Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 3 February 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

You’d think we were on the brink of a thermo-nuclear exchange with every nation on earth. First there was the canceled visit with the President of Mexico. The media treated it as if it was the end of cooperation between the United States and one of its most important trading partners. Of course, the dust-up didn’t amount to much more than Nieto Pena having to look like he was holding his own in the face of Trump’s promise to build a wall that Mexico will pay for, one way or the other.

Then there is the dreaded Muslim Ban! Airports were overrun with rent-a-mob protesters within hours of the announcement that “extreme vetting” was being introduced for travelers from some of the world’s most dangerous, terrorist regions. That, critics claim, violates the Constitution and is un-American! How dare Customs and Immigration agents inconvenience travelers who raise suspicions as to their loyalties and intentions? At this point, one wouldn’t dare mention the “inconvenience” suffered by Americans who have been slaughtered by immigrants, refugees, or their children. How about the dead and wounded from the San Bernardino Christmas party slaughter? It would have been a crying shame if the murderous Muslim and his jihadist bride had been inconvenienced at the airport when they entered, wouldn’t it? Where was Chuck Shumer’s blubbering then?

Have you noticed? The news reports only cut to close-ups of the protesters for two seconds or less, barely time to have a look at who those people might be. They showed dozens of Muslim men at the baggage claim at DFW airport, lined up in rows and high in the behind after someone announced the “call to prayer.” President Obama once called it “the most beautiful sound on earth,” but somehow people might not hear it that way, echoing through airport corridors. It seems that an airport would be the last place you’d want to be subjected to any display of Muslim religious fervor.

The massive protests we’re seeing undoubtedly come from the compiled databases of far-left organizations, nearly all of which seem to be funded by the infamous George Soros. And oh, are they ever righteous and compassionate. Well, they’re compassionate toward illegal aliens and Muslims from terrorist regions at least, assuming they have capacity for rational thought. For some reason their compassion doesn’t seem to extend to all the families of lost or maimed loved ones in tens of thousands of immigrant crimes or the infamous terrorist attacks, where one zealot takes out forty or fifty at a time. Where were all the protesters when athletes and spectators were blown to shreds in Boston, or San Bernardino, or Orlando, or Ohio State University? It would seem that their “inconveniences” went far beyond the relative handful from violent regions detained and questioned at airports.

You’d have been hard pressed to have ignored the fiery mayhem that broke out on the Berkley campus this week, or the riotous mob in New York. For some reason the professional anarchists show up to threaten any who would stoop to listen to whatever dangerous language or lines of reasoning that might be imparted at one of these events.

Free speech? It’s non-existent for those who dare to push the boundaries of political correctness. Then those who represent righteous empathy show up to vandalize buildings and start fires to point out how unacceptable someone’s “hate” speech must be. But the anarchists may have just succeeded in making household names out of personalities that might well have languished in relative obscurity had they not acted like the fascist lunatics they are. The real scandal is that, for the most part, they’re getting away with it. And they’re being encouraged by our stammering X-president who “wouldn’t advise anyone who disagrees with new policies to remain silent” (paraphrased).

CNN was right on top of things the night before last when long faces broke the news that Donald Trump had likely destroyed the relationship between the U. S. and Australia when he “lost his temper” with Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister and abruptly “terminated the call.” Turnbull eventually spoke up to say that the call ended cordially and had been “open and forthright.” At issue is twelve hundred fifty “boat people” Australia has been holding far off shore on some remote islands. The Obama administration had agreed to resettle them, and that is diametrically opposed to the policies the new President publicly put forth during a year and a half of the campaign that resulted in his victory. What a hateful outrage! The very idea that there might be criminals, undesirables or terrorists among these populations is such a xenophobic concept that the anchors and analysts can scarcely contain themselves. What will become of the world order?

Now we’re off to Iran, which fired off a couple of mid-range ballistic missiles this week that may be nuclear capable. He’s risking war with those long-suffering zealots who have no agenda other than self-defense, they tell us. Hopefully it won’t mean war, but if it does, it’s one that should have been undertaken about a decade ago.

It’s interesting to see European leaders come down with a case from the spreading epidemic of vapors over the insensitivity of the new American President. They appear to be gathering themselves up in the pope’s skirts over this hateful, anti-Christian idea that many would-be refugees may not be fit for settlement in polite society. Is this what may ultimately drive a wedge between Europe and the United States? How green, gay and open-borders have European citizens actually become in the wake of recent events?

We warned that the ride would be anything but smooth. Hardly an hour goes by without another manufactured crisis that threatens to upset the international order, or worse yet, unnerve foreign leaders. Now we see that the steady descent into politically correct socialism has been delayed if not permanently interrupted. As you’ve seen this week, saying things that rattle the cages of those who insist that all the important debates are settled, can result in lunatic behavior.

But that’s what we’ve been doing all along! Suggesting that God has any power or control over any matter on earth would drive the heartfelt homosexuals on national TV out of their minds. They can only pity and lampoon anyone who doesn’t share their righteous empathy for people weaned on the ideology of a death cult, and to whom death, vengeance and “honor killings” define their way of life. It’s a safe bet that these are not the “poor” the Bible instructs Christians to assist.

Mark Armstrong


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