Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 6 January 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

Everybody is trying to wrap their minds around what transpired today in Ft. Lauderdale. At first glance, it looked just like many other terrorist attacks that have taken place all over the world. But police say they’ve got the 26-year-old shooter in custody, that he was a member of the Army National Guard with a history of mental problems. His name (Santiago) seems Hispanic, so he may not fit the run of the mill terrorist stereotype.

Earlier this week, one who decidedly does fit the Islamic terrorist stereotype killed 39 people and wounded 70 in a nightclub in Istanbul. That was on the “European” side of the river, which comes as a surprise to nobody. The body count from recent terrorist attacks clearly indicate that one or two of these deranged zealots can take out dozens of unsuspecting victims. That fact has been proven with nauseating regularity in Boston, Paris, Brussels, Nice, Berlin, San Bernardino, Orlando and the list goes on.

After today, we realize that two of these mindless attacks have already been carried out in the first week of 2017. Except it’s much worse than that. These things happen with such regularity in the Middle East and in Africa, we have no idea.

There have already been some 25 terrorist attacks in the last six days. Many of those have taken place in the Middle East, some in Africa and Asia, and our news has largely spared us the upset of these incidents. Two shootings, one in Pakistan and one in Ivory Coast, and another bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan have occurred today, January 6. Yesterday there were car bombings and shootings that took place in Iraq, Syria and Turkey with a death toll of 40 some odd, and nearly one hundred others wounded. The day before that saw two terrorist shooting incidents in Afghanistan, one of which killed two U. S. military personnel. Three girls in Nigeria were killed while attempting to detonate their suicide vests at a marketplace. Authorities believe they were put up to it by Boko Haram (or whatever).

Three suicide bombings took place on January 2, two in Iraq and one in Somalia. One of those was in Baghdad. It killed 56 and wounded 122, and ISIS gets the credit. Eight bombings and shootings took place on January 1st in Pakistan, Algeria, Afghanistan, Syria, Bahrain, Turkey and Iraq. Three of those are credited to ISIS, one to al Qaeda, one to Hezbollah, another to the Taliban and one to the always mysterious “lone wolf.”

What might it take before even the most casual of observers realizes there is a trend here? It’s not because ISIS is suffering setbacks, as we’ve been told by the White House spokesman and others. It’s not because Israel has built settlements in (gasp!) Judea and Samaria. It’s not because the U. S. “intervened” in Afghanistan or Iraq.

It’s because the high holy men of Islam are quoting the words of the Muslim prophet, and they’re crystal clear. Convert all nations, kill the infidels. That’s it.

Nothing can be done about it, by the United States or especially in the U. S., because that would be a violation of religious freedom. Sure enough, there are moderate Muslims who wouldn’t dream of carrying out mass murder. That doesn’t change what their beloved “prophet” left behind as scripture. There will never be a shortage of those who, having not lived up to their “religious” ideals (and slightly touched due to generations of inbreeding), will attempt to secure their future in paradise by murdering dozens or hundreds of otherwise innocent “infidels.”

Everything possible has been done, and is being done (particularly in Europe) to keep the general public in the dark as to the extent of the problem, and the dangers that exist all over Europe. Again, and again we’ve heard the experts remind us that it’s only “a very small percentage” of religious Muslims that would do such a thing. And no actual figure is ever assigned to the claim. When you’re talking about well over a million having recently arrived in Europe, adding to a population of tens of millions, even the smallest percentage can terrorize the people of any country. When one bad guy can take out fifty or a hundred at a time as they do routinely, this could turn out to be devastating.

Thirty-eight thousand were admitted into the United States as “refugees” in the year just ended. Over one million “green cards” have been issued to Muslim immigrants during the two terms of the outgoing president. They come from Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia … Let’s just say all the places that saw terrorist attacks in the LAST SEVEN DAYS, and then some. Oh, and it might interest you to know that the U. S. is home to an estimated 3.3 million. A small percentage means big trouble.

We never know when, or where. But it’s becoming abundantly apparent that any gathering of people in any public place in the western world is a “soft target” to the deeply religious zealots of Islam. It has shaped all our lives in recent years, whether or not we’re prepared to admit it.

The jaundiced beliefs and practices of this blight have destroyed most of the Arab nations of the Middle East, and will play a major role in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The players have yet to be identified. But the stage has been set, and one despicable act of mass murder after another is not lost on the indigenous citizenry of many, many countries. Maybe good intentions are to blame for the influx in the first place. But that will matter less, and eventually cease to be a valid argument as innocent bodies pile up.

Mark Armstrong

P. S. Even those who demand that global warming will kill us all are bundled against the freeze, and this time it’s swept very far south. We know that several meetings are canceled for tomorrow, and because many of our members drive a distance to attend in Tyler, ours is too. Snow or sleet is on its way tonight, and the coldest readings of the year due tomorrow morning. We hope everyone around the country will exercise caution, stay safe and have a great Sabbath.


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