Greetings from Tyler,

Prime Minister David Cameron appeared early this morning to offer his resignation. He had staked his political career on continued British membership in the European Union, only to suffer a stunning rebuke by his own constituents. The just completed “Leave” result of the British referendum couldn’t have come as a surprise to any of our readers. Europe is not yet in the configuration described in end-times Bible prophecy, but we have always known and taught that the neither the British, nor the other Israel-descended nations of northern Europe would be a part of that final coalition of nations. The very name, Britain literally means “covenant man,” which bolsters the historical concept that the English are descended from ancient Israel, and that its royal family is of the line of King David.

As the British Pound takes a massive hit and there is temporary uncertainty roiling markets worldwide, analysts are falling all over themselves trying to predict what dominoes have yet to fall. It has already been reported that other EU nations have political factions clamoring for their own referendum votes on whether to remain or pull out of the European Union. Many, including EU parliamentarians, are predicting a collapse of the euro and complete disintegration within the next few years.

There is no argument that Germany’s unilateral decision to allow an endless flow of refugees to swarm across Europe had much to do with the decision of a majority of Britons to want control of their own borders and sovereignty. The reality that foreigners in Brussels were making laws, regulations and immigration policies over which English citizens had no control was undoubtedly a major factor. The British press is arguably the most unfettered on earth. (In fact, many U. S. stories and political scandals that are brushed over and ignored by mainstream American media are routinely published with all the details in the British papers.) That press has covered the onslaught of immigrant crime in great detail. The British have been made well aware of the rapes, assaults, muggings and murders by immigrants and marauding gangs of swarthy foreign youths that have been largely hidden by host governments and gone unreported in mainstream European media.

Not only have the British seen the results of their own liberal immigration policies, which undoubtedly contributed to the recent election, they’ve watched in horror what is happening in France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and others as terrorism and the immigrant crime wave have destroyed the expectation of safety in European culture. The British also were obviously not impressed with the threatening lecture they recently received from Obama, warning that England would relegate itself to “the back of the que” when it comes to future trade deals. But a majority were unmoved by Cameron’s warnings or Obama’s economic threats, and Britain will spend the next couple of years negotiating the details of separation from Europe.

Even though the Brits themselves are said to be “shocked” by the stunning and history-making result, we are not. Regardless of the temporary economic fallout, we regard it ultimately as good news that a majority (albeit a thin one) have rejected “globalism” and the concept of open borders.

The Obama administration suffered a similar rebuke this week when the Supreme Court deadlocked upholding the lower Federal Court’s ruling that executive orders granting amnesty and financial subsidies to millions of illegal aliens was itself illegal and unconstitutional. The president however is defiant, and proclaimed that nothing can be done about those already here, or the tens of thousands that continue to breach our borders monthly. This issue was once again thrust into the spotlight by the Orlando massacre, even though the shooter himself was American born. His parents were refugees from Afghanistan, his father a vocal supporter of the Taliban and clearly a nut case. Immigration, particularly Muslim refugee immigration is the issue credited with having led Britain out of the European Union. Many now wonder aloud whether it may be the issue that will decide our next presidential election.

This week’s update cannot conclude without recognizing the unhinged behavior of liberal members of the House of Representatives this week, who conducted a ’60’s style “sit-in” on the floor (literally) of the House. There’s been no such lack of decorum in the House in American history as that shown by these representatives who disruptively chanted like a bunch of Occupy Wall Street protesters, demanding gun control action as a response to the Orlando massacre. They “sat in” on the carpet, giving speeches and chanting for an entire day and through the night while the House was in recess. As you might expect, they chanted “racist” at the representative of our district here in Texas when he tried to tell them something must be done about Islamic terror. The man who dared stand up to them was none other than Judge Louis Ghomert of Tyler, Texas.

It’s been an historic week on several fronts, and each of the examples we’ve cited involve people who’ve been brave enough to stand up against the revocation of God-given rights and blessings, and stand for protection from the invading onslaught of those “poor” displaced refugees who would kill us all given the chance. The pope must be having a nervous breakdown. God save the queen.


Mark Armstrong