Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 22 September 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

No doubt you’ve become familiar with the philosophy that says, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  We saw it practiced often over the past eight years, particularly when there was a high profile shooting, such as the Gabby Giffords or Sandy Hook incidents.  Both situations, accompanied with supercharged emotions, were used to push for the eradication of the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.  But Americans weren’t buying it.  The turn of events we’ve seen over the past year would indicate that the overwrought demands of our emotional and intellectual superiors may not have had the desired effect.

But they’re not giving up.  Surely it comes as no surprise, but the recent hurricane disasters in Texas, the Caribbean Islands and Florida are being used as an opportunity for the patron saints of global warming to score points.  Yes, Al Gore, pope Francis and Leonardo  DiCaprio among other notables in politics and entertainment are pointing to the two hurricanes that have made landfall in the United States as proof that their pseudo-science is to be heeded.

The storms must have seemed like a lifeline for Gore’s latest movie and book, which were, and are doing poorly.  He’s declared Harvey a “once in 25,000 years event, 50,000 years for some areas of Texas.”  How he’d possibly know that, when recorded history doesn’t cover even a fraction of that time, is a mystery.  Even 100 years ago, many of the towns and populations in hard-hit areas didn’t exist.  Records over the past 150 years show periods of active hurricane seasons followed by lapses.

What’s really unusual of late, is the willingness of some in the climate-science business to call attention to the failed predictions and brazenly refute the overwrought demands of the global warming high priests.  One Roy Spencer, PhD in climatology and former NASA senior scientist for climate studies made news this week, refuting the alarms of the global warming clergy.  When they said, “This is what global warming looks like,” he responded, “No, this is what weather looks like.”  Mr. Spencer’s books are number one and two on the Amazon best seller list.  Al Gore’s ranks 100th.

“History will judge those who refuse to act…” on climate-change, says the pope at Rome.  What he means by “act” is anyone’s guess.  Maybe he ought to be worrying about his own eternity, rather than how history will view those of us who refused to bow to their bogus excuses for implementing government mandates over our lives.  No doubt the pope will make a Christian doctrine of the single currency, open borders, Muslim infected United States of Europe, which he promotes unabashedly, in addition to demanding we swallow global warming as a Christian requirement.

It’s just a hunch, but it doesn’t seem that the pontiff is getting too much traction here in the U.S.A.  He’s preaching socialism, open borders, a Christian duty to bring in millions of refugees, respect for homosexuality, to go along with the blatant idolatry practiced by his “faith.”  It looks now as though the orthodox churches are dependent on a government bounty for settling refugees for income.  They’ve run off most of their membership with child molestation scandals in the priesthood, many still ongoing, everywhere around the world, and openly queer bishops and priests.

Maybe Europeans are going along, but more and more of that population is atheist.  Churches are closing, or being converted to mosques all over Europe.  So the only way for the pope to enforce his views would be raw political power.  It appears that he has willing accomplices in EU leadership, with Angela Merkel, former Catholic Macron of France and the Scandinavian nations following along.

Surely the hurricane victims in the Caribbean islands, Florida and Texas have things other than their carbon footprint on their minds.  They need our prayers and financial assistance, not our compliance with socialist dogma.  And that’s exactly what “global warming” is all about.  It’s an ideology that would hand power over to government to regulate every aspect of our lives in the interests of “saving the planet.”

It is obvious by now.  We will not be cajoled, bullied or threatened.  Al Gore, having become fabulously wealthy with this nonsense, can scream his head off if he must.  But this “planet” is in God’s Hands, not Gore’s, nor any government on earth.  As our president has said a couple of times, “We worship God, not government.”  Would that it were true, across the board.  Trust in an almighty government always winds up just like Venezuela has, with everyone out of work and clawing through garbage for survival. That’s where the pope is taking Europe.   We want no part of it.

Mark Armstrong


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