Greetings from Tyler,

This is an election year the likes of which we’ve never seen before. We’ve got Hillary Clinton who’s risen to the ranks of inevitability in her party, having survived a litany of scandals that would take the remainder of a lifetime to recount. In addition to the fact that most of her (and her husband’s) close proximity to criminality and unresolved “suicides,” she’s facing a massive investigation into the fact that she used a personal “server” for the communication of information critical to national security. A casual reading of the laws that pertain to people in high office in regard to their handling of such information shows that she was in clear violation of laws with enormous consequences for the duration of her tenure as Secretary of State.

But, somehow, she’s not the least bit worried. This week she pretended to be flabbergasted that anyone would be concerned. It’s been suggested that the Clinton’s have a sort of “insurance,” as long as the Obama administration department of injustice is in charge. Should she avoid prosecution, she’d no doubt have to keep the same people in place to avoid any future difficulties.

The baldfaced lies about the Benghazi attacks should have denied Obama a second term and finished off Hillary’s political ambitions for good. But they’re still tweaking their stories to this day, and the truth surely doesn’t matter to their supporters who expect them to destroy capitalism and with it the last vestiges of freedom in the United States.

Things are less clear on the opposite side of the primary season. We’re watching people who supposedly share broad agreement on how the country can revive its identity tear each other to shreds. Some of the most conservative voices are actually coming out and saying they’d sooner see Hillary elected than Donald Trump. Although Trump espouses conservative positions on most issues, it is constantly pointed out that his past record leaves lots of room for doubt. Many fear that he is just plain mean and has dictatorial tendencies, in addition to the prospect that media outlets will destroy his reputation with a series of devastating documentaries ready to hit the air in the event that he should be the nominee of his party.

Then there is his only real competitor for the Republican nomination Ted Cruz, who the media is beginning to cast as a closet Pentecostal who believes and practices a form of Christianity to include “spirit baptism” as separate from baptism at conversion, speaking in “tongues” (indistinguishable utterances) at meetings and divine healing. Without arguing the doctrinal validity of these beliefs and practices, it is safe to say that none of this information is going to benefit his campaign.

We’re not about to try to tell anyone who to vote for or who not to. We can only pray to God for the peace and safety of the United States in a time where vicious enemies have been strengthened and we’ve been systematically invaded by people with no respect for our traditions or laws. Thanks to the weak and/or intentionally wrongheaded “leadership” of recent years, many of them will actually be voting in the upcoming elections! Maybe you saw the caucus from the environs of Minneapolis, Minnesota a couple of weeks ago where the entire meeting was conducted in a Somali dialect. That can be only one of many examples of this type of thing going on all across the United States, in some language other than English. It’s an outrage.

It may be too late for Europe. There is news that the anti-Muslim immigration sentiment is growing by leaps and bounds politically in every nation you can think of. Media reports inevitably describe the movement as right-wing or neo-Nazi.   And who knows? It may turn out to be. But one thing is sure. The European Union and Angela Merkel of Germany (with encouragement from the pope at Rome) have brought this unrest upon themselves. Even the highest EU and NATO officials freely admit that ISIS and a slew of terrorist organizations make up a percentage of the “refugee” population that is destroying European culture and putting ever more pressure on an already fragile financial situation.

As we’ve said numerous times before, Western civilization is under attack. Not only from the Muslim hordes and their murderous religion, but by its own leaders. It has shaped up in Europe, and to a lesser degree in the United States, that if you’re not on board in support of “multiculturalism,” socialist redistribution and the idiotic theory of man-made global warming, you are dangerous. Rejection of that philosophy is taking hold across Europe and leading inexorably toward political upheaval.

We may also be in for some more ugly clashes here in the United States. The president and his ilk have done nearly everything imaginable to stir up racial division, anti-police sentiment and class hatred. Some in the entertainment industry are encouraging provocations in the run-up to this year’s elections.

Meanwhile Iran fired off two ballistic missiles this week (reportedly designed to hit Israel) in violation of existing UN sanctions, in addition to violating the Worst Deal Ever which was recently agreed to by the Obama administration. Nothing will be done, of course. Not even Obama and his self-absorbed Secretary of State could have believed that Iran would adhere to any agreement.

These are but a few of the highlights of the dangerous future hanging over Israel, Europe and the United States. The ridiculous indebtedness that threatens the global economic structure is something that many worry could wipe out prosperity worldwide. But turning to God, obeying His Laws and observing the dire lessons of history seem to be the last thing on anybody’s mind.


Mark Armstrong

PS. Thank you to all who have responded to recent letters, and are active in the work of witness and warning. Your support is most gratifying. All of the new 21st Century WATCH magazines are already in the mail, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as other recent issues. We hope you’ll all have a great Sabbath.