18 July 2014

Greetings from Tyler,

The whole world now should know that Israel is fully at war with Hamas, the terrorist faction that rules Gaza. Unfortunately, Israel has deemed it necessary to go in on the ground to find munitions and underground tunnels. They’ve discovered rocket storage at a UN sponsored school, and also discovered a mosque used as an ammo dump.

The United States sends millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, under the notion that it is separate and different from Hamas. But that is no longer the case. They joined up last April in a “reconciliation agreement” that proclaimed unity. Now Abbas is lobbying the world to join in the outcry over civilian casualties from Israel’s airstrikes, while Hamas consistently, intentionally places civilians in harm’s way. As always, civilian casualties are trumpeted by the European press and by our mainstream domestic outlets as the reason the war must be called off. The U.S. president called up Prime Minister Netanyahu to express “deep concerns” over the loss of innocent life. But it is an open secret that Hamas needs civilian deaths in order to win the propaganda war being waged against Israel in the international media. It has always worked in the past.

There is also the terrible news of the civilian airliner shot down over eastern Ukraine with 298 people aboard. Intercepted communications prove the Russian missile was fired by Putin’s thugs known as Russian “separatists.” They’d already shot down two Ukrainian airplanes earlier in the week, and apparently didn’t realize they’d downed a passenger jet until perusing the wreckage. Maybe it was a case of mistaken identity, but that’s not much solace to the Dutch who lost 189 civilians to Putin’s aspirations to return portions of eastern Europe to Russian rule.

Aren’t you glad the world is enjoying such a substantial improvement of global “tranquility” under the leadership of the current administration? That’s what the president’s spokesman had the audacity to utter earlier this week during the daily press briefing. We are experiencing a form of national insanity, leading us inexorably toward national suicide. The press spokesman’s statement was intended to point to foreign policy successes, presumably as an attempt to divert attention away from the “humanitarian crisis” on the border.

Those that supposedly represent and govern in the interests of the people of the United States now sound like Baghdad Bob. At this point, they must be playing only to the truly uninformed., assuming they’re paying any attention. For the most part, the mainstream media is letting them get away with it. The most powerful of government leaders expect us to deny reality, buy into some deceptive spin job and come away believing they’re doing a good job, and there’s nothing to worry about.

ISIS has declared its caliphate in portions of Iraq and Syria, and we’re told the situation has “stabilized.” Somehow, that sounds like a very bad development.

There’s nothing standing between Iran and the nuclear bomb anymore. Secretary of State John Kerry has been in Vienna this week to negotiate with the Iranians, to no avail. Many of the sanctions that were supposed to back them off have been dropped, and the whole diplomatic charade is a bust. Iran will get the “bomb,” and then we’ll talk about “global tranquility.”

The news is always bad, but life goes on pretty much as normal. The bad news is way off somewhere, and doesn’t particularly affect our day to day situation. Except of course in the case of September 11. And unless the feds pick your town to dump hundreds of destitute, diseased illegal aliens who require food, housing and medical attention, who cares?

In the wake of the ongoing invasion from Central America, and the reality that human and drug traffickers are having a field day while 70 percent of border enforcement personnel are tied down tending the needs of “the children,” pregnant females, and adolescent gang members, the Senate Majority Leader stood up to say, “The border is secure.” Even in the face of a statement revealing either insanity, or the most blatant of lies, the mainstream media lets it stand. But it turns out that even those philosophically in favor of amnesty for illegals and open borders don’t want a diseased swarm of needy and illiterate foreigners deposited in their neighborhood. The humanitarian crisis is also hastening the onset of an economic crisis that will surely devastate the value of the U.S. dollar. Government and its cost has spiraled out of control.

The legs are being cut out from under the United States, and the world will continue to suffer and spiral out of control as a result. The whole concept of the rule of Law has been turned on its head, as Americans see the very agencies charged with enforcement lie, cover-up and continue to engage in lawless behavior. Who will still respect the law, when they see this kind of example set at the highest levels of leadership, and they get away with it?

With precious few exceptions, we live in an era where goodness, decency and truth no longer exist. The world is not tranquil, the border is not secure, and pretty much nothing is okay. We (the Church of God) are some of the last people on earth (excepting Texas State judges) who believe that staying in compliance with the law (in our case, God’s Law) is necessary. It’s becoming blindingly obvious that God’s protection will be the only thing between us and the chaos this world’s leaders are concocting.

Mark Armstrong