The Feast of Tabernacles – How and Where to Observe the Feast

As all will know who have looked into the topic, God instituted for Israel at the time of the Exodus His seven (7) annual Holy Days. The seasonal annual Holy Days map out God’s plan of salvation for all mankind. This fact is expounded and explained in Garner Ted Armstrong’s booklet, “How Seasonal Holy Days Reveal God’s Plan”

What possible relevance are the annual Holy Days for God’s Church in the 21st Century? And are those days to be observed today, not just by God’s Church, but by all who understand them? Will they eventualy be observed by all the world?

Those questions are answered fully in the booklet mentioned above. In addition we have available a number of DVD sermons by Garner Ted Armstrong expounding each annual Holy Day Season and Annual Holy Day. Some can be found on our website. One is titled Pentecost 2001, obviously a sermon on Pentecost.

We will in the next few months add sermons on the Days of Unleavened Bread, Trumpets and Atonment.

Then there is the Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day. A ‘must see’ sermon by Garner Ted Armstrong concerning the Feast of Tabernacles is titled, “The First Great Edict“.

Are God’s annual Holy Days important to Him? They certainly are and this sermon explains in clear terms why they are. Indeed, just as the weekly Sabbath is a commanded convocation or assembly, so are the annual High Day Sabbaths – the seasonal Holy Days. Below is more on the Feast of Tabernacles from Garner Ted Armstrong. As this Feast period is rapidly approaching it is time to make decisions as to whether we are going to attend and observe the Feast as God commands we do. Another publication that should be of interest on this isue is “Why God Commands Our Presence at His Feast”.

The Feast of Tabernacles this year runs from October 1st through to October 8th. That is little more than two months away. The first and last days are annual High Days and start, like the weekly Sabbath, at  sunset the previous day. You can check the full calendar dates for the remaining Holy Days for this year on our Feast Day calendar.

The various Feast sites of the Intercontinental Church of God (in the USA)  and the Intercontinental Church of God (Australia) Inc., ( the only Australlian affiliate church organisation of the GTAEA),  can be found on our US based church website – FOT sites.

In Australia the Feast site is located at Nelson Bay on Port Stephens. Details are here.

We also have a Feast brochure that you can write for at:

GTAEA, PO Box 173, Botany, NSW 1455, Australia.

Or obtain it from our US headquarters at PO Box 1117, Tyler, Texas 75703.