Greetings from Tyler,

The hideously evil Islamist attack upon pedestrians along London’s most famous Westminster Bridge was high profile enough that news organizations couldn’t ignore it. As you’ve no doubt learned, the devout monster who crushed and broke the bodies of tourists and locals walking across the bridge managed to kill and injure people of numerous nationalities from all over the world, including killing an American man and putting his wife in the hospital. They were reportedly in London to celebrate their anniversary.

The attacker, thankfully killed in the process of carrying out the wishes of his spurious “prophet,” followed the recommendations of ISIS, using a vehicle and a knife to kill unsuspecting pedestrians and a police officer as he tried to carry his mass murder all the way into the British Parliament. It’s also interesting that only forty-eight hours earlier, after repeatedly calling Europeans “Nazis” for refusing to allow Turkish “ministers” to campaign to give Prime Minister Erdogan dictatorial powers, Erdogan warned that no Westerner would be safe walking out onto the street anywhere in the world. Westerners already are not safe, and likely never will be again as we watch the inevitable result of multiculturalism in action.

Most will remember London’s Islamic Mayor having said that terrorism was simply a fact of life in any “world class city.” Apparently, a city can’t be “world class” unless it’s teaming with active adherents to Islam. He responded to the attack by assuring the city and the world at large that, “Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.” No? Do you think for one minute that Londoners aren’t thinking twice about walking alongside a busy boulevard, or crossing Westminster Bridge on foot?

Prime Minister Theresa May put out similar statements, along the lines of not letting terrorists disrupt the Western way of life. All the European countries signed on to some statement about not giving in to terrorists. Unfortunately, the multicultural mentality is, by definition, assuring that animalistic rapes, murders and mindless brutality will occur in Western society with nauseating regularity. Empty platitudes may be momentarily comforting, but they’ll do nothing to resolve the situation that has ruined Britain, Europe and to a large degree the United States as well.

We’ve already seen more than our share of Islamic brutality. But we’re also drowning in a sea of crime imported by the Obama administration on the basis of compassion and empathy for the “children” who’ve escaped crime and poverty south of the border. Notice, those who stand to benefit, either financially or politically from the influx of uncivilized (never mind illegal) immigrants, refuse to acknowledge that their supposed empathy for “the children” is resulting in the destruction of innocent lives wherever “the children” are placed.

No one could have missed the news of two “aliens” from El Salvador and Guatemala who raped the fourteen-year-old girl in the stall of a high school bathroom only a few days ago. Unless of course you rely on the flagship outlets of mainstream news. None of the “big three” networks saw fit to report the outrageously sickening crime. After parents showed up in droves to express concerns for their children attending the Maryland school, not far from Washington D. C., the school Principal came forth to worry aloud about any discussion that would be insulting toward the immigrant “students.” One of the assailants had been released by ICE pending a court hearing, and the identity of the second offender is being protected. Unfortunately, the fourteen-year-old female victim whose life will never be the same, is disregarded as the price that must be paid for the empathy anti-American officials feel toward the “dreamers” President Obama imported into communities everywhere, but particularly into rural and generally conservative precincts. The motives could hardly be more transparent.

Remember the little five-year-old girl who was brutally assaulted in a subsidized housing unit in Twin Falls, Idaho? According to reports she was brutally attacked last year by two young boys, “refugees” from Iraq, ages 7 and 10, while a fourteen-year-old from Sudan took video. The family of the young girl had to relocate, because of the racial slurs calling them “white-supremacists” for wanting the pursuit of justice to proceed on behalf of their little special-needs girl. But they think they’ve been forgotten, and know beyond all doubt that they have been vilified as “racist,” “xenophobic” and the aforementioned epithet.

You’ve seen the kind of uproar and protests that have broken out as the new administration tried to institute policies that should protect citizens from the influx of people who have no appreciation of Western culture. Pity the “children!” Not your kids and grandkids, but the ones who’ve been weaned on hatred of everything we stand for. There will be more of these episodes, just as we knew there would even before the gut-wrenching episode in London. Terrorist incidents are so common across the Middle East, the news media rarely bother to mention them unless they involve scores of dead, and even then, it’s very brief and matter of fact.

England will never be the same. Quaint European cultures, with few exceptions, are permanently ruined. Since the pope, Angela Merkel and the self-important multi-cultural do-gooders of the European Union have subjected every society on the Continent to the constant reality of terrorist danger, this plague of dimwitted refuse will torment the West until the end of the age. To go way out on a limb, it may well bring it about.

The pope met with EU leaders yesterday to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, which is seen as an early step toward the creation of the European Union. The airy nonsense he pronounced gives new weight to the meaning of meaningless tripe. Having started to quote some of the inanities he pronounced in his speech, there was no place to start or stop. It goes on and on, mindlessly, idiotically, and therefore perfectly logically for the man occupying the “office” that the Bible indicates will instigate a time of great tribulation on earth. He’s already unleashed terror on the whole of Europe, and couldn’t be any more proud of himself. Humble? Nonsense.

Mark Armstrong

Who are the British, (including Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders), the peoples of North West Europe and those of the United States of America of white British and European descent? Why have these nations, comprising the bulk of so called “Western” nations today, been so blessed with natural resources, minerals, vast cropping and grazing areas, industry and commerce? Who are the ancestors of these peoples? Does the Bible and secular history throw any light on why these peoples, above all others, have between them the greatest empire (the sun never set on the British Empire) in history, and the greatest single nation in history. Even today, despite, rather than because of, the last few years, the United States is still regarded, even by China and Russia as the greatest nation on earth, a nation they both hope to surpass.

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