Greetings from  Tyler,

If you thought last week that things were moving rapidly along the lines of Bible prophecy, you were right.  This week there is more.  In fact news came later last weekend of the German  Chancellor’s meeting with the pope at the Vatican.  The public statements they made in the immediate aftermath of their private meeting makes it plain that Germany and the Vatican believe it is their right and their responsibility to “regulate financial markets.”  For his part, the pope saw fit to issue some diatribe about the “cult of money,” and how its used to oppress the poor.

It’s hard to figure how the Vatican could get control of the world’s finances, as the Book of Revelation indicates it eventually will.  But here we have a pope insisting that money, in and of itself, is evil.  And the German Chancellor has for some unknown reason seen fit to bolster the idea that the Vatican should have a role in that realm!  It’s the first time such a thing has surfaced, at least in the modern era.  With the euro likely to unravel in the foreseeable future, there may well be something to all this.

It may be hard to find in some media, but Europe’s Muslim problem is starting to blow up.  They’ve had a whole week of riots and fires, including lots of cars, a police station, and schools, in the suburbs of Stockholm Sweden.  It must be comforting to be cowering indoors, unarmed while “Muslim youths” rampage in the streets pillaging and burning.  Kinda makes you wonder what would happen if they tried it in Texas.  I’m guessing it wouldn’t still be going night after night.  But it’s different over there where only criminals are armed.  Same comment regarding that brutal slaying in London by murderous vicious Muslims that never should have been allowed to set foot on British soil in the first place.  The soldier apparently had to leave his facility unarmed, so he could be hacked to death and beheaded by mindless zealots.  His wife and kids would probably be a lot happier if he’d had some means of defending himself.

What to make of the blizzard of scandals?  They represent behaviour by high officials that no one thought possible in the United States.  We’ve never seen anything like these before.  Never seen anything to compare with any of them, even in the 1970’s.  It’s a black eye for the whole world to see for our government and for our nation.  Don’t think for one minute that the rest of the world won’t take notice.

And since last week’s update came so late, I’d like to send it along for those who missed it.

It is apparent that our background in the Church of God, complete with our traditional teachings regarding the progression  of prophetic events has well prepared us to digest many of the events that are playing out around the world.

The rapid and broad transformation of policies, laws, and even the underlying philosophies that constitute the foundation of our liberty and prosperity have not been lost on us.  Economic policies and practices are universally understood to be unsustainable and ruinous, yet the nation plunges ahead with policies that have crippled every other civilisation that has adopted them.  We can see how this will deny the United States its established role as benefactor to nations around the world.

Since our well-established national standards and philosophies have been visibly undermined at every turn without  consequence, the scandals burning up the headlines may come as something of a surprise.  Does this mean there will be a national revival, and return to the rule of law, to an environment in harmony with what our founders called “natures law”?  Not so fast.  The situation currently playing out in Washington D.C. may actually  contribute to a lack of influence and credibility around the world.

It is beginning to look like there may be some consequences for some of the most abusive practices that have become commonplace.  But many if not most are not conversant or understanding of any of it.  There is absolutely no hint that some of our worst national sins are falling out of style.  Even though one of the most cruel and inhumane of “doctors” will apparently pay for his crimes with “life” in prison, there is no sign that the legally protected practice of terminating the unborn is under threat.

There is also no sign that America or any of several other western societies are about to reconsider acceptance of the abomination of “gay marriage”.  France and New Zealand have just made it “equal” under the law with the divinely inspired institution.  You know, the one that is in harmony with the laws of nature.

That is only a couple of examples that illustrate the cultural diversions that are in direct contravention of God’s laws.  But, as you are well aware, there are many, many more.  These will contribute to a situation where, in the final analysis, the recipients of God’s promises to Abraham will be in no position to intervene in the scenario that will involve Jerusalem, the Muslim world and Europe.

We are also well aware of the prophecies concerning a future time where there will be another economic system in place where “no man might buy or sell,” without paying homage to a godless and evil system.  It is therefore curious that the new pope, lauded for his compassion for (if not love of) poverty, has spoken out against capitalism equating its practice with “tyranny.”

Right now, the news breaking out across our headlines and television screens is giving us a crash course in the “soft tyranny” that has been practiced as a matter of policy for several of our most powerful and feared national agencies.  But it has nothing to do with capitalism.  To the contrary.  When you look back, even in very recent history, the nations that have indulged in the most brutal practices against their own citizens have not been capitalistic, but socialist and communist.

The western nations, those that have been busily outlawing and squandering the most bounteous of God’s blessings, are all in economic, social and spiritual trouble.  Now the United States is in a mess hardly any of us could have imagined.  How long will it take to play out?  How painfully embarrassing and destructive may it be in the long run?  All that remains to be seen.

We can hope, pray and work toward a renewing and revival of the first works, those that automatically produce an ideal environment in which to prosper and raise beautiful families.  But it still looks to be an impossible dream.

We hope that you’ll all enjoy this Sabbath and Pentecost, and give thanks for God’s generous blessings..  These are the observances that we absolutely know to be in line with God’s plan for those of us in His church.  We can still be a light and an example to others, and a blessing to all those who have not yet come to understand.

Mark Armstrong