Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and Review of US and World News – 29/1/2016


Greetings from Tyler,

National and international news has been relegated to the background amid all the jockeying of the ongoing presidential campaign. But in the whirlwind of rallies and debates we begin to wonder if anyone is who they are pretending to be, and if they are, will they have any hope of surviving the onslaught they are sure to face at the hands of the media as the general election approaches later this year.

Meanwhile, the Iranian president (Rouhani) is on a triumphal tour of Europe lining up tens of billions of dollars in trade made possible by the incredibly traitorous “nuclear deal” which is exponentially increasing the wealth and power of the ayatollah while endangering (and angering) every traditional ally the United States has ever had in the Middle East. One of the more laughable episodes has been that nude statues in Rome had to be draped with coverings in deference to the grinning little turban with a beard. You probably saw the photograph of him laughing uproariously as he stood alongside (Sec. of State) John Kerry at the announcement of the complete international capitulation to Iran. And he’s been unable to wipe that ridiculous grin off his face as he tours all over Europe promoting Iranian trade.

Now the Obama administration has just cooperated with the pro-Muslim U N in cooperation with nations, including the EU, in demanding that Israeli goods be labeled as “West Bank” if they are produced in territories that are claimed or disputed by Palestinians. That way they can be easily identified for boycott here in the United States. It’s another act by the Obama administration against the interests of Israel, which by now has become standard operating procedure.

If you look at international news you know that the Muslim migrant crisis is boiling up all over Europe. Forty percent of Germans now want to see Angela Merkel resign over her devastating decision to allow Muslims from East Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa to swarm all over the continent.

Sweden, traditionally the most generous and welcoming nation in all of Europe has seen formerly safe and clean cities and suburbs turned into filthy, dangerous crime zones where armed gangs roam the streets committing assaults and robberies at a rate hitherto unknown. Locals say they don’t dare go to the shopping mall, ride public transportation or allow their own teenage children to go anywhere near the city center, particularly after dark. The police say they’re completely overwhelmed, and can’t begin to enforce petty crimes. They’re getting over two hundred emergency calls per day just to respond to incidents taking place within the “migrant” centers.

The news of a young 22 year old social worker’s murder at a “children’s refugee center” is currently grabbing headlines across Europe. She was stabbed to death while on the job, serving these poor “refugee children.” These are “unaccompanied minors” that get preferential fast-track treatment in the granting of asylum. That gives them free accommodations, a monthly cash allowance and the ability to bring in their extended families. But, as several reports reveal, the whole exercise may be largely fraudulent. Many “unaccompanied minors” seem to have developed well beyond the age they claim to be.

The murdered girl, herself the daughter of immigrants, had told her mother that she was dealing with “big powerful guys” at the “children’s” migrant center. But political correctness in Sweden is such that authorities are forbidden from any type of physical test that might reveal the true ages of those claiming to be “children.” It would simply be too intrusive and degrading to the immigrants who are lying about their ages so they, and soon their families can take advantage of the generosity of indigenous citizens.

Political correctness is little more than a progressive plot to overthrow western civilization. Europeans have bought in to the conventional wisdom of the nanny-state over recent decades, largely because they want all manner of government benefits for themselves. So how can they object when their government reaches out to help displaced migrants?

There is news of European “nationalist” leaders meeting in Milan, Italy right now who are planning to pick up the pieces after the European Union falls apart. They’re making speeches similar to those we’ve heard in our presidential campaign, promising to deport the Muslim intruders and return the nations of Europe to their traditional cultures. But, with the numbers of immigrants already into the millions, that may be next to impossible.

Here at home, Obama is out making statements again and again saying, “We simply can’t allow politicians to insult Muslims.” Oh yeah? What’s he going to do about it? Have them arrested? Here’s hoping he gets his bluff called over and over again. What happened to our God-given right to freedom and the First Amendment to the Constitution? The idiotic prospect that no one ever get insulted seems to apply only to the president’s constituents, and they seem to be everybody BUT American citizens. He insults our allies, our military and patriotic American citizens with every decision, every illegal executive order and every speech he gives.

If his department of injustice refuses to indict Hillary Clinton in the face of the High Crimes she’s committed, it will be a further indication that our laws are made and enforced only against citizens and political enemies. They obviously don’t apply to Obama’s political appointees or to him either. As promised, he will work for the remainder of this year to overwhelm the system with more illegal immigrants and more money for their support, with Muslim “refugees” and their support, employing every legal strategy possible to make his policies permanent.

Europe is undergoing systematic economic and cultural destruction. If Bible prophecy is to be believed, the incredible self-inflicted Muslim immigration disaster will play out resulting in strong, likely dictatorial rule. The United States, our laws and Constitutional guarantees have been under attack for the last seven years, but this past year and the one just begun promise to be more damaging than anything to date. From time to time we start to get our hopes up, thinking that someone who loves our country and our God-fearing tradition can get elected and set things right. But it may not be God’s will.

Surely there are still a lot of wonderful, dare I say righteous people and families that make up a large portion of our population. But with the hedonistic onslaught on our traditional culture, the unbelievable heathen onslaught on our national demographics, it might just take a Divine miracle to see any of this made right. Here’s to praying for a Divine miracle. Don’t let the global warming get you down, and have a great Sabbath.


Mark Armstrong