Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 14 July 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

You might have missed it, but ISIS has been driven out of Iraq due to ramped up military assistance from the United States and battle strategies that have been orchestrated by American forces.  Under any other circumstances it would have been huge news, but the mainstream media has a target much more reviled and more of a threat to their socialist agenda than ISIS, and you don’t need to be told what that’s about.

ISIS’ stronghold in Raqqa is next, with word that outer defenses have already been breached and the defeat of the “Caliphate” may be complete within the foreseeable future.  That doesn’t mean that terrorist activity will cease in the Middle East, Europe or the United States, but at least the murderous zealots will no longer have the trappings of a world headquarters from which to direct operations.  Chances are that the continuous campaign against the administration will make the defeat of ISIS a one-day story at most.

North Korea looks more like an impending threat than anyone predicted, and it seems that even our intelligence agencies were caught off guard by their recent demonstration of ICBM technology.  Reuters just released findings indicating that Kim Jong-un may have more fissionable nuclear fuel than previously contemplated.  Likely you won’t hear it from mainstream sources, because the information pales in comparison to their breathless suspicions about the Trump campaign’s “collusion” with “the Russians” to “undermine our electoral system.”

CNN has virtually flushed itself down the ratings tank with their round-the-clock “Russia collusion” speculations.  More people are now watching reruns of ’80’s sitcoms than the furrowed brows who accuse and mock the president and his supporters in prime time.  But big corporations are still buying ads, and the speculation goes on and on.  There is now an over-arching theme that derives from the French Revolution, which is largely credited with inspiring socialist and communist ideology.  That is the belief that the “ends justify the means.”  It justifies all manner of violence and inhumane behavior in the pursuit of a “greater good.”

It has a great many converts.  Probably the most effective recruitment movement is to be found in the universities of “higher education” which has been demanding compliance for two or three generations as the key component to success in white collar society.  Maybe you’ve seen some of the reports where colleges and universities have allowed a temporary take-over of grounds and facilities on the basis of protesting against a “racist system” and “white privilege.”  They seek to promote outrage and hatred, and it’s working.

A photo appeared out of the Oval Office this week, showing a group of some thirty Christians or evangelical leaders holding a group prayer, some with their hands on the president’s back and shoulders.  It was taken by many, salivating over the prospect of “crisis in the White House” or the potential for impeachment, as an amusing last-ditch effort to save the Trump presidency from impending doom.  On the other hand, we’ve seen and heard President Trump invoke God unashamedly and repeatedly before audiences in Europe and here at home.

Maybe he realizes the role God played in the blessings of Western civilization, in the lives of our founders and in the formation of the United States of America.  We hope President Trump realizes the weight of responsibility that rests upon his shoulders, and the need for God’s approval and assistance as we face the most dangerous times in the history of the world.  The most dangerous of all is spiritual in nature, and we’ve seen the results of that evil in the French Revolution, in the socialist/communist regimes of Hitler, Stalin, Castro and many lesser examples.  At the root of it is the very philosophical ideology that is being pushed upon naive students in the educational system, a litany of protest movements, and as you witness every time you check in, the mass media.

Mark Armstrong


The juxtaposition of the cover of the latest TCW magazine, with the fat little North Korean dictator’s imagination in full view, and the cover “Europe and America in Prophecy” is apt and illustrates just what potentially lies ahead for the US, The British Commonwealth and much of western civilisation should the dark imaginings of “little Kim” ever come to pass.

The Bible is replete with prophecies, End Time prophecies concerning the modern descendants of the ancient tribes of Israel. The Jews, Judah, are but one of the Tribes. Who are the others? Can the TEN Tribes that made up the House of Israel, following the death of Solomon, in opposition to the House Of Judah, be identified in this modern world. They certainly can.

You can read the history of the so called ‘lost ten tribes’ of Israel in the well researched book, “Europe and America in Prophecy“, authored by Garner Ted Armstrong, that traces the Biblical promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and traces the history of the Tribes of Israel right up to the present time. Who are they? Where are they today? What does Bible prophecy foretell for these modern Israelitish nations as we approach the end of the age and the return of Jesus Christ. The “end time” or “time of the end” (See Daniel 12:4 – “But thou, O Daniel, shut up thewords, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, andknowledge shall be increased“), is when Jesus Christ plainly stated, “22And exceptthose days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved (alive): but for the elect’ssake those days shall be shortened.” Matt. 24:22 (read all of Matthew 24). World events and the destructive capability of nuclear weapons place us squarely in the time spoken of by Christ.Can anyone argue that we do not live in a time when knowledge has increased off the scale and that people “run to and fro” at a frenetic pace? We are living in that time. Acknowledging that fact isn’t it about time you learned just what the Bible says will in the next number of years happen and why?

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