Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 3 September 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

We live in a time where deception has become the highest priority in a desperate effort on the part of western governments to keep people ignorant and uninformed. It is particularly useful in cases of democratically elected officials staying in power. Over recent weeks, and with more in upcoming publications, we’ve shown how European governments are concealing the extent of immigrant crimes and atrocities, fearing that people will give vent to their “racist” tendencies. Is that really the concern? Or is the concern that ruling parties will be tossed out when elections are held?

It is true that the immigrant debate is raging all across Europe. Those who see the damage to property, threats to safety and a rapid slide toward what has been called a “substitution of the population” are accused of xenophobia and racism. That’s the formula, isn’t it? When losing an argument on the facts, start hurling the most incendiary of accusations and epithets. But it sure does work!

Our vain and vacuous Secretary of State, John Kerry really spelled it out this week. He was in Bangladesh for a conference on terrorism, when he proclaimed that the media could sure “do us all a service” if they would stop so much reporting on terrorist incidents. Maybe it would make his job less complicated, since he seems to spend more time running interference for terrorist regimes than representing the interests of the citizens of the United States. He must also find published revelations about all the loopholes in the “Iran Nuclear Deal” distressing. It’s been verified that Iran never so much as paused its nuclear program to comply with requirements, never agreed to have their nuclear sites inspected, and never lived up to any of the stipulations that John Kerry claimed would delay their acquisition of nuclear weapons. But they got at least a plane-load of untraceable cash, and maybe another billion dollars or so, nobody seems to know yet. That minor detail is being treated like a state secret that might jeopardize national security. Would that Kerry was actually concerned about national security.

There are a great many subjects that have turned into political hot potatoes in the midst of this brutal contest for the presidency. Since nearly all matters of legitimate importance have become the subject of government management or regulation, everything is now “political.” What a dirty word it is! We’re not sure if it was dirty when the founders were debating and writing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. But it seems that a great many subjects are dangerously off limits for an organization like ours, particularly in the midst of an election season.

So looking outside the scandal tornado, it might be interesting to see what’s going on in the socialist Utopia of Venezuela. There are at least hundreds of thousands, maybe millions crowding the streets in angry protest. Arial photos of the enormous crowds are shocking, and you might wonder what would cause that many people to take to the streets all at once in a common cause.

Let’s just say that the combination of socialism and government corruption finally reached its inevitable conclusion. A conclusion that no soothing speech, no spin, no scolding rebuke can deny. You’ll remember the incredibly vain and boastful former president Hugo Chavez who expired precipitously well shy of a full life? His successor in office and in ideology is Nicolas Maduro, and you might guess, he calls the protesters a bunch of fascists who are trying to topple his government. But the government takeover of everything, and socialist redistributionist policies have completely broken down the country’s economy. Their money is virtually worthless, and there’s little available to buy in any event. People cannot get the basic commodities necessary for civilized life, including adequate food stuffs. Things we take for granted as basic to sustenance and hygiene are not available. Stores are empty, except for government owned and operated stores where people wait all day in line and can only buy limited quantities to last a day or two.

Since the whole American education system has turned against the philosophy of working for what you have, and championed the idea that government should grant everyone (citizens and all comers) what they need or deserve, we should all take a look at what happens in a full blown collapse of economy and of law and order. It is an unmitigated disaster, as the streets of Caracas illustrate, and one that takes a catastrophic toll on every level of society.

Europe is on a course to a similar disaster, and so is the United States. Add the reality of constant terrorist attacks and the real possibilities for the outbreak of war with a rogue regime or one of the world’s superpowers, and you can see that tribulation on a Biblical scale could actually come about. A future of safety and prosperity is anything but assured. When government plays “God,” while promoting sin and denying His existence, the result is disaster. Deception, leaders playing to the ignorance of the masses with empty promises of “fairness and equality” are leading the entirety of western civilization toward great tribulation.

Mark Armstrong