Greetings from Tyler,

Doubtful many will mourn the passing of calendar year 2016.  It’s been a time of accelerating the influx of illegal aliens and refugees at citizens’ expense against the will of the people, with the possible exception of the churches profiting from their involvement.  It was a year liberally punctuated with some of the most heinous terror attacks throughout western civilization, including here in the United States.  We’ve learned, as Israel already knew, that the enemy within doesn’t have to hijack airplanes or build bombs to carry out a massacre.  Would-be terrorists only need to jump behind the wheel of a vehicle, or start wielding a knife in a crowd.  As these realities have dawned on more and more casual observers, our outgoing civilian leaders remain aloof, in complete and utter denial.

As the events of recent days show, our long national nightmare isn’t quite over just yet.  An obviously angry and spiteful president, having backed away from looming threats of terrorist regimes in the Middle East, couldn’t resist the temptation to deliver a devastating blow to Israel by abstaining from a vote on last week’s UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements, opening up a Pandora’s box of international legal issues encouraging boycotts and international sanctions.

Suddenly, after years of empty threats (the Syrian “red line,” and “we can do stuff too,” as told to Putin), the president has deported a stable of Russian diplomats back to where they came from for having purportedly released damaging internal communications derived from the Democratic National Committee.  None were made up or fraudulent, but they did show illegal and underhanded collusion to usher Hillary Clinton into position to win the presidency.  Roars of outrage can still be heard as “experts and analysts” claim that “foreign influence and interference” was a factor in her loss.

Nobody on those discussion panels, particularly the animated and angry, seem to have any recollection of well-documented White House influence and US moneys requisitioned to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israeli election of last year.  But, much to the president’s chagrin, Netanyahu won anyway.  The relationship has been incredibly tense, as Israel saw the U. S. not only bow to all of Iran’s demands on the “nuclear deal,” but also transfer hundreds of millions of dollars in untraceable cash to the belligerent Islamic regime.

The Iran problem will not simply go away when the current president vacates the White House premises.  It remains a mounting danger to the gulf kingdoms, Israel and the United States.  Iran routinely engages in harassment of U. S. vessels in the Persian Gulf, calls for the annihilation of Israel and death to America.  It won’t stop unless… things get awfully messy.

Iran is allied with the Assad regime of Syria, which is now also supported militarily by President Putin of Russia.  Russia has the military foothold it craved in the Middle East, with airbases having been established in Syria and a flotilla of warships in the Mediterranean.  With the apparent respect that has been shown between the Russian leader and President-elect Trump, it will be interesting, and complicated.  Syria has seen some of the most horrific, brutal scenes to play out anywhere on earth with the advent of ISIS lunatics on civilian populations, mass casualties inflicted by the Syrian army, and aerial bombardment by Russian warplanes.  Don’t forget, there is still that unfulfilled prophecy regarding the swift destruction of Damascus, and that looks now to be the location of a central confluence of an alliance that includes Syria, Iran and Russia.  Not good.

The first of January will be celebrated by vast throngs of revelers all across the globe as one time zone after another clicks over to calendar year 2017.  With any luck, it will herald not only the end of a calendar year, but the beginning of the end of an era of politically correct lunacy.  But neither the ravings of the angry left nor the malevolent intentions of demented jihadists will recede quietly.

China, having built island military bases in international waters and festooned them with weapons of war, is behaving aggressively.  With promises of tough economic measures and a re-invigorated American military in the air, China will be put on the spot.

The leaders of Europe are appalled by what they’ve seen take place in Britain (leaving the EU) and in the election of Donald Trump.  The terrorist attacks in Brussels, Paris, Nice and Berlin?  They’ve taken those in self-righteous stride, knowing they’re “doing the right thing” where immigration is concerned.  As the people of Europe experience first hand the loss of security and the steady demolition of their inherited culture, the hated “populist” movement may well sweep away the power of haughty Euro-crats as early as next year.  We’ll see.  But Europe is in economic and cultural decline the likes of which its inhabitants have not known since the fall of Hitler.  They’re watching as Britain and the United States opt out of the destructive ideology preached by pope Francis and Angela Merkel, while every pretext of law, order and civility is trampled by a variety of immigrants and refugees who don’t even much like each other.

Have you ever seen so many things in such a state of flux, all at the same time?  The weeks and months ahead promise to be one of the most interesting, potentially dangerous times in human history.  We intend to continue putting out the information that will help people understand who the descendants of Biblical Israel actually are, and what kind of responsibility that entails.  The sermon preached here in Tyler last week by Mr. Stan Roberts goes extensively through that very subject, and we highly recommend it.  It is entitled, Wake up ISRAEL!  There are indications that the Word is getting out.

Mark Armstrong

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