Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 16 May 2014

Greetings from Tyler,

Are we starting to get the picture? Beliefs and opinions running contrary to politically correct dogma are simply not tolerated in the land of the formerly free, or anywhere else in the western world. So many examples are piling up, it will be hard to keep track.

Who’d have thought that meteorology could turn out to be a profession fraught with such intense peer pressure that one would have to fear for health and safety for having helped co-author a scientific paper that cast some doubt on the “consensus” that man-made global warming concerns should overshadow every human endeavor?

This is not the first example, and won’t be the last. But maybe this story will be simple enough for mainstream consumption, having already seen notice in the New York Times. Rather than attempt to re-tell this episode, we are going to post the original press release at the bottom of this week’s update, dated day before yesterday from The Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Until recently we would have had a hard time swallowing the authenticity of a story like this one, but not anymore. There are a host of issues now which demand that everyone share one opinion, and one opinion only. Otherwise retribution will be swift, and no one will dare defend or come to the aid of a mainstream dogma denier lest the pack turn and ravage them too. It’s working like a charm.

Pity the poor football player who dared “tweet” the reaction of probably at least the vast majority of Americans who saw the revolting romantic display of deviant romance in celebration the first proud queer to be drafted by the NFL. For putting out “That was horrible” on his social media account, his team has sentenced him to “sensitivity training” after denouncing his reaction and saying they didn’t reflect Miami team “values.”

If our population had any of the “values” God put in place, we’d give up NFL games, boycott ESPN, and put the NBA on notice for good measure. Obviously all of these money producing entities, their sponsors and advertisers are spooked by the pro-homo fascism that has swept the land. We know of not one corporation, not one business, and few if any in the public domain that dare to declare the truth. And the truth is that display was SICK and should never have been broadcast into American homes. But it is almost as if it was done as a provocation, just to see if any dared react negatively. If even “Christian” churches have dared, they did so quietly or the mob would have descended on them too.

Our nation’s “values” have done a complete 180 reversal over just a few years. The mainstream media, in fact pretty much all the media reminds us constantly that resistance is futile, and will be very costly. Europe has already been down this road, and is turning in other directions. But it is interesting that there are definitive movements taking hold in Europe that mirror the things for which we’ve been told to watch for a long time. They are developments that one would expect in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Jews in France are fleeing at an increasing rate, emigrating to Israel to escape persecution. In Germany, political movements are gaining in popularity which oppose further immigration of Muslims, and seek to halt plans for large Mosques in City centers.

Mainstream political parties and media in Germany have branded the movement “Islamophobic,” racist and hateful. But it is gaining strength anyway. We are not supporting the movement or whatever rhetoric is fueling its rise, just noting that one might expect this sort of reaction leading up to the events that ultimately will pit a united Europe against the Muslim Middle East.

Finally, there is this ever newsworthy pope. He struck again just last weekend, doubling down on his ever-so-humble love affair with Marxism. It wasn’t front page news, and didn’t get all that much attention. From our perspective however, it is big news. The pope had Ban ki Moon and the heads of the major agencies of the United Nations in audience at the Vatican last weekend where he leaned on them to use their power and influence to insist on “legitimate” wealth redistribution for “all nations.” We are expected to deduce that this is something other from illegitimate redistribution? Or is there any such thing when it comes to governments forcing  perverted “values” on society.

It is a little more than mildly unnerving that this pope, more than any other in modern history, thinks he should “preach” against the evils of prosperity, showing vast respect for “immigrants” to any prosperous nation. It’s beginning to look like the Vatican and the current administration are on the same page on these issues. There are many stories about heinous crimes and vicious attacks committed by “undocumented” aliens, drug cartel members willing to commit any act to get their “load” successfully into the U.S. interior. But an additional scandal is brewing that may trump everything we’ve heard or read to date. And that is the news that the Immigration and Naturalization service has been ordered to release possibly hundreds of foreign criminals, including murderers, rapists and armed robbers, onto American streets. The other punchline to this developing story is that ICE agents have been ordered not to discuss what they’ve done or who told them to do it. At the rate things are investigated in our country, we should know a lot more about this story in a couple of years.

As you can see, everything is moving against a free and prosperous future for America and the western nations. And everything is moving toward exactly what must transpire to set the stage for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. It’s not pretty, but there’s just no getting around it. The press release below is quite an illustration.

We’d like to thank those that came in for the meeting in Novi, Michigan last Sabbath. Fellowship with the locals and visitors was wonderful, and we were pleased with the turnout and response. Many may have already received the DVD from that meeting, which did go a bit longer than the average. We hope you’ll enjoy it so much that the time will pass quickly!

Have a great Sabbath,


Lennart Bengtsson Resigns: GWPF Voices Shock and Concern at the Extent of Intolerance within the Climate Science Community
• Date: 14/05/14
• The Global Warming Policy Foundation

It is with great regret, and profound shock, that we have received Professor Lennart Bengtsson’s letter of resignation from his membership of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council.
The Foundation, while of course respecting Professor Bengtsson’s decision, notes with deep concern the disgraceful intolerance within the climate science community which has prompted his resignation.

Professor Bengtsson’s letter of resignation from our Academic Advisory Council was sent to its chairman, Professor David Henderson. His letter and Professor Henderson’s response are attached below.

Dr Benny Peiser, Director, The Global Warming Policy Foundation


Resigning from the GWPF
Dear Professor Henderson,

I have been put under such an enormous group pressure in recent days from all over the world that has become virtually unbearable to me. If this is going to continue I will be unable to conduct my normal work and will even start to worry about my health and safety. I see therefore no other way out therefore than resigning from GWPF. I had not been expecting such an enormous world-wide pressure put at me from a community that I have been close to all my active life. Colleagues are withdrawing their support, other colleagues are withdrawing from joint authorship etc.

I see no limit and end to what will happen. It is a situation that reminds me about the time of McCarthy. I would never have expected anything similar in such an original peaceful community as meteorology. Apparently it has been transformed in recent years.

Under these situation I will be unable to contribute positively to the work of GWPF and consequently therefore I believe it is the best for me to reverse my decision to join its Board at the earliest possible time.

With my best regards

Lennart Bengtsson


Your letter of resignation
Dear Professor Bengtsson,

I have just seen your letter to me, resigning from the position which you had accepted just three weeks ago, as a member of the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s Academic Advisory Council.

Your letter came as a surprise and a shock. I greatly regret your decision, and I know that my regret will be shared by all my colleagues on the Council.

Your resignation is not only a sad event for us in the Foundation: it is also a matter of profound and much wider concern. The reactions that you speak of, and which have forced you to reconsider the decision to join us, reveal a degree of intolerance, and a rejection of the principle of open scientific inquiry, which are truly shocking. They are evidence of a situation which the Global Warming Policy Foundation was created to remedy.

In your recent published interview with Marcel Crok, you said that ‘if I cannot stand my own opinions, life will become completely unbearable’. All of us on the Council will feel deep sympathy with you in an ordeal which you should never have had to endure.

With great regret, and all good wishes for the future.

David Henderson, Chairman, GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council


Letter by Nigel Lawson to Professor Bengtsson

Dear Professor Bengtsson

It is with great regret that I read your email to David Henderson informing him of your decision to resign from the Academic Advisory Council of the GWPF.

I fully understand your reason; but it is an appalling state of affairs, and your reference to McCarthyism is fully warranted.

I am very sorry that your brief association with the GWPF has, as a result of the disgraceful behaviour of others, caused you such distress.

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Lawson, Chairman, The Global Warming Policy Foundation