Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 13 May 2016

May 13, 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

It’s the unbelievable “Top Story” of many news outlets today. The Obama administration is promoting a psychological disorder among the nation’s school age youth by promoting the concept that “trans-gender” students, or adults for that matter, are a protected class that schools, universities, businesses and corporations must cater to lest they be sued, prosecuted for discrimination and have whatever government subsidies they might receive cut off.

We’ve seen the artificial idea of “gender-fluidity” thrust into public debate time and time again of late, meaning that anyone who decides they’d rather be treated as the opposite sex, even on a whim, must be granted access to the locker rooms or shower facilities of their choice without fail and without repercussion. If the girls catch a guy in drag in their locker room, they can forget reporting the incident to the principal or the school board. The Federal Departments of Justice and of Education have both issued edicts threatening to cut off any monies in the event somebody who would do that should be disciplined, or in D. C. lingo, “harassed.”

Imagine the ruckus this might have caused when we were in school? The possibilities are mind-boggling. It’s not as if this subject wasn’t exploited for comedic purposes as far back as the 1980’s and beyond. Some outrageous movies featured boys dressing as girls for the purpose of gaining access to sorority facilities, and the plot lines had absolutely nothing to do with any gender confusion.

Now we’re supposed to believe that the formerly comedic device is deadly serious, and any boy or girl who decides they might be more comfortable in the private facilities of the opposite sex should have unimpeded access without repercussions from any authority. For whatever reason, this idiocy is being championed by the LBTFGTQ (or whatever) community and treated as a serious discrimination matter comparable to the racial integration issues of the 1960’s. It is a recent invention, this concept of “gender-fluidity,” and it’s surely a huge leap to accept its attachment to issues pertaining to “civil-rights” or segregation.

Sure, there have been “drag-queens” in bawdy entertainment for decades, mostly as a visual gag, intended to tickle movie or night-club audiences. Who doesn’t remember Some Like it Hot, with Jack Lemon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe? It was icky, and sometimes hilarious. It never occurred to anyone that these guys thought for one minute that they actually wanted to be women! But seeing them clunk around in stacked heels was good for a few laughs. In the age of Obama, however, we’d better not snicker anymore, lest Federal agencies lower the boom and get all incensed about “hate” and “discrimination.”

What’s next? What further insanity will our government masters come up with to drive everybody crazy? Surely they can’t be serious with this nonsense! You might wonder how on earth this issue ever came up in the first place. The first we heard of it was when the North Carolina State Legislature passed a law saying every one should use the facilities assigned to them at birth. But that was only done because of a mandate passed by the Charlotte City Council that would have forced all businesses and educational institutions to allow “gender-fluid” individuals open access to whatever facilities they might choose based on their own, possibly temporary, identity. Not just bathrooms, but locker-rooms, showers and changing facilities as well, with legal implications attached. Charlotte, North Carolina has apparently become the San Francisco of the Southeast, with a trans-gender “woman” on the City Council who pushed for this screwball “mandate” in the first place.

It was a bridge too far for the North Carolina legislature who passed a state law to nullify the action of the Charlotte City Council. Of course the Obama administration was all too happy to jump into the mix with both feet. As we all have learned, normal citizens better sit down and shut up when it comes to Muslims, illegal aliens and minority demands of all kinds, and particularly when it comes to homosexuals and cross-dressing drag-queens. They are the latest in a growing list of bizarre, perverted sacraments of this administration.

Probably this is a calculated distraction, a ridiculous solution to a problem that didn’t exist, but in the future likely will because the government is encouraging it. It’s probably intended to take our attention away from the terrorist “refugees” who are being intentionally secreted into the country; a distraction from the legalization and naturalization of record numbers of (otherwise illegal or non citizen) immigrants determined to alter the outcomes of every election; a distraction from TSA lines lasting upwards of two hours at many airports; a distraction from the vast sums added to our national debt to support (both legal and illegal) immigrants flooding in from Northern Africa, the Middle East, from Cuba, Panama, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico and the list seems endless.

Every imaginable sin or perversion is now the subject of some government protective mandate with implicit legal threats attached to any reluctance to get on board. The Constitution is being intentionally undermined on a constant and continuing basis. The idea that anyone would look to God’s Word for guidance on any imaginable subject is absolutely absurd to the Obama administration, absurd on university campuses, absurd everywhere but in church, and many of the churches are way off the grid anyway! The president’s complete “transformation” of the United States, is hopefully in its final months. But who knew the “trans” in transformation would take on such bizarre importance?

We will continue to lampoon this foolishness, in our letters, magazines and messages, since nearly everyone else seems to want to go along to get along. The basis of our heritage, nationally and historically is being turned upside down to the point that the USA, and western culture generally has become a laughingstock before the world, and particularly before our vicious enemies. We’d love to see it turned around, but there is certainly no guarantee of that. We will stand our ground, and survive it or not, that’s up to God.


Mark Armstrong