Mark Armstrong’s Weekly US and World News Update and Review – 25 December 2015

December 25, 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

Ahhh. We’ve finally reached the conclusion of the incessant clanging of bells, jangling of tambourines and heartfelt melodies stirring up dreams of a white, merry Christmas. It will only be a matter of hours before we know whether the American economy was bailed out once again by the spending splurge required of all good parents and their adult children.

The pope gave his predictable speech amid the tightest security the Vatican has ever seen. His limitless love for refugees undoubtedly played its part in the ongoing invasion of Europe, and you can’t help wondering how many of the pope’s beloved have been imported into Vatican City. Though there was an announced intent to bring in two Syrian refugee families back in early September, the only available report, published by Reuters, indicates that only ONE family was actually settled there. We couldn’t find any mention as to whether it was a Muslim family or not. I’m betting NOT.

But everybody else in the western world better do their part to feed and shelter the potential terrorist hordes, or be charged with the sin of selfishness, having turned our backs on the “poor.” Amid the current debate about how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of Syrian “refugees” will be accepted into the United States, we’re learning that somewhere between one and three million Muslims have been quietly infiltrated into our midst since September 11, 2001. How in the world did that escape national attention until recently?

Europe was already heavily infested, and now there are another million “hard luck cases,” nearly all young men demanding food, shelter, freedom and wireless Internet service. A survey of news across Europe shows that “right-wing,” anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim political movements are on the upswing in nearly every European country. 

 Here in the United States, news anchors and reporters are shocked, they are appalled and reduced to the darkest imaginable predictions for the Republican party and for conservatism overall as the brash statements of one Donald Trump fail to destroy his candidacy for President. He said the unthinkable, that foreign Muslims should be banned from entry into the United States until the terror movement is fully understood and controlled. Sure the statement was a little sloppy, probably by design. But the anchors and pundits didn’t call it brash or sloppy, they insisted (and still do) that it was BIGOTRY of the lowest order.

To boil it all down to the simplest equation, if you don’t believe that the western world in general, and the United States in particular should be wide open to foreign Hispanics and Muslims you are racist, bigoted and hateful. How dare any of us love this country the way it was?

How dare the British love their heritage, or the Dutch theirs, or the Swedes, Norwegians or anybody else? Europeans are smack dab in the middle of their own unadvertised, fundamental transformation imposed by one Angela Merkel and seconded by the European Union. What a shock that her approval ratings are in free fall. And what a shock to read, as you can today in the Express, UK of “The Shocking March of the Far Right Across Europe as Migration Fears reach fever pitch”.

There have been those who have tried to compare the statements of the leading Republican candidate to the sentiments of Hitler, though without much success. But in Europe, “far-right” means exactly that to journalists and pundits. All the anti-immigrant movements and sentiments across Europe inevitably conjure up comparisons to the Nazi era, with dark fears to match.

It should be obvious that there are no such dangers in the nations that descend from Israel, at all. Watching the British, the Dutch and the Swedes react to the Muslim influx is interesting, and a little sad. They are compassionate. They are polite. They want to do the right thing. But they can see what is already beginning to happen to their cities, neighborhoods and remote villages where Muslims are being brought in by the hundreds and thousands. They can see that their traditions and cultures will disappear entirely in a rash of crime, rape and riot if the influx is not turned back.

Europe is ripe for someone to rise to the fore to fill the same vacuum that is being filled in American politics and media by Donald Trump. Similar sentiments to those he’s expressed are already gaining traction across the continent. It’s as if the EU weren’t already in enough trouble, economically and politically. It had to get on board with the pope, Angela Merkel and Barack Hussein Obama on the road to sure destruction.

It may be too late to turn the United States around, as we’re all too grimly aware. But big changes are coming to Europe, and they may go well beyond anything we can imagine now, if Bible prophecy is to be fulfilled in our lifetimes. The stage is being set, but the strong leader is yet to emerge.

Given the dilution of our treasured blessings, the callous unlawful victories over our Constitution and our values, the close of the year 2015 couldn’t have come soon enough. But 2016 promises to be even more disastrous, as time grows short for multi-cultural transformation. We’ve been on a wild, jolting, dizzying ride that has only intensified almost beyond our ability to comprehend. The year ahead promises to be even worse.

We can pray for the poor, and we should. But to invoke God’s protections even as we veer farther away from His precepts, accepting socialist, communist and yes, Muslim values instead looks like disaster in the making. Evil is on the march, and it is overwhelming every lawful, orderly society on earth. Let those of us who recognize the source of blessings, prosperity and peace further withdraw from the scourge of false “empathy,” reject the tortured logic of those who purport to lead. Let us obey God’s commandments, keep His Holy Days and claim His promises of protection and salvation.

And now here’s wishing you all a very merry Sabbath.

Mark Armstrong

P.S. We spent Dec. 25, 2015 getting the new monthly letter ready for the Post Office. Most of you should receive it by Jan. 1. We expect the printed copies of 21st Century WATCH to be delivered Monday, and we’ll have that on its way to you next week. Our sincere thanks to every one of you.