Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 18 March 2016


Greetings from Tyler,

A new, incredibly divisive narrative is sweeping the media, and its on the subject of racism. It has been the dependable trump card that wins every argument no matter what the subject. Once it was the kiss of death to any position or career. Now the accusation is thrown around with abandon and it goes something like this.

If you don’t despise the authors of our Constitution; hate our national history; root for the eradication of our traditions; support an unlimited and unlawful influx of foreigners from central America, the Middle East and northern Africa; agree with the socialist mandate of Obamacare; believe in man-made global warming and unlimited spending on “green energy”; support the “right” to same-sex homo-mony; and agree with whatever the first black president says or does, then you’re a bigot, racist homo-phobe. This stance of “liberal progressivism” has been pretty clear for some years now, and has been one of the subjects covered in numerous monthly letters, weekly updates and articles.

With an upcoming presidential election at stake these elements of the “new conventional wisdom” are taking on new meaning, particularly aimed at the unlikely candidacy of Donald Trump. We cannot and would not issue an endorsement to him or anybody else, as if it would matter anyway which it wouldn’t. But because of some of his “politically incorrect” statements about a cessation of Muslim immigration until there’s a handle on worldwide jihad, or the unconscionable notion that illegal immigrants should be politely returned to their homelands, he is now being branded as a hateful bigot and racist. That means that anyone who supports his bid must, by definition, also be racist.

Many conservatives are scared to death and vehemently against Trump, not because they believe in the racist charge, but because they don’t believe he is who he pretends to be. If you haven’t seen or heard the litany of his recent changes of heart on everything from abortion to government health care, you will. In the event that he wins the Republican nomination, these stories will get close to full saturation in every nook and cranny of media. And who knows what kind of president he would be? Would he try to live up to expectations raised in speeches or debates, or was it all just for attention and support? Would he govern in accordance with the checks and balances put in place by our Constitution, or thrash about with illegal executive orders destined to end up in court like someone else we know?

We can’t possibly answer any of the questions posed above. Depending on the eventual outcome of several unknown eventualities, we may never know. And that’s neither here nor there. The point is that the charge, and traditional “kiss of death” accusation is being hurled by other politicians, university professors and media outlets to make the support of any of several positions he’s taken (some of which have merit in existing law, ignored or countermanded by the current administration) makes you a racist.

Though we haven’t harped too much on the subject, the whole concept of God having led Biblical Israel as His chosen people, is considered racist by the “new conventional wisdom.” The whole point of my Dad’s book Europe and America in Prophecy, or my Grandfather’s United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy would be branded the same way by this growing line of logic. The very idea that God blessed a particular family, performed a miracle to give Abraham and Sarah a son, and another for Isaac and Rebekah, and brought about the nation of Israel from the sons of Jacob. The idea that the western nations on earth today came from the descendants of the sons of Jacob whose name God changed to Israel is something that the elite intellectuals not only deny, but condemn.

We might as well get used to it. If you believe in the historical legitimacy of the Bible, you’re a fool in the eyes of the politically correct. If you believe in God’s Laws and pronouncements you are a bigot and homo-phobe (a word we didn’t know existed until ten or fifteen years ago). That’s the way things are, and if you want to get along with modern society you better learn how to pretend you despise everything this organization stands for, and everything the Church of God has ever stood for.

Words have been made up, definitions have been changed, and our once blessed society is on the receiving end of curses the likes of which we can hardly believe. What’s the answer? Blocking some freeways, maybe? Screaming in the faces of policemen trying to maintain order? Joining in the socialist/communist movement because it has all the momentum? How about taking to heart a good dose of “white guilt,” seeing as how the prosperity of western nations has been so “unfair and abusive” to the third world.

This organization was founded by Garner Ted Armstrong to educate, to witness and warn our peoples of the curses for having turned away from God and His laws; if you’re waiting for us to hop aboard the anti-American bandwagon and ride down Broadway in the “gay” parade, it may come as a surprise, but you’ve come to the wrong place.

The truth of world history, American history and our belief in God’s power and His Laws is so out of step with mainstream “conventional wisdom,” there can be no moderation, no negotiation and definitely no capitulation. We’re here to perform the commission of witness and warning as the responsibility given by the Saviour to the Church of God. The curses God promised for the abandonment of His Commandments and Statutes are already here with lots more and worse on the way. We will not ignore reality, or sugar coat the Truth. At times we might have a little humour at the expense of those who would destroy everything we stand for, and that’s a risk worth taking.

Have a great Sabbath,


Mark Armstrong