquarters in Syria and Iraq, is the fact that many of them hold European and British passports. Many have lived and gone to school in England and in European countries, and there is obvious concern as to their motivations when they return.

There is also no cure for the invasion of third-world humanity gushing across the U.S. southern border. Many of the arguments taking place in the media are over what should be done with the fifty or sixty thousand who’ve breached the border in recent weeks and months, as if the phenomenon has been contained. But it is not contained. They’re still coming, unimpeded. Suggestions that this human invasion was orchestrated by our own government agencies have surfaced, with some evidence to that effect. Leadership is now saying, “They’ll have to go back,” but the suspicion is that those words are insincere, and only intended to blunt growing outrage for political reasons while the onslaught continues. Beyond having mouthed those five words, nothing is being done to send anybody back, and the flow of helpless humanity into the southern United States is continuing with hardly any pretense of an attempt to stop it.

In Europe, public opinion has turned hard against the flood of Middle Eastern and north African immigrants. They’ve already seen the effects that large numbers of angry, un-assimilated foreigners have had on their cities. One of these just shot up the Jewish museum in Brussels a little over a week ago, killing four people. We’ve noted the riots, the torching of cars, and the crime waves generated out of Europe’s immigrant ghettos. All of it has been facilitated by the “politically correct” policies of the EU and the pressures brought to bear in places like Norway and Sweden. With the political “earthquake” generated by the recent parliamentary elections across Europe and England, something will eventually have to give. Even Britain’s pro-EU publication the Economist is beginning to question whether the EU can survive.

Though it will not happen overnight, the seeds of the EU’s dismantlement have been sown. A very different kind of coalition is destined to take shape in Europe, and we are starting to see the sentiments that will drive it.

The whole world is destined to suffer the results of the decline of U.S. leadership. Iraq is getting it in the face right now. Israel is feeling anything but secure with the disrespect shown their concerns by the United States in recent years. Statements keep coming from German officials calling for them to shake off the guilt and humiliation of the Hitler era and re-arm to confront the threats emerging from the Russian east and the Muslim south. That is hardly a surprise as the encroaching ambitions of Russia have been met with virtually no U.S. response.

Americans, those with the perseverance to inform themselves beyond the secrets being kept by the mass media, know that our national security is defunct, our currency is in jeopardy and our sacred traditions all but blotted out. It is a recipe for the kind of punishment promised by God to Israel for brazen defiance of everything good, and a plunge into the worst the world has to offer. The whole thing ends in tribulation, with God’s intervention mankind’s only hope, just like His Word says.

Mark Armstrong