Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 24 February 2017


Greetings from Tyler,

It has been another rather revealing week in the philosophical and emotional division that now reigns across the United States.  You’ve not been able to access any media at all without seeing all the attention given organized protesters wherever they turn up.  News reporters have been anxious to present placard carriers who are most interested in conveying the message that they are not paid.  That’s nice.  But they have been “organized” by left wing activist groups who provide them with handbooks on how to disrupt meetings by distributing themselves throughout the crowd, shouting, starting chants and pointing their index fingers in a repetitive tomahawk motion.  The likes of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters insist the demonstrations are a reflection of what most Americans want and don’t want, and those that are in positions of power should take heed.

To see all the anger and emotion that characterizes news coverage, you’d think that the biggest concerns we face have to do with the fate of those who came here illegally, have stolen other people’s social security numbers and used forged documents.  The sanctuary cities, sanctuary universities, sanctuary churches and sanctuary states are adamant!  Their leaders are prepared to put themselves in legal jeopardy to maintain their positions, as if shielding illegal aliens is their highest calling and their religious duty.  Where did that come from?

It came from the pope, that’s where.  The socialist pontiff from Argentina made his stand in the earliest days of his “election,” and has unleashed a whirlwind of violence and criminality on the European continent.  But that hasn’t cooled his ardor for Muslim immigration into Western societies.  He’s doubled down on his rhetoric, even in recent days, calling it the “solemn duty” of Christians and “all people of good will,” to accept and provide for large numbers of people from the most wretched, violent places on earth.  But it is the beliefs and customs (dare we say the religion?) of these people that made their own homelands wretched and violent, and it’s our “solemn religious duty” to “settle” them among Americans who have no idea of their culture, their beliefs or what they’re capable of?

The pope is clearly upset and perplexed about what is happening in the United States as a result of the election of Donald Trump.  He’s speaking out more urgently than ever about the need to resist the “dehumanization” of people who fervently believe the West must be overthrown and converted to Islam.  The fact is, they’ve already been “dehumanized” by the vile beliefs and practices that are universal where they come from.  But that’s their religion, and therefore it would be unconstitutional to refuse to provide for them.  We’ll hear of one lawsuit after another, as they grind through the court system of every jurisdiction and many make their way, ultimately, to the Supreme Court.  The “humble” pontiff will be insisting that “all people of good will” accept his exhortations, lest we be declared other than “Christian.”

Catholic institutions and their pope are also fully invested in “global warming” or “climate change.”  From the Washington Times, “Last week the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops reaffirmed its support of the Paris Agreement in a letter to Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, saying the agreement is “urgently needed if we are to meet our common and differentiated responsibilities for the effects of climate change.”  What’s with these pious goof-balls holy robes claiming that international income redistribution will alter the earth’s climate?  Does it not write God completely out of the equation?  Does God Almighty have no power over the systems He created and set in motion?

We are constantly accused of “denying science” unless we campaign for “climate justice.”  But a crazy thing just happened.  An MIT professor purportedly backed by 300 scientists, has written a letter to the new president urging him to pull out of the UN’s climate-change commission known as the UNFCCC.  The problem is that CO2 has been designated as a dangerous compound to the environment, even though it is a natural and useful aspect of God’s creation.  The scientists didn’t put it that way, though.  The letter, written by professor emeritus Richard Lindzen, does describe carbon dioxide as “plant food, not poison.”  And that’s the first breath of sanity to be reported from the scientific community in some time.  It kind of makes you wonder, where was this guy and the three hundred other experts who signed on to his letter for the last many years?  Answer: to have written such a thing under the sway of the last administration probably would have been a career killer.  Are we to believe that it’s suddenly safe to dispute the group-think demanded by the last administration, nearly every educational institution, most every media outlet and even religious leaders?   Probably not.

Every issue on the table, and there are many, now represents a huge emotional argument to be fought desperately, as new leadership in the United States strives to return America, and maybe more of the Western world, to the tenets that allowed for peace and prosperity in the first place.  Unlimited third world migration did not build America or any other Western nation.  Our “strength,” as they say, does not come from some Tower of Babel “melting pot” of languages and cultures.  It came from the same place the climate came from.  It was ordained of God for reasons spelled out to Abraham in promises that he would be the father of the greatest of nations, in the Old Testament.

Although it’s way beyond “politically incorrect,” God’s promises were made for the benefit of the sons of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, and by extension, a blessing to all nations.  Somehow, we can’t seem to find how Israel was commanded to bring in the Hittites, the Hivites, the Jebusites or the Philistines in order to fulfill a “religious responsibility.”  The Bible gives every man, regardless of color or nationality, the opportunity to become the spiritual “seed of Abraham,” but without their false gods, filthy practices and other related heathen baggage.  That’s a fact of Christianity the learned pope never mentions.

It might come as quite a shock, but the issues the protesters are screaming about are not the ones with which we need concern ourselves.  Their “organizers” are just blind furious that their plot to turn Western civilization into a socialist/communist quagmire appears to have been upended, at least for the United States.  The mainstream media is fighting back, alarmed and outraged.  Educational institutions are creating more “safe-spaces,” lest their snowflakes be subjected to actual reason or logic.  The pope, and a great many churches have gathered up their skirts in horror!  They thought they already had enough of us in their ideological/emotional grip, and we’d be swept along in their deception.

Their deceit has held sway too long, and you only have to look at what’s happened to the quaint cultures of Europe to see the result.  Chances are, deep roots of hatred and violence are growing in the ghettos transplanted into the United States as well.  Hopefully, the authorities are keeping an eye on those who would carry out their jihadist dream, as several have already.  But it is the idealogical battle for Europe that will determine the immediate future for Western civilization, and its impact on events in the Middle East.  The pope says bring ’em all in, pay for their upkeep, they’re not dangerous, and besides, it’s your religious duty.  Either Europe will continue to succumb as it has under current leadership, or there will be a political backlash that may make Donald Trump and his supporters look tame by comparison.  That would be the stuff of Bible prophecy.

Mark Armstrong

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