Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 17 February 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

There are gasps of disbelief that the ‘two state solution” may no longer be the goal of American foreign under the Trump administration.  You’re invited to compare Netanyahu’s expressions and body language during his recent visit to the White House to any of his appearances during the Obama years.   Oops, the “two state solution” may be out the window.  No doubt the most humble, refugee-promoting pontiff will weigh in shortly with some haughty tripe. Can you imagine the shock and outrage that will be boiling up among the human rights experts at the UN?  (Two days later…)  You’ve got to see this quote from the Guardian (UK) under the headline, “Pope appears to back anti-Trump protests in letter condemning populism.”  Here it is, from the proud but humble socialist pontiff himself.  “As Christians and all people of good will, it is for us to live and act at this momentIt is a grave responsibility, since certain present realities, unless effectively dealt with, are capable of setting off processes of dehumanization which would then be hard to reverse (emphasis mine). Better get your “No human is illegal!” placard and head to the airport.  The pope says its your “Christian duty.”

Maybe its not nice to ridicule the little twerp, but he’s the one who told Europeans, EU leaders and citizens at large, that it was their “Christian duty” to provide and care for the wave of jihadis that have undermined the relative tranquility Europe used to enjoy.   Speaking of things that are “hard to reverse.”  How hard will it be to “reverse” what has happened to Europe, now that “no go” zones exist in every city, where the sheer numbers of angry Muslims make policing impossible?  Is there any doubt that X-president Obama was in the middle of an attempt to alter mid-American demographics by importing thousands into rural areas, without the knowledge of Mayors, Governors or local citizens?  No doubt the pope is heartbroken, as are the snowflakes among us, that their strategy may be drawing to a close.  But they’re doubling down.  Now the pope is a community organizer too!

We’ve published plenty of Updates, and articles detailing not only the spectacular and gruesome terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds of innocent people in the major cities, but also the crime wave of assaults and rapes of both sexes (including children), the crime ridden and riotous “refugee” zones that blight the Continent.  That is what Europeans are living with as a result of Angela Merkel following the pope’s logic about everyone’s “Christian duty.”  The “refugees” are the ones who’ve brought “dehumanization” to the west, because a great many of them have behaved in ways that no civilized human would.  For western nations NOT to welcome them as permanent residents, citizens even, and provide their every need is dehumanizing them?  As with nearly all the ardent social-justice campaigners, their own logic is impossibly convoluted.  And, as with our own domestic mainstream media, the pope is playing to ignorance and emotion.

One of CNN‘s anchors said to a panelist this week, “We’ve got four years of this to look forward to.”  The panelist responded with a lisp, “It’s high time Congress opened up articles of impeachment before Trump does irreparable damage.”  Breaking News!  The New York Times reports that Trump campaign officials were in constant contact with Russian government officials throughout the months leading up to the election.  The mainstream media starts from the premise that “Russia hacked the election.”  Then they claim that Trump insiders were “in touch” with Russian contacts throughout the presidential campaign.  CNN brought on a New York Times columnists to state that the “hacking of the election” was an attack on the United States on a par with Pearl Harbor or 9-11, and Trump was in on it.  That’s what they claim.  If you watched at all this week, you’d be convinced that the Trump administration is in the midst of a crisis to dwarf Watergate, and impeachment is all but imminent.  Those pouting poofters (pronounced “poofta,” Australian vernacular for homos, thanks Murray) that dominate prime time haven’t been this excited since early on election eve when they were certain Hillary would cruise to an easy victory.  It’s a crisis every ninety seconds!

From the apparent “leaks” that proclaim that Flynn did indeed discuss sanctions with the Russian Foregn Minister while Obama remained in the White House, illuminates the fact that intelligence agencies, along with the Department of State have been staffed with dedicated leftists who believe its their moral duty to undermine the Trump administration, just like the pope is saying.

