Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 10 July 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

In the wake of the coldblooded murders at the traditionally black Charleston, SC church, a photograph showing the little racist killer waving a small confederate flag was discovered. Using the radical Saul Alinsky rule of never letting a crisis go to waste, this fact has been used to banish the Confederate Flag from state capitol grounds in South Carolina. They not only lowered and removed the flag, but also dug up the pole from which it waved. That ought to show the slave masters!

Whether widely realized or not, the radical notion of national transformation of the United States is on a roll, and it is not slowing down. Right now it is the South, and the southern states that are being denigrated, despite the willingness of those states to play along with every demand. The mainstream media is cheer-leading the movement, doing everything possible to make it appear as if everyone (but the insufferably ignorant) supports the twisted narrative they promote. Michelle Obama famously said “Barack knows we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation, we are going to have to change our history, our traditions. We are going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

Every time the radical left wins another victory they pick more targets and get noisier and more insistent yet. It has happened time after time in the movement to “normalize” homosexuality. Remember? First they insisted that the practice be re-classified by the mental health profession so as not to reflect a mental illness. Then they sought to be a legally “protected minority,” in an effort to criminalize “discrimination.” Then Bill Clinton signed a law implementing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for the military services. Under Obama, this policy was treated as if it was the most evil, discriminatory practice imaginable and abolished. In recent years open homosexuals have been promoted to commanding ranks across the military services. Lesbians command units of male soldiers, and if anybody so much as raises an eyebrow…

The Supreme Court abused the Fourteenth Amendment to recognize a “Constitutional right” for queer matrimony just a couple of weeks ago. Even before that ruling, mom and pop businesses were being sued out of business and publicly defamed for politely declining to participate in ceremonies that give queer couplings a religious connotation. The time line of this incredible alteration of societal acceptance started some 45 years ago. But who can deny the acceleration of this trend over the past few years? It will continue to gain traction and clout unless or until the vast majority of Americans who simply want to be left alone realize that our apathy, our near universal desire to be friendly and cooperative is encouraging the radical left to stop at nothing. At some point you have to wonder if this phenomenon isn’t going to lead to the insanity that characterized the French Revolution. They actually mandated the destruction all traditional clocks and introduced one with ten hours instead of twelve. They re-jiggered the calendar to ten months and renamed them. They executed everybody who found themselves on the wrong side of each new mandate, including some who were responsible for having originally supported the Revolution. Is that where this is headed?

So-called “conservative” leadership is trying to get out in front of the steam-roller, promising hearings on which flags should be banned, which historical memorials should be destroyed. College organizations across the country are on the rampage to blot out all historical references that may “offend” the grievance industry. In other words Michelle Obama’s bizarre claim, dismissed with a wink or sneer at the time, is coming to pass! And everybody is afraid to stand up or argue back for fear of being tagged a bigot.

Already, many Bible passages are not allowed to be printed in newspapers or broadcast on television. (If they were, we’d be buying advertising space to quote every passage in the Old and New Testament condemning society’s new sacrament.) Will the totalitarian policies of government, the courts, corporations, and even sports franchises end up banishing all references to God or the Bible? Is that not the foreseeable conclusion to this politically correct onslaught? Who’s going to say, NO!?

It seems that nearly everyone is comfortable with the “constitutional right” to abortion, as long as they don’t have to witness or hear any details about the practice. And that’s what the practice of abortion has in common with the reality of homosexuality. Both are too sick, too nasty to have to countenance. They both must be referenced with redefined terms that have little to do with reality.

Under the prevailing logic, the churches and the little socialist pontiff better figure out how in the world they’re going to defend the continued use, worship and display of the cross. (Not that we, organizationally have any use for the symbol that long pre-dates Christianity, and is mistakenly used a memorial of Jesus’ crucifixion.) But how much evil has been perpetrated historically under that symbol? Obama himself recently referenced the crusades to blunt criticism of Muslim atrocities. So the cross too could easily come under attack by the same crowd that is so busy changing history and traditions. You think this rampage can’t spin out of control? It already has.

Obviously, there are lots of other things going on that are pertinent to our situation and to our commission. The pope’s attack on capitalism and push for environmental whackism. Illegals threatening orderly society, committing a significant percentage of all crime in the U.S. Europe and Germany caving in to Greece in an apparent last minute bailout and where that leads. Continued mayhem, crucifixion, kidnappings and open slave trade by ISIS. Iran getting nuclear weapons with or without a “deal” with U.S. and western powers. It goes on and on, and every bit of it is prophetically significant and relevant to the commission of the church. We’ll be on it.

Have a good Sabbath.

Mark Armstrong