Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 22 December 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

Except for the tragedy in Melbourne, Australia, where an Afghan refugee ran over 19 civilians in a crowded shopping district, it’s been a pretty good week.  But it wasn’t terror, authorities were quick to insist, just a troubled individual with mental problems who missed his doctor’s appointment.  Never mind that he was talking Islamic gibberish and says he did it in retaliation for the poor treatment of Muslims.  The obvious thing to do was to jump into a car and start running over shoppers.  By that standard, all Islamic terrorists have mental health issues that are “treatable” provided they don’t forget to take their medicine and set out to kill random bystanders.  But it’s not terror, and nobody better say otherwise.

It would be good to remember that Australia has been MUCH more circumspect in its immigration policies in recent years than the United States, meaning that we have a vastly greater potential for terrorist mayhem here at home.  Not only have we seen similar incidents in recent weeks, but San Francisco just dodged a planned attack.  They’ve arrested an ISIS sympathizer who apparently planned to gun down people on a popular pier on December 25, when he knew many would be there.  You don’t suppose he has mental health problems?  Yeah, that could explain it.

Terrorism, and the threat of attacks and gang rapes by refugees continues to be a major problem in Europe.  Another gang rape of a 17 year old girl in a  suburb of Stockholm just took place.  Of course we know from Swedish authorities, there’s no refugee problem at all.  Police responded to the gang rape (they don’t know how many were involved) by warning women to stay indoors or only go out when accompanied.  This brought protests of “several hundred,” not very happy with the police response.   But, as everybody knows, Sweden loves its Muslim immigrants and everything is just fine!Got it?  Saying otherwise could get you arrested, in Sweden.

Thankfully, in the United States we’re not hampered by the authoritarian thought police that rule Europe.  By any definition (excepting that of the deranged mainstream media) this has been a terrific week.  We saw the passage of the first major tax reformation since Ronald Reagan.  For those who staked their claim on the theory that Trump couldn’t get anything done, it’s a slap in the face.  They couldn’t be more disgusted with the joyful celebrations at the White House.  And Vice President Mike Pence!  He’s left them laughing till they cry with his “adulation” of the President.  Maybe they haven’t noticed, but Mr. Pence is always pretty earnest and heartfelt, regardless of the subject or situation.  Some of us aren’t offended that he would be publicly proud of his administration and what it’s accomplished, especially when the public has been reminded constantly that they, “can’t get anything done.”

Perhaps the bigger news is that cracks have appeared in the Deep State dam, and some truth is beginning to trickle through.  If you’ve been reading these updates for long, you’ll know that we lost all faith in the Dept. of Justice and the FBI quite some time ago.  It was obvious that Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were prepared to ruin any last vestige of credibility to shield Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama from embarrassment.  It now looks pretty certain that top-level “investigators” conspired to prevent Donald Trump from being elected, and when that didn’t work, set out to destroy his presidency with (in their own words) an “insurance policy.”

It looks like the dam may eventually break, and that would be the best thing that’s happened to this country in a long time.  Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air if the primary institutions of Law and Justice were restored to a position of trust and respect?  That’s hardly the situation now, as the instigators of the “insurance policy” (false allegations, big criminal investigation) are mostly still in place.  Wouldn’t it be something if the mocking, sneering tag team in prime time were forced to choke down and report the truth about their socialist heroes who were “transforming America?”  Maybe its foolish to get our hopes up, but we’ve already seen a string of miracles offering the opportunity for a revival of a nation that we love, a nation that was, and is, a part of God’s plan.

And here’s a miracle for you, just reported today.  EPA bureaucrats are leaving the agency in droves!   No doubt, many of the regulations they enforced have been gutted.  Nearly all the language about global warming, or, ahem, climate change, has been deleted off government web sites.  They just can’t support the agency’s mission any longer, and here’s the kicker.  Two hundred of the seven hundred leaving are “scientists.”  Since these “scientists” undoubtedly preached climate nonsense, believing they could “make a difference” in the weather or sea levels,  were pro-evolution and anti-God, we can only wish them luck in their future endeavors.  Chances are they’ll need to move to Europe or somewhere if they want another job in the global warming field.

We can’t ignore this week’s newsworthy statement from nobody’s favorite pontiff.  Now he’s worrying about the “demographic winter” that nations may suffer from having too few children!  Talk about a lack of self awareness, and having no shame.  He’s the one that shamed Europe into allowing millions of Muslims and Africans to flood in.  Europe’s low birth rate has been no secret for at least the past twenty years.  Demographic winter?  The new arrivals are making babies like they’re going out of style, and Europeans don’t.  Didn’t the pope know that before he started pining for a Muslim onslaught of Europe?  Now the solution is for Europeans to have more babies?  It’s already too late.

Catholic spokesmen in the U S A are as gay as they get.  The clergy at Rome is having it’s way with the choirboys in residence, and an Ohio priest accused of, guess what, just leaped to his death from atop a skyscraper.  Sum it up to say the clergy isn’t setting a very good example, Mr. pope.

When the UN assembled this week to condemn the United States for President Trump’s decision to move the U. S. embassy to Jerusalem, both Ambassador Haley and the president himself warned that American aid might just be the price of that condemnation.  But they did it anyway.  Yes, we know.  There are vast Geo-political implications…  But wouldn’t it be nice if we just cut off the funding to the UN?  I’m guessing President Trump could turn that building into multi-million dollar condos, and we’d all be better off for it.

And just think of it, three more days!  Three more days till the clanging ceases and with any luck, the traffic begins to let up.  All in all, it’s been a pretty good week and a very entertaining year.  People are starting to get their faces rubbed in reality for a change.  And if you don’t believe in miracles, you haven’t been paying attention.  Here’s to next year being even better!  Have a wonderful Sabbath!

Mark  Armstrong

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