The other example might be the fact that the U. S. Department of State rushed in more than a thousand “refugees” from countries covered by Trump’s executive order banning any further influx from the listed failed countries, that have become sprawling terrorist training camps.  How did that happen, since Trump’s inauguration, and why is no one asking?    It looks as though every department and agency of government may be teeming with political activists, planted there by the Obama administration, working diligently in concert with the mainstream media as saboteurs.

Obama’s Organizing for Action and Organizing for America. reportedly flush with political donor monies, including plenty from anti-American financier George Soros, have opened two hundred fifty offices around the United States for the purpose of training “activists” to hijack town hall meetings and populate the demonstrations that have been all over the news.  It’s being called a “shadow government,” and most of the media is treating it as if it represents majority opinion.  The community agitator is still at it as he was during his own presidency, following the Saul Alinsky play book for a national transformation that he still hasn’t given up on.  Neither has the media, the universities, the sanctuary cities, or thousands of political hacks that still populate the alphabet soup of government agencies.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the clips of Obama defenders claiming that his administration was deporting hundreds of thousands, as a defense to reporting on the executive orders conferring legal status on millions in the country illegally.  Oh, yes they did.  The media wasn’t disturbed in the least at the explanation of “record deportations” under the Obama administration.  Never mind that the stories were false.  Where were the demonstrations when the Obama administration was supposedly carrying out all those deportations, “breaking up families” and the like.

They were apparently counting all those denied entry by agents at Border Stations, and calling them deportations while in fact Obama was conferring legal status on millions, illegally.  Now that some hundreds of criminals and identity thieves have been detained for deportation, the sob stories are legion, and epic. Families are being broken up, they cry!  Doors are being kicked in with Gestapo style tactics.  “Juan and Marie,” (Geraldo Rivera’s fictitious maid and gardener) are the real targets of the heartless Trump administration, they claim.

President Trump’s press conference yesterday was unavoidable, given the media’s constant drumbeat of crisis and a failing administration.  If the moles posing as “career public servants” can’t be identified and sacked from agencies ranging from the Justice Department, to the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and the State Department, then the new administration is, in effect, a house divided.  As the Proverb states, that’s one thing that would ultimately spell doom for all attempts to “reverse the damage” that may, in fact, be irreversible if the pope, the X-president, the UN and the legions of organized snowflakes should prevail.  Who knew that fulfillment of our commission to WATCH could be so full of intrigue?

Israel is back on the map, for all the world to see.  The European Union is in tremendous danger of collapse financially, socially and maybe politically, we’ll see soon enough.  And it’s largely due to having followed the pope’s “Christian duty” logic.  As you know, those are the main players, and everything, but for Israel and hopefully the United States, is in free-fall.


Mark Armstrong

With each passing week world conditions, that is Brexit, that is the slow moving train wreck known as the EU, that is the pope’s interventions in politics, that is the ongoing Middle East mayhem, and that is the new Trump administration, cry out that the world is changing and that momentous events, events prophesied long ago, may be just around the next corner: event such as the decline of the greatest power the world has seen and the rise out of the ashes of the EU of a new superpower in Europe. Bible prophecy has a great deal to say about our time and world conditions just prior and leading to the return of Jesus Christ. That includes the identity of modern day Israel (the modern day Jews are but three tribes of the 13 tribes of ancient Israel) and what will befall all of Israel and absolutely require Christ’s return before there “be no flesh saved alive” Matt. 24:22. (Read all of Matthew 24 to see what Christ Himself said would precede and necessitate His return).

The point is that there is information of which the world is largely ignorant. Of which the pope and virtually all mainstream religious leaders are totally ignorant. Request the book “Europe and America in Prophecy” by Garner Ted Armstrong and educate yourself on truths that leap off the page of your Bible concerning the modern identity of Israel and Israel’s fate, who is the Beast power of Revelation and the false prophet? Many more questions and mysteries will be answered through reading this book. And where you sit in God’s scheme of things.

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