Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 11 October 2013

Greetings from Tyler,

We knew our country would become unrecognizable if transformational policies continued to be implemented.  And we were right.  Will anybody ever look at a park ranger the same way again after seeing how they’ve behaved in implementing the administration’s policy of “making things as difficult as possible” for Americans from coast to coast?  From the actions taken to block Mt. Rushmore, to the Grand Canyon,  to campgrounds in East Texas, these officers have “just followed orders” from their superiors and acted like they were implementing marshal law along highways, scenic lookouts and any place else they could throw the government’s weight around.

A raw nerve was struck when the Washington mall was opened to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens demanding amnesty at the same time as war memorials were being barricaded against entry by military veterans this week.  But all observers went completely ballistic when the Pentagon, under advise from the department of injustice falsely “interpreted” legislation to deny death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers.   A private charity stepped in to reassure bereaved families that they wouldn’t be left hanging while the politicians continued wrangling.

Yesterday and today the financial markets have rebounded, confident now that there will be a temporary, short term truce to fund government while a broader solution is negotiated.  In the meantime there has been all manner of unnecessary and deceitful talk of national D E F A U L T in an apparent attempt to spook investors and ratchet up pressure on the House of Representatives.  The current consensus is that the House will cave, raise the debt ceiling, fund the socialized heath care debacle and everybody can go back to society’s favorite causes, gay marriage and green energy.  Who knows how it will play out?  If recent experience is any guide that is precisely what will happen and we can all look forward to mandatory five-figure annual insurance premiums or penalties in the years ahead enforced by the I.R.S.

Land of the free?  Not any more.  Ask the Yellowstone visitors, detained in their hotel for two days with armed park rangers guarding the exits.  Ask those who’ve been evacuated from boat ramps and camp grounds how free they’re feeling.  Ask those receiving letters saying their insurance policies will be cancelled as of Jan. 1 because they don’t meet the requirements of the government mandate.  America is being stripped of her fabulous blessings at an astonishing pace, watching as proud national treasures are cynically declared off limits, and its starting to hit mighty close to home.

Upsetting as it all may be, it is the natural result of a nation drowning in sin.  It is beginning to look a lot like the punishments visited on the Israel of old.  And it is far from over.  It is not easy to swallow calmly as we try to imagine our lives as chattel, herded about by authoritarian goons.  But it is beginning to look as though all resistance is failing.

While American influence is clearly on the wane, so clearly demonstrated by the debacle of threatening to fire salvos into the midst of the Syrian civil war, German politicians are beginning to speak publicly of their need to build military muscle, placing Germany in a position to get involved in the world’s hot spots.  Who knows what the pope will say, but he’ll say something.  This new pope has spoken out on all manner of issues that don’t concern him, or shouldn’t.

Everything here at home and in Europe is in a state of flux, geopolitically and economically.   None of us could have imagined the things that have transpired over the last week ever actually happening in our country.  Nor can we imagine the barrage of indigestible news that lies in the foreseeable future.  We’d better brace ourselves, and gird whatever needs girding.  Punishment for the mainstreaming of national sins appears to be officially underway.

Mark Armstrong