Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News review – 20 May 2016


Greetings from Tyler,

There’s more than ample evidence this week that American national leadership has  slipped the boundaries of sanity on every subject.  News outlets went non-stop this week on the EgyptAir flight that fell out of the sky over the Mediterranean Sea with 66 passengers on board en route from Paris to Cairo. While the cause is under investigation, all observers are convinced that it was another terrorist attack.  Everybody knew it was only a matter of time before devout Muslim zealots would strike again, and even now, we know it won’t be long before the next grotesque mass murder.  The response here at home is that security measures must be heightened, and that means that the TSA will be giving American travelers an even harder time at terminal entries.

How about rescinding security credentials from Muslim baggage handlers, food and beverage suppliers and maintenance workers?  No, that would be discriminatory, biased, bigoted and has never been officially suggested.  What they intend to do is crack down further on the traveling public!  As if flying hasn’t already been turned into a colossal disaster, with many people missing flights due to a three hour wait to be treated like potential terrorists by blue-gloved abusers.   Maybe terrorists can’t always be identified at a glance, but people who couldn’t possibly be terrorists can.  For this ridiculous “homeland insecurity” agency to absolutely refuse to “profile” possible suspects while allowing innocent American travelers to proceed without abusive treatment is another example of politically correct insanity, and it has taken over our society.

On the subject of the liberals’ shiny new sacred cow, “transgenders” in public and school showers and changing facilities, the president himself issued directives and got the Department of Justice and the Department of Education to send out notices that there would be legal consequences for any facility that denied access (or threw out) someone using a facility contrary to their actual physiological gender.

It seems that Charlotte, North Carolina has chosen to be identified as the Sodom of the Southeast.  That’s where the recent “transgender” bathroom controversy originated, and it was egged on if not led by the president of Charlotte’s LBTFGT (or whatever) Chamber of Commerce.  He’s not only a consummate queer, but a convicted and registered sex offender who did two years in prison for molesting underage boys.   But the Charlotte Mayor and many others on the City Council had their part in creating the idiotic controversy sweeping the nation and dominating the news.  Of course the Charlotte nonsense and the involvement of the president and two powerful government agencies, including the one charged with the responsibility of LAW ENFORCEMENT has encouraged some school districts to take a public stand on allowing “trans” individuals to use any facilities consistent with their “gender identity.”

It is bizarre.  It’s idiotic lunacy, and yet their determined to make all of America bow down to accept the lowest of the depraved as “special” and deserving of sympathy and understanding.  But there is no understanding complete insanity, and that is apparently the point!  You will agree, you will understand and you will like it, or else!  Or else here come the government agencies to get you and your kind straightened out about bigotry and discrimination.  Incredibly, government defenders are claiming that this stupidity is today’s “civil rights” controversy.  That is so ludicrous on its face, it’s hard to believe that anyone could mouth the words.  But here they are all over mass media offering up “civil rights” arguments for weirdo dudes in the girls’ locker room.

It’s already having an impact.  There are several stories from coast to coast, and even in Texas, where men are casually entering female dressing rooms and bathrooms because “the law has changed” and nothing can be done about it lest the federal government intervene to punish “discrimination.”

We’ll hate to see what’s next.  They used the Supreme Court to ram queer matrimony down America’s throat.  They’re busy telling us we’re all subservient to the mentally ill who want to be “queen for a day.”  We’ll see if anybody says “boo” when they promote child molestation to “sacred” status.  That’s probably where we’re headed next.  Think that’s too crazy?  We’ve already passed the “too crazy” mile marker, and the road runs straight downhill.

It’s high time we drew the line, with corporations, with local stores and restaurants and every concern that’s in our collective face with overt queer, transgender, weirdo nonsense!  Whatever happened to the concept that the customer’s always right?  Every one of the “for profit” concerns that are pushing depravity depend on consumers for their survival.  Tell them they can depend exclusively on queers and trannies for their business survival!  Then let’s see how long this stupidity survives.  If Americans had any shred of backbone left, that’s exactly what would happen.

But then the kids and grandkids might disown us!  We’d be an embarrassment to them and their peers.  Too bad they’ve largely been brainwashed and cowed into submission by socialist professors and the entertainment complex, insisting that they must submit to “group-think” or be ostracized publicly and privately.

It’s time we ostracized ourselves from the madness.  The “trans-gender” nonsense is another attack against the Creator God Who, “made them male and female.”  Somehow, going on seven thousand years of recorded history, socialist, queer leadership has come up with the idea that someone can “change their mind” as to their gender, and everyone has to play along or be punished.  It’s no longer “they” who are confused or mentally ill.  Now we’ve all got to be absolutely crazy, or else!

While we’re being tied in knots with stupidity, socialism has the people of Venezuela starving and doing without basic necessities of life.  Russia casually threatens the United States and our European allies.  China is launching submarines with nuclear missiles, building military bases in the middle of the South China Sea, and threatening that it’s ready for war if provoked.  Europe is undergoing a mass invasion of North Africans and Middle Easterners and enduring an unending crime wave which is contributing to the coming collapse of the European Union.  The United States is undergoing an onslaught of mass migration from terrorist states and from central America choreographed by the UN, an anti-American president and agencies led and populated by his own hand-picked bureaucrats.

They’ll make us great in their eyes only when they’ve turned America into a depraved, third-world Sodom and Gomorrah.  It didn’t turn out too well the first time, and if we don’t stand up in opposition but quick, it will end similarly.


Mark Armstrong