Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update, April 26, 2013

Greetings from Tyler,

Events of recent days confirm much that we wish weren’t so.  There’s a full-court press against recognition that the Boston bombing is a logical extension of radical jihad.  The deceptions are so absolutely transparent as to insult the intelligence of anyone attuned to world events.  Is it working?  For the vast majority enjoying the blessings afforded by the labours and devotion of past generations superior to our own, with only time for a smattering of disinformation provided in the mainstream, probably so.

Despite denials and misdirection, it certainly does relate directly to the most prophetically relevant troubles we face.  Radical Islam is on full display, ripping through the safe and civilised environment so many young Americans sacrificed their lives trying to build in Iraq.  Libya, despite American and European participation in toppling Kaddaffi, is a hotbed of terrorist activity where the killers of our ambassador and his aides roam free.  And what will become of Syria, where a similar equation exists?  Who will rule Damascus when the Assad regime is finally toppled?  Will it be any different than the outcomes everywhere else this phenomenon has played out in the Muslim Middle East?

These aren’t just interesting questions to consider, and it is not just that inhumane acts of unspeakable brutality are being planned and carried out continually across the region.  We’re watching a buildup of the prophesied “king of the South.”  We’re seeing the traits foretold of Ishmael in grizzly HD.

The situation in Europe is moving inexorably toward it’s place in the scenario, with Germany just this week informing its partners in the EU that national sovereignties will have to be ceded if they are to “continue to build Europe.”  Germany is already the de facto crown of Europe, practically speaking.  It’s a fact that is lost on nobody, despite the denials and pledges of best intentions.  Germany’s recent past hasn’t been forgotten.  There’s just no other way around the reality created by the combination of rampant socialist spending by nations shackled to the euro.

France just sanctified “gay marriage” in the face of furious opposition.  Good luck with that!

America has just payed for its willing ignorance of the danger presented by radical Muslims in our midst with the lives and limbs of the most innocent people on earth.  Does nobody see what’s going on?  Do God’s warnings, reverberating throughout the pages of the Bible, mean nothing?  No, they spell out the natural consequences of our national behaviour.  We in the western world have enjoyed the greatest run of peace and prosperity in all of history.  But Reagan and Thatcher are gone.  The precepts that steered us into alignment with the very Laws of nature are completely out of vogue.  The consequences of having turned toward man’s convoluted version of his own“goodness” are on full display.

If people don’t get a clue, but quick, the great blessings we take for granted will be a thing of the past.  Mathematics bear this out.  Our confused, wobbly, accepting reaction to the display of pure evil guarantees it.  Humble devotion to the Laws of God, and refusal to acquiesce to this world’s downward pull is our only hope.

Mark Armstrong