Greetings from Tyler,

It looks like the terrorists are on a roll now. We’ve watched dumbfounded as countless thousands swarmed into Europe, knowing full well that they had to be infiltrated with Islam’s true believers. How could the vast majority be young able-bodied men, and neither Angela Merkel nor Obama be the least bit concerned about their intentions?

You’d have thought that the vicious killings carried out in France would have put the whole “refugee” influx on hold. Especially when the world realized that one of the killers in the Paris terrorist cell had indeed come to Europe through Greece and Austria as part of the never-ending stream of Muslim humanity.

No, this was just a “setback,” according to our president who took to a podium in Turkey the next day to scoff at the concept of “America leading,” or “America winning.” Sure enough, those are alien concepts to Obama. We also realize that his intent is to bring large numbers of these people to be spirited around the United States, settled and supported at our expense. The fact that the heads of nearly every intelligence and law enforcement agency have gone on record, under oath before Congress and testified that there’s no way they can find out who these people really are, and no way to certify that they don’t pose a threat to the citizens of the United States. The UN claims they’ll decide who’s eligible to come to America.

While the terrorists continue to wreak havoc, attacking a Radisson Hotel in Mali, killing innocents and taking hostages, the president continues to downplay the whole situation. He apparently wants our society to seethe with angry and violent criminals, while he sneers at anyone who believes that America is being endangered. His main concern, reiterated in Turkey and subsequently in the Philippines, is that someone might dare to believe that all the killings and bombings have something to do with the religion of Islam. That would be counterproductive and dangerous according to his convoluted statements. He apparently believes it’s our fault that Islamists want to kill us all. Even though they carry out their mayhem chanting “allah akbar” or quote the Koran as they execute victims as they did in Mali, he claims we’re ignorant and worse, playing into the terrorists’ hands.

At the beginning of this month, he orchestrated the release of some six thousand “non-violent” drug dealers onto the streets of cities all over the U.S. Word is that he plans to let another forty or fifty thousand out of prison over the next year. He’s all for letting as many Hondurans, Guatemalans, Mexicans and Cubans who can make their way across the border stay here indefinitely. He’s defying court rulings showing that his “edicts” giving amnesty and work permits to illegal aliens are improper, illegal and unconstitutional.

How can we have a president who consistently makes decisions against the interests of safety and security in the United States, and have Congress stand by and watch? More than half of the governors in the United States have already stated that they don’t want Syrian refugees shipped into their states. But it doesn’t matter to this president, and it certainly doesn’t matter to the UN.

New York is on high alert, as an ISIS video has been released showing one of their operatives “praying,” strapping on a suicide vest and then walking out into Times Square. Analysts are worried that terrorists already here will mount attacks during the busy Christmas shopping spree that is just about to get under way. What might that do to the American economy?

Apparently our national sins have caught up with America. Our military has been gutted, we’ve been spent into incalculable debt, overwhelmed with illiterate, diseased foreigners, condemned and threatened by angry protesters, and none of this is under control. Outrageous spending is ongoing, violent crime is at record levels, our laws regarding illegal foreigners are still being disregarded, and the troubles continue mounting on every subject.

America has become the laughingstock of the world, as they watch our president lecture and condemn us for daring to claim that Islam has anything to do with the true believers who carry out Mohammed’s instructions to the letter. His posture beggars credulity. Unless his goal is to pacify us long enough to see his policies finally destroy every last vestige of tranquility in our once blessed society.

We’ve got the annual Thanksgiving holiday coming up next week. As stated in the upcoming monthly letter, whether it be the Fourth of July, Veterans Day or Thanksgiving, it seems like we’re always celebrating “The Way We Were,” rather than what we have become.

But we’d better strongly consider returning to the precepts and the way of life that gave us God’s grace and protection in the first place. We’d better let God know how much we appreciate His blessings and the abundance He’s provided, because there are now several ways that it could all be lost. Paris certainly lost whatever carefree attitude it may have enjoyed. People there are living under a siege mentality, with elements of their constitutional protections temporarily suspended so law-enforcement can raid, search, seize and arrest anytime, anywhere to try to stop further acts of Islamic terror. It could well happen here. Some suspect it may be part of the plan.

The United States is under a full court press right now from a president that despises traditional Americans, disdains our traditions and apparently has no intention of acting on our behalf. He’s got big plans for the next year and a half. Spending plans, refugee plans, gun-control plans, criminal release plans. If we expect to still have something to give thanks for this time next year, maybe we’d better take this whole next week not only to give thanks for what we thought we had, but to beseech our Creator for His forgiveness and protection. We’re going to need it.


Mark Armstrong