Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 4 November 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Here we are, in the midst of what nearly all observers have described as the nastiest, most contentious presidential election of all time. We’ve scrupulously avoided many a bombshell revelation, many a scandal, that could well have been legitimate fodder for discussion. But it’s not in our charter or indeed our commission to get involved in the political machinations of an election, so as you’ve noticed, we have steered around discussion of the candidates and their follies.

It is worth noting however, that there seems to be something of a breakdown of protocol and civility among the highest ranking legal authorities in the land. Many are openly questioning whether the United States will still be a nation governed by equal treatment under the law, or any semblance of adherence to the Constitution once the election is over. None of this is within our power to alter or influence, only our prayers for God’s will to be done, and for Divine guidance and protection for God’s people everywhere, and our children and their children.

Events around the world are marching on, even as the future of the United States remains unclear. One is the elevation of the Paris Climate Change agreement to the status of international law, to which the United States has agreed. You may have heard the joke, “If only we could get enough diplomats to sign a piece of paper, the world’s climate (including deadly storms) could be brought under control.” Idiotic as it sounds, that’s what these mere humans are pretending. They’ve agreed to limit “global warming” to just a couple of degrees increase. “Today we make history in humankind’s efforts to combat climate change,” said Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations. Note that he didn’t say “mankind.” That would have been sexist and might have accounted for the melting of a couple of snowflakes somewhere!

They keep claiming that the polar icecaps are melting. But some trying to document the phenomenon, have had to be rescued after their research vessels become encased in ice. We’ve seen the U N’s top “research scientists” caught in the act of altering the historical temperature records to fit their thesis. If you have any doubt, look up East Anglia University climate fraud. That was the research unit from which all the “global warming” proponents on earth relied. You will find there is a long list of reliable publications that wrote embarrassing stories that include communications between “top scientists” colluding to deceive the public.

Apparently, it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter where policies of U. S. agencies were concerned. It didn’t matter to the Pentagon, which announced that “climate change” would be a major consideration in all their planning of operations worldwide. No, we’re supposed to be worried sick about “climate change” every day and night. After all, the current administration has pronounced it a great threat to our national security.

Meanwhile, the real threats to our national security and that of our allies have gone virtually unnoticed. Russia has become the dominant superpower in the Middle East, and is allied with our historical and current enemies. Russia is also menacing western nations on a constant basis, from NATO allies in Europe to the UK and the United States. We simply don’t know what the American posture is or what the future holds. We see tens of millions of Russians participating in “survival drills” in the event of nuclear war, and wonder why.

We watch as China declares military sovereignty over the entire South China Sea, involving sea and air corridors for shipping and trade that effect the Philippines and even Japan. Again, we have no idea what is the American response or posture.

We see Europe coming apart at the seams socially, economically and soon politically. Police are said to have lost control of the streets to immigrant crime in Germany. Police in Sweden are reportedly resigning at a rate of three per day. Dangerous jihadists have taken up residence throughout Europe and gained a substantial foothold in the United States as well. A report this week claims that Iran is inserting elite fighters among the refugee population flowing into western countries courtesy of the “one world” philosophy championed by the Pope and nearly every western leader.

But, move along. The real threat to civilization is “global warming” they claim, and now that 96 nations have been bribed or strong-armed into participation they may just have “saved the planet.”

What they have done, or will do is deceive the world’s population into believing perhaps the most outrageous lie ever. The idea that government agencies, given total power over the choices and behaviors of citizens is going to “control the climate,” alter the weather or have any effect at all other than abuse and irritate those who see through their boundless vanity is ridiculous.

The Bible warns that we’ll be subjected to “strong delusion” before the end of the age. This can’t possibly qualify for that description. But as we know, there are hundreds and thousands of official lies we’re asked to swallow on a daily basis. Those that will qualify for the Biblical description will come amid crises that we can only imagine. World events, from wars to political upheavals to the rise of evil world leaders and evil religious leaders will be much more subtle, and believable than today’s claim that the UN has saved the planet with a “climate change” agreement.


Mark Armstrong