Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 3 November 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

The sickening terrorist attack in New York, where an Uzbeki Muslim ran over bicyclists and pedestrians killing eight and wounding another thirteen exposed something either hidden or overlooked.  Who knew about the diversity Visa lottery?  Not only was this program bringing in individuals from countries “under-represented” in the grand immigration scheme, it apparently required no serious vetting of the individuals imported, put them on full government benefits, and allowed them to sponsor others into the United States.

We’ve learned that the “program” goes all the way back to the early 90’s, when it was introduced by Teddy Kennedy and Chuck Schumer, supported by elements in both parties before being signed into law by President George H. W. Bush.  How many the program has transplanted into the U. S., and where they came from is all conjecture for the time being.  We now know that 50,000 per year were brought in from obscure regions considered “under-represented,” but haven’t seen any estimate on how many they may have sponsored or what the grand total may be.  It has been reported that the sub-human New York terrorist had something to do with bringing in some twenty-three others, presumably family members.  If the “program” began in 1992, it must have brought in roughly a million and a half foreigners just counting the principals.  If those people have been allowed to “sponsor” a dozen or two each, do the math.

New York’s Mayor de Blasio canceled police surveillance of mosques, which (according to a detective pulled off the job) includes one in New Jersey attended by the mass murderer who’s proud of what he did.  Others at that same mosque, interviewed by reporters, claim that they “totally get” his motivation.  We should understand that this evil little monster is now known and regarded as a great hero by jihadist Muslims all over the world.

But New Yorkers weren’t about to see their Halloween parade interrupted.  News reporters on the scene of the carnage reported that people were walking around the police tape in full costume.  Because, “New Yorkers are tough, and won’t allow something like this to break their spirit,” said the Mayor who bears at least partial responsibility.  For people who pride themselves on their boundless sensitivity, the decision to carry on as if nothing had happened seemed anything but.  The former detective said that, in his experience, there are several who are capable of committing terror at each of the mosques he investigated, meaning that there are at least hundreds of potential terrorists along the northeast coast of the United States.

How many more in the United States are wallowing in jihadist blood lust, which is apparently readily available to them through social media platforms?   Hundreds of thousands if not millions!  The real scandal is that the corrupt “immigration lottery” is still going, with President Trump apparently powerless to do anything about it unless or until Congress passes another law.

Authorities have recently released all kinds of documents, including hand-written journals seized from the compound of Osama bin Laden.  They reportedly show cooperation between Iran and al Qaeda.  Iran’s supreme ayatollah held a rally this week in which he vowed never to disrupt the nation’s intercontinental ballistic missile program or bend to the “bullying” to which they’ve been subjected over the nuclear agreement.  Everyone is sitting light over the fact that we now have two rogue regimes that either have the capability of hitting the U. S. with nuclear weapons, or are mighty close.

President Trump has embarked on a trip to the far east, with everything from multinational trade to the dangers of a nuclear North Korea on his agenda.  Some media outlets have cast his trip as an escape from trouble in his administration.  Trump plans to visit Seoul, South Korea as part of his itinerary, well within range of the North’s artillery batteries.

The mainstream media is rubbing its hands together with glee that a couple of former campaign aides have been charged with crimes, even if unrelated to Trump’s campaign or presidency.  “The noose is tightening,” they say, while ignoring numerous bombshells exploding all around them.  One of Mrs. Clinton’s primary boosters (Donna Brazile) is releasing a book claiming that she (Hillary) took financial and operational control of the DNC one full year before she won the presidential primary and rigged the results in the process.  Mind you, the author’s hands are anything but clean, regardless of the accuracy of some claims in her book.

Mrs. Clinton has also admitted to involvement in acquiring the infamous dossier, dismissing it as “opposition research” and clinging to the claim, beat to death in the mainstream media, that Trump “colluded with the Russians” to win the presidency.  Apparently, the election of 2016 will be litigated for the rest of time.

The legacy of political correctness has not abated, and may continue to tarnish life throughout Western culture indefinitely.  It has led to this situation where the third world has brought in its cultural blight and put down roots.  Terror attacks continue to play out across Europe and in the UK on a continual basis, and they are downplayed in host nations and they go unreported by our media.  Sweden endured nine bombings during the last three weeks in October, look it up.  Acid attacks are happening all the time in England, and they don’t identify the race or background of the perpetrators in reports.   To identify the bombers or acid attackers might hurt the feelings of Muslims everywhere, and that just wouldn’t be “fair,” according to the heinous doctrine of political correctness.

We might as well face it; the world hates the liberty God has granted according to His promises to Abraham.  Not only the Muslim world, but the leadership of the EU which self-righteously prides itself on having taken in countless potential terrorists on the basis their own superior empathy.  Not only have our leaders imported dangers, but much of our youth have been brainwashed to promote the tenets of socialism by means of violent protest.  For some weeks we’ve heard that tomorrow, November 4th, is a day that Antifa will stage demonstrations, and sure enough.  Let’s hope the black-masked little darlings don’t live up to their reputation.

We plan to observe the Sabbath, worship the Creator God, and pray for His hand of protection from the terrorists, the evil regimes plotting global disaster and from the deception that has become all but universal.

Have a great one.

Mark Armstrong