Greetings from Tyler,

Here’s what we’re watching on the fourteenth anniversary of the most devastating terrorist attack in modern history. Tribulation is on the march, as we mark this infamous day. Of all the dark prognostications we’ve heard, nobody saw this coming. But the pope had something to do with laying the groundwork. He’s made it clear since his earliest acts and statements as pontiff. He loves destitute immigrants, throwing themselves upon the mercy of western civilization. He despises the capitalist ideals of hard work, ingenuity and personal responsibility that built the societies now being overrun by those for whom he has such empathy.

His Phoniness must be positively giddy. The importation of refugees into Western nations has already been established as one of his favorite causes, so watching this sea of humanity wash over Europe probably has him dancing a jig. Images of Middle Eastern and North African refugees flooding into Europe are breathtaking. Here they come, in their tens of thousands so far. As the Hungarian president said last week, soon it will be millions. It is an invasion of destitute, lice infested humanity, the majority of whom believe it is their solemn duty to impose their filth ridden culture and their bastardized religion upon all of western civilization. It has been pointed out that ISIS and various terrorist entities have moles ensconced among the throngs.

A report today has jihadists in Germany actively recruiting from among the arriving masses. That’s nice. A great many of them are likely already jihadists. If you’ve seen the photos, you may have noticed that the vast majority are relatively young men. If you look a little closer, you’ll see that they look just like the terrorists that attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Happy Anniversary! And if you think the Europeans will be stuck with them all, uh… our illustrious leadership has more surprises in store. As if 100,000 Muslims per year wasn’t quite enough for the United States to import, just wait until we get a look at the new neighbors Obama has for us. He’s talking about bringing over 10,000 from Syria alone, and that won’t be nearly the extent of it. The heathen exodus has just begun. They’re leaving a land cursed by their religion and their culture and bringing their curses to the Israelite nations. The UN demands that we accept and support them, Obama seconds that demand. So let it be said, let it be done.

Seeing what’s happened with the onslaught of Central Americans across the U.S. southern border should have tipped Europe off. When word gets around that everyone is allowed to stay, that they get free transportation, free housing, food, education and financial benefits, hundreds of thousands more prepare to make the trip. The United States is being destroyed from within by the onslaught. Destroyed culturally, financially, and ultimately politically. They commit crimes with impunity, only to be set free to rob, rape and murder again.

The most violent gangs on earth are operating in small towns and rural counties. The president demands they stay, and that American businesses and laborers support them. Yes, we’ve heard all the lisping arguments about how they represent a net gain to our economy, and about the university studies that prove it. That’s a bunch of hogwash by those with a socialist agenda who want traditional, God-fearing, patriotic America demolished.

Now we’ve got the president winning his fight for the “Iran deal.” No one can explain how or why the opposition failed to use powers granted under the Constitution, powers within their grasp to stop it. It appears that Republican leadership in the House and the Senate are complicit in the insanity of enriching and empowering the most evil Muslim terrorist regime on earth! Word is that America will now have to help protect Iran and its nuclear program from any other nation that might try to derail it. The U.S. now sides with Iran against Israel!

We’ve heard lots of speculation over the years as to how the Middle East would melt down, how Europe would be transformed, how the world’s currencies might falter to bring about the Mark of the Beast. But we never imagined that the U.S. would partner with Iran (while the mullahs preach our defeat) allowing the deployment of ICBMs and nuclear weapons (within ten years IF they keep their word, which they never do) and enriching them with the release of more than $100 BILLION in frozen funds.

Trying to understand why leadership is behaving in ways destructive to Israel, destructive to the United States, to our economy, to our cities, to our culture is useless. Trying to understand how those who swore they would use all available means to stop the destruction, stop encouraging illegal immigration, stop the coddling of terrorists, stop the wild deficit spending on social programs, and then doing absolutely nothing to stop any of it, is impossible.

We’ve turned our heads and averted our eyes from the evil all around us, just like the Germans did while the Nazi’s were rounding up Jews. We try to pretend that babies are not being dismembered and sold piece by piece. We can’t acknowledge that sodomites own the U.S. Supreme Court, or that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House and the Pentagon. No, everybody’s too busy checking facebook or playing with the latest app.

Now we’re hearing all kinds of tough talk from candidates about how all this can be turned around and made right. But best case scenario is that we might get some reform under another president in a year and a half. The bad news is we don’t have a year and a half. We’re under siege from a flood of heathen NOW. We’re being spent into slavery NOW. Our nation is drowning in sin NOW. What will happen after the pope tells the U.S. joint session of Congress that it is our Christian duty to fight global warming, to embrace socialism, to welcome heathen religions and practices into our midst?

We’re told to “come out of this world,” to set ourselves apart; not to partake of the cares of this world in order to avoid the inevitable curses to follow. The curses are on their way, it’s all over the news and it’s in your face. We set ourselves apart by keeping God’s Sabbath, by maintaining a close personal relationship with Him in the face of impending trials, and by observing His commanded Holy Days as we will do this coming Monday, the Feast of Trumpets. That is the Holy Day that reminds us that help is on the way. But Christ won’t return until this world is in the throws of utter destruction. The time the Feast of Trumpets foretells looks closer by the minute.

Mark Armstrong