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Here’s guessing there won’t be too many global-warming protests across the United States over the weekend. If you’ve seen the national map you’ll know that there is record cold across a broad swath of the country, with some unheard of wind-chill readings normally found near the North Pole. Even the most dedicated pipeline protesters will be huddled indoors.

But the protests haven’t let up across the Atlantic. A thousand Muslim protesters blocked streets in London, waving makeshift al Qaeda posters and ISIS flags, demanding a global caliphate. It is reported that the French have stationed ten thousand troops around Paris hoping to prevent attacks during the X-mas shopping spree. Some segments of the city have been declared Muslim territory, with barricades erected to prevent entry by police and emergency services. You may have to go to YouTube to see the raging battles between police and “immigrants” playing out. None of these unbelievable riots, car burnings and clashes with police are showing up in our news. They are apparently not being reported in the European press either. There is now quite a history of a concerted cover-up by governments and media outlets that wouldn’t dare broadcast what is going on multiple times per day all across the European continent.

Assaults and rapes are occurring at such a rate as to be too numerous to mention. Angela Merkel, Germany’s Prime Minister released a statement in response to the rape and murder of an EU official’s 17 year old daughter, proclaiming it to be “an isolated incident.” This particular crime was apparently too visible to keep secret. That young girl was another volunteer, trying to help provide for refugees. She wasn’t the first young female volunteer to meet such a fate. Another (Alexandre Mehzar 22 years old) was helping at a “child” refugee center in Sweden. She was murdered by those she’d volunteered to help, and they definitely weren’t “children.” Another volunteer in Sweden (Elin Krantz 27 years old) was a vocal promoter of multiculturalism and diversity. Apparently that didn’t make much difference to the “immigrants” she tried to assist.

If you should look up these crimes on your phone or computer, you’ll go cross-eyed at the sheer volume of the “immigrant crimes,” against police and citizens, and against the weakest and most vulnerable among the ranks of the immigrants themselves. Similar to the pope’s idiotic pronouncements to which we alluded in last week’s update, many of these acts are too hideous to recount in polite company. But they’re not at all out of character for the culture of the immigrants.

Despite Angela Merkel’s shock announcement that the full burqua should be outlawed in every instance where “legally allowable,” (courthouses and government buildings?) Europe is still in a state of denial. At least it’s leaders, those who support them and the media are turning a blind eye.

Dutch Politician Gert Wilders was just found guilty of “hate speech” in Holland for suggesting that too many Moroccans had been imported. That set off a chant of “too many Moroccans,” which landed him in deep legal trouble for “inciting hatred.”

Everyone knows by now that initial progress has been made in Britain, and soon to be made in the United States from the standpoint that the rights and safety of indigenous citizens should be considered amid the onslaught of hundreds of thousands of “refugees.” London has a problem that it may never be able to bring under control, and the details of the behavior of people received in the interests of mercy and generosity are so dark and ugly, they can hardly be reported.

It took weeks before reports began to leak out of the massive outbreak of sexual assaults and robberies during Cologne’s New Year’s celebration last January. Police were completely outnumbered and intimidated by hundreds (at least) of “refugees” running amok. This year, they plan to have fifteen hundred officers on duty during this year’s celebration, so maybe they can respond if another rampage breaks.

Apparently, the only solution to the Muslim crime wave across Europe, is to increase police and security forces tenfold. And if that’s not enough, then what? We’ve seen similar situations arise in the United States. How many investigators are required for the hundreds of terrorist investigations being carried out in every state in the Union? How many TSA agents will you have to navigate the next time you fly? Hopefully something can be done, but not without cries of “discrimination” and “racism!” The way things are going, nothing short of a police state will be required to tamp down the threat to public safety, and that won’t be airtight either.

Meanwhile Iran is pounding its sunken chest, bellowing threats against the United States and Israel. Having just held massive military exercises, their top military commander is boasting of imminent intercontinental ballistic missile tests that will force the world to sit up and take notice. They’re also warning that Israel will be destroyed if the United States should provoke them, and that they’re capable of setting off World War III if push comes to shove. Under circumstances that will soon prevail, there seems a plausible chance the be-robed braggarts just might get their bluff called.

And then there’s China. Many in our domestic media are terribly distraught that the President-elect might inadvertently spark a military clash. Maybe it wasn’t funny, but it was at least amusing to find that Chinese diplomats tattled to President Obama when Trump Tower accepted a call from the female President of Taiwan. Since then, a Chinese warship dispatched a fast boat to swoop down on a U. S. Navy oceanographic survey vessel as it retrieved an underwater drone, and snatched it. Stole it, witnesses said. There will be no shortage of “international incidents” going forward. Chances are, U. S. diplomatic and military services may not be as passive as provocateurs have come to expect.

International relations promise to get a lot more interesting going forward, and the world has already taken notice. In no way does that mean that the warnings and prophecies of the Bible have suddenly become obsolete. We will continue to focus on political, financial and ultimately military upheaval in Europe and in the Middle East, and the role of the Vatican. That is where the rubber will meet the road, prophetically speaking. The overwhelming message of the prophets, the Savior and the Apostles is a constant and urgent refrain for the descendants of Israel to repent and turn to God’s Laws for personal protection and ultimate salvation. We’re also told to WATCH and warn as world events lead to a conclusion requiring God’s intervention. Have a great Sabbath, but stay inside if it’s colder than 20 below!



Mark Armstrong

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