Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 23 September 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

It is safe to say that there is an acceleration in events that hasten the approach of anarchy for much of western civilization. Lessons have been learned this week that should have been learned long ago. Instead, we are warned not to draw any conclusions from bombers or riotous thugs, both of which dominated everyone’s attention over the last week. Needless to say, we haven’t heard the last of either. In fact we’re being told that these kinds of “incidents” are to be expected, particularly if you intend to reside in a “great global city.”

London’s Pakistani Mayor Sadiq Khan teamed up with New York City’s Bill DeBlasio and Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo to warn against anti-immigrant rhetoric in the immediate aftermath of terrorist bombs being distributed in New Jersey and New York. Writing in a joint op-ed for the New York Times they said, “It would be wrong to characterize immigrant and refugee communities as radical and dangerous; in our experience militant violence is vanishingly rare.”

It must take some kind of guts to make such a statement in the wake of the mayhem and bloodshed we’ve seen in France (for that matter all over Europe) this summer at the hands of terrorists who’ve exploited the “refugee” population. Since the vast majority of “refugees” are young single men, none of these mayors have any idea how many may be capable of the kind of maniacal acts carried out time and time again. Only one of the perpetrators who assembled and distributed bombs intended to kill and maim hundreds of people in New Jersey and New York is dead. They’ve got photographs of at least two others who handled the explosive devices, and there are probably more who were intimately involved in the plot. They’re still at large, no doubt in hiding in the “immigrant community” these mayors claim holds great promise. Vanishingly rare? Where have these liars been?

But the punchline of this ridiculous diatribe was London’s Mayor Khan’s statement that occasional terrorist attack is an acceptable feature in the world’s “great global cities.” If that wasn’t a bizarre mouthful. He’s telling us to lighten up and get used to it. He believes it’s a small price to pay for those who wish to visit or reside in one of the world’s “great global cities.” Unfortunately, we’ve learned that distribution of “refugees” in America has been largely weighted toward small and medium size towns like Boise, Idaho where over 100 Syrian refugees were just located. Isn’t it interesting that Idaho has had a reputation for attracting Americans who wanted to escape all the red tape and dangers inherent in the world’s “great global cities” and be left alone. Now it’s a haven for Sudanese, Somalis, and Syrians.

The other big news this week, at least it was before we watched Charlotte overrun and looted by “peaceful protesters,” was the stabbing rampage in a St. Cloud, Minnesota mall by a Somali immigrant who actually held a job as a security guard (of all things) and was wearing his uniform. There’s no telling how many more would have been slashed or killed if not for the coincidental presence of an off-duty policeman who was able to shoot the Somali “security guard” dead. It was just another example of how “great” and “safe” western civilization can be when it’s teaming with people from backward, terrorist-ridden cultures.

The nightmare in Charlotte would seem to indicate that America has more than enough conscienceless thugs who are looking for an opportunity to go on a rampage. And the peaceful protesters? They have little use for the truth, as numerous rants and interviews have shown. They are fully invested in the roll of permanent “victim-hood” they’ve been taught to play, and no amount of evidence or reason will change their minds. They apparently don’t mind serving as cover for hordes of criminals who flood in from all over to taunt police, block highways, assault passersby, destroy property and loot businesses. There was no follow-up or punishment when it was done in Ferguson or Baltimore, so they might as well take the opportunity to loot Charlotte too! The only thing that kept them from repeating the widespread destruction of Wednesday night was the massive police and National Guard presence called in as part of a declaration of a State of Emergency by the Governor.

We are living in a civilization where leadership is obliged to deny reality and blame “society,” particularly American society for the insanity and criminality of thugs. Criminals and would-be terrorists are now everywhere in our “society” and they will act out their fantasies sooner or later. Every day there are dozens of unbelievably evil acts of crime, rape and murder playing out all over Europe at the hands of Muslim refugees. We’ve had two big, well publicized incidents here in the United States over just the past week and there will be plenty more to come.

If the current situation were to play out over the long term, we’d see western civilization in general and the United States in particular continue down a toboggan slide to anarchy, even without the economic collapse so many analysts insist is inevitable.

But for some reason the current administration has seen fit to fund Iran’s exploits with fabulous sums of money, both by wire transfer and in untraceable cash. Terrorism is guaranteed to flourish wherever Iran wants it to happen. The Mullah’s just held another big military parade, showing off their missiles and military capability while warning the U. S. that vessels in the Persian Gulf may be attacked. But what Iran would really like to do is turn out the lights on America, make all the gizmos go dark and plunge our nation back into the 1800’s. But there weren’t 300 million people here in the 1800’s, and we’d hate to think what would transpire in such an event.

The United States and the rest of western society is beginning to see what happens when there is no truth, when one culture is as good as any other, and when God has been demeaned or rejected across the board. We might want to think everything will even out and the world would return to some semblance of sanity, but it’s looking a little late. Two generations of native citizens have been brainwashed to accept politically correct lies. The movie stars, musicians and sports heroes are largely on board as is the media and most politicians to one degree or another. There are no absolutes, there is no truth, everyone’s free to make it up on the fly.

As bad as we want the next generation and the one after that to enjoy the blessings of liberty recognized by our maligned founders and enshrined in our founding documents and original laws, it looks like the most we can hope for is their protection in a world gone mad.


Mark Armstrong