Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 28 July 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

North Korea’s successive ICBM tests, including the one splashed across the front pages of media all over the world right now, certainly vindicate our most recent cover of 21st Century WATCH magazine.  It is known conclusively that North Korea has the ability to detonate nuclear explosions, as has been demonstrated over recent years.  Now we know, beyond all doubt, that the isolated regime actually has missiles capable of reaching, not just Hawaii or Alaska, but deep within the continental United States.  Thankfully they can’t do both at the same time, yet.

The report filed from Tokyo today in the Washington Post says, “The missile flew almost straight up for 45 minutes and reached a height of about 2,300 miles before crashing into the sea off Japan.  But if it had been launched on a normal trajectory, the missile could theoretically have reached Denver and perhaps even Chicago, experts said.”  Another analyst suggested that New York city may now be within North Korea’s range.

Diplomacy has gone nowhere.  The U. S. has offered, but reportedly required that the missile tests cease and the nuclear program be halted as a precondition.  But Kim Jong-un apparently is not interested in a diplomatic relationship that would ease tensions, but seems to revel in showing off his newfound ability to threaten the United States with nuclear war.  Analysts now say they believe that Kim will have the ability to deliver a nuclear warhead on American soil sometime in 2018.  Observers have been caught off guard with the recent demonstrations of ICBM range, but note that the recently demonstrated missiles are not capable of delivering a “meaningful” payload.

Clashes and demonstrations continue around Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.  Demonstrators are waving the “Palestinian flag” on the Temple Mount as if to claim ownership of the ancient site.  President Erdogan of Turkey is calling on Muslims to flood the Temple Mount “by the thousands,” even after Israel made the conciliatory gesture of removing the metal detectors that were supposed to be what the Muslims were so upset about.  Never mind that non-Jewish (Druze, an ethnic minority that identifies as Arab) policemen were recently stabbed to death at the site, (one was the son of a Knesset member) and that’s why the contraptions were installed.  But subsequent restrictions and that provocative metal detector have proved adequate for much the Muslim population to react with borderline insanity.

The claim is that Jerusalem belongs to Muslims, and that claim extends to all of Israel.  Three wars have been fought, but this remains the focal point of Middle East troubles that extend all over the world.  That is particularly the case after millions have been transplanted to Western nations.  According to the Bible, there will be no end to the dispute over the Temple Mount right up to the time of Jesus’ second coming.

Insane crimes are now being committed across Europe on a regular and ongoing basis, but are not often seen as worthy of being reported in mainstream American media.  The exceptions are the spectacular attacks that kill and injure scores of people in European capitals.  One just occurred in a supermarket in Hamburg, with a guy shouting “allahu akbar” while he runs around slashing and stabbing unsuspecting shoppers.

Now there has been an incident of a car running over pedestrians in Helsinki, apparently killing one and injuring several others.  No details are yet available, so we’ll try not to jump to any conclusions.

One of the greatest cover-ups of all time continues on the “drug-fueled gay orgy” at the Vatican.  Though the story has spread to at least twelve publications, it has seen ZERO play anywhere in the mainstream media.  A week or two ago, it seemed possible that many outlets may not have heard of this, having only been reported in Italy, New Zealand and by one or two alternative news sites.  Since then, the story has been splashed across several UK papers and some here in the U. S.  It is no longer possible that the major outlets, or for that matter the talk radio hosts, are unaware of it.  They’ve obviously made a conscious effort to ignore it.

But, as you well know, it’s not the first instance of a deflection, misdirection, or in this case a blackout of news that is certainly of interest to the public.  We live at a time when the mainstream media seems to revel in the false impressions it passes to the public.  They particularly rejoice at poll results showing that “a majority believe” this or that after they’ve been pushing some false narrative for weeks or months.  If they’ve convinced the public to believe something it must be extra true!

If you’re sick to death of the idiotic reporting and speculation, gird yourself, it’s going to get even worse.  If you’re not, you haven’t been paying attention.  Lucky you.

Mark  Armstrong

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