June 17, 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Should you find yourself in an airport, you’ll still see literature or hear announcements admonishing the public to report suspicious activity to officials.  The cliché they use is “See something, say something.”  However, the Orlando nightclub massacre by the son of Afghani immigrants begs the question, Say something to whom?  The DHS?  The FBI?  They’ve obviously been emasculated, not only by policies that prioritize Muslim sensibilities above concerns over national security, but also by deleting years’ worth of data compiled to identify those already in the United States who are steeped in jihadist dogma and studying the preachments of radical Muslim clerics.

The Orlando shooter frightened several of his fellow employees at jobs he held, and they did SAY SOMETHING.  In fact, the FBI opened an investigation, reportedly surveilled him for a time and interviewed the Muslim misfit on two occasions that have been widely reported.  But they supposedly believed the terrorist when he said he’d just made threats of killing rampages in order to mess with the anti-Muslim racists he worked with.  The FBI apparently took his word over the concerns voiced by several complainants.  They managed to remove him from the terrorist watch list (a feat we’re told is nearly impossible), which allowed him to pass background checks, gain employment with G4S, (a security company that transports illegal immigrants for settlement around the United States on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security) and purchase the weapons he used in the massacre just days later.

When the president made his statement about the massacre, he denied that the shooter had any contacts with ISIS or other international terror organizations, and said the U. S. born Muslim only declared loyalty to ISIS at the “last minute,” indicating that there was no connection to Islamic terrorism.  He went on to talk about the futility of using defamatory language, such as “radical Islam” and said it wouldn’t do any good to use such terms, before going on to criticize others who do.  He claimed those using such terms were promoting the concept that the U. S. is at war with an entire religion, and therefore “doing the terrorist’s work for them.”  He actually equates the use of valid and accurate terminology with mass murder!

If you’ve listened to the interviews with survivors of the Orlando attack, you’ll find them totally confused and mystified as to how anyone could commit such a mindless act.  They have no idea and are completely stumped as to why any human being would simply shoot a bunch of people “for no reason.”  CNN anchor Don Lemon demonstrated that he is equally perplexed.  Multiple interviews have taken place without any discussion of Muslim “doctrines” regarding homosexuals, or the fact that the vast majority of Muslims support the idea that homosexuals should be marked for execution.  The sentiment was (and maybe still is) being preached openly at the Orlando shooter’s mosque!  It’s no secret that nearly every Muslim nation in the Middle East, including those considered American allies, have justice systems that will carry out the death penalty for acts of homosexuality.  Recent polls of Muslims in the U. S. (good, moderate Muslims) reveal that a majority want to be governed by Sharia law (another term banned by the DHS) and believe that homosexuals should be put to death, meaning that they would be religiously justified in going out to murder them.

For those interested in looking into this matter a little further, there is ample evidence that multiple investigations into radical Muslims in the United States that have had contacts with terrorist organizations have simply been shut down.  Databases carrying the names and contacts of suspicious Muslims were deleted wholesale by the Department of Homeland Security.  One gentleman, charged with counter terrorism investigations has written a book on his experiences, and how investigations  he believes would have identified the San Bernardino couple who murdered fourteen people, and the Orlando gunman, were shut down by the DHS.  His name is Frank Haney, and he’s currently doing interviews that make that very case.

But the problem is not Islamic terrorism, according to our president and at least one intentionally ignorant Congressman who stood up to say that the massacre has nothing to do with Islam and is strictly limited to the availability of guns in the United States.  That’s where the whole discussion has gone in the mainstream media and on Capitol Hill.  So the Senate will be holding votes on new gun control measures next week, as a response to the fifty or so who were cut to ribbons by a mentally deranged Muslim who repeatedly declared himself a loyal devotee to ISIS.

By the way, there will be no further delay in the importation of several thousand more Syrian “refugees.”  In spite of the testimony of the heads of the CIA, the FBI and others that there will be terrorists and potential terrorists among their number, the Obama administration stubbornly insists that they will be resettled here and that is that.

Reports are out this week showing that already more illegal aliens have crossed the southern border this year than in all of 2015, when all previous records for illegal immigration were smashed.  Some 80% of illegal immigrants have been found to have tuberculosis, which if not treated will become communicable by breathing or coughing.  The United States is being subjected to every imaginable curse of the third world, and casual observers of mainstream information sources don’t have a clue and can’t be bothered.

Britain looks to be leaving the EU if polls on the national referendum for next week are accurate, against the advice and emotional pleas of the Prime Minister David Cameron.  Many, including some EU officials believe that the move will hasten the collapse of the European Union.  There are all manner of dark financial predictions, and for that matter political warnings as well.  Speculation is that the “anti-immigrant” sentiment across Europe will be spurred on by a British exit.

Then there is the unbelievable report of attendance by the leaders of Germany, France and Italy (no doubt among many other national leaders) at the dedication of a tunnel thirty miles long under the Swiss Alps that took fifteen years to complete.  It was nothing short of a satanic ritual, played out by actors in costume who bowed in worship to a resurrected likeness of the devil himself.  Apparently there is a video of the whole episode available, though we wouldn’t recommend that anyone even subject themselves to such blatantly evil imagery.

It seems that we are seeing an explosion of evil. It’s being intentionally foisted upon the United States, Europe and all of western civilization.  The pope is in on it.  Christian leaders are OK with it, and in some cases profiting from participation in “refugee” resettlement programs.  Our current administration is busy defending Islam while worrying aloud about the dangers posed by Christians and patriots.  The “gay” movement has become a national sacrament over recent years, and since the Orlando slaughter, the most sympathetic victims on earth.

God has become so irrelevant to modern culture, that the very concept of His Word and His Laws are no longer mentioned in public.  How long can it go on?  Surely everyone with open eyes can see that real trouble culminating in what the Bible calls “Great Tribulation” is on the horizon.




Mark Armstrong

PS. We had a tremendous Pentecost weekend at Land Between the Lakes, with a remarkable atmosphere of happiness and joy, and had great reports from several other locations as well. The new 21st Century WATCH magazine was just delivered, and will be mailed early next week.  And there are about three hundred new responders on our mailing list who will be getting it for the first time.  Thanks to all.