Greetings from Tyler,

It’s time for the global warming crowd to go into hibernation for at least a few months.  The fraud involved in the socialist plot has been exposed repeatedly, from the East Anglia subterfuge to the dozens of predictions that have turned out to be bogus.  Now, winter is arriving weeks ahead of schedule.  A widely circulated article under a Science heading tells the tale.  “This Arctic blast means business…Numerous record lows could be tied or broken on Friday night in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, according to the National Weather Service (NSW).

The article goes on to list the early hard-freeze expected in the path of the cold front, emphasising the “historic record cold” associated with the event.  But in the middle of the article is a link to another headline, “The astounding climate denial of a top Trump environmental advisor was just on display before Senators”.  After naming the “Climate Deniers” with whom the President has surrounded himself, the article says, “But he saved the best for last when he nominated Kathleen Hartnett White to lead the Council on Environmental Quality…”  It seems she made the outrageous claim that, “Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant, and carbon is certainly not a poison…This falsely maligned gas is better known as the ‘gas of life’ because it is a necessary nutrