Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update with US and World News Review – 5 February 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

You have to have a pretty strong constitution to follow the twists and turns of the presidential primary elections, and may well have absorbed enough to satisfy your curiosity. We’ve already seen more than plenty from several of the prospects, and it’s not very comforting as we watch the fabric of our once great nation continue to be torn to shreds by the current administration.

Twenty million or more invaders are already here taking advantage of the United States in every conceivable way, and since some opening salvos suggesting deportation, the prevailing doctrines of political correctness have largely frightened most of the candidates away from specific declarations on how the problem can be addressed. As far as the two candidates from the president’s party are concerned, the only problem is how to bestow citizenship and voting rights on the interlopers so that genuine Americans citizens can foot the bill for their upkeep in perpetuity, and of course continue electing socialist leaders who know better than our founders.

There is still an undercurrent of speculation that something could break out, whether terrorist attacks or demonstrations and riots that would give the president an excuse to declare martial law, and suspend Constitutional rights. Such talk is regarded as unhinged lunacy pretty much across the board. But it’s happened in France, and it looks like it just might go on forever.

Right now in socialist France, police can and do conduct raids on households without a warrant under what is known as “emergency rules.” It’s been going on since the November 13 Muslim jihadist attacks in Paris that left 130 dead. They’ve conducted some 3,200 raids arrested five hundred, put another 500 under house arrest and seized (according to a Reuters report) 560 weapons, 42 of which are “war grade.” This is, as you know, in a country bristling with “gun-control” laws. The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, is quoted as saying, “The terrorist threat is here, and here to last.”

We’ve just learned that another terrorist plot has been foiled in Germany. German intelligence reports that ISIS fighters have slipped in with the refugees (do tell!), and they’ve received over 100 tips trying to alert authorities to their activities. You may be wondering how this news is being received by Angela Merkel, who set the whole refugee disaster in motion and has been defending the refugee invitation ever since.

Is there even the most remote doubt that our president would unleash the same catastrophe on America, were it within his power? This week the president visited a mosque in the United States for the very first time. Interesting that the mosque he chose is one in Baltimore with a history of support for radical jihadist causes and organisations. Speaking before a room of assembled Muslims, he scoffed at criticism over his refusal to equate terrorists or their attacks with the religion they invoke as inspiration. It was the typical scolding of traditional Americans not in the room who can’t understand how the obvious root cause of Islamic terrorist attacks have to be treated as some unknowable mystery.

Then there was the scene of the president seated at a long dinner table at the mosque with his hosts. With Obama in the center of the table, it looked like some sort of Muslim last supper. Whether they ate with their bare hands, as the authentic culture would have it was unclear. The women, fully wrapped and unrecognizable from behind, eventually turned to reveal their faces, spaced between smarmy males with crocheted scull caps on their heads. Someone commented they’d never seen the president look so genuinely happy. After all, he’d just taken his whole teleprompter setup to the pulpit of a formerly radical mosque to lecture, not his Muslim audience, but the American people that we have a “responsibility to call out those who insult” the Muslim faith.

Odd that we have a “Christian” president who’s all wound up about insults. Every westerner who has visited the Middle East learned about this proclivity of Muslim culture. Before the Iranian revolution, before Imam’s of every stripe began preaching the literal practice of mercilessly killing innocent people going about their innocent business, this wasn’t nearly the problem it has become. But the whole “insult” factor has become a convenient excuse for Muslim defenders to justify homicidal insanity. Now, according to the Obama administration and the various U. S. agencies it has corrupted, we dare not “insult” their “faith” or we apparently deserve the backlash of jihad.

It is not only our traditional Judeo/Christian beliefs that are under attack. It is also our history and our culture. When you see some of these massive political rallies, with tens of thousands of largely college age Americans cheering for FREE EVERYTHING, you know that the socialist brainwashing of the past two generations has taken hold. We can only hope that God will spare us the indignity of watching our great and free society go the way of Venezuela, or any number of other nations that have devolved into abject poverty and anarchy under socialism (which leads inevitably to communism). But this seems to be what our current leadership wants. The seeds of tribulation have been sown, with the deal that makes Iran a fabulously wealthy and eventually nuclear power with mal-intent, and the importation of millions from numerous cultures that have no respect for our laws or for human life.

We know that God offers protection for those who obey His Laws and seek His Will. We can only spread that truth and hope that many more will open their eyes to the times in which we live.
Have a great Sabbath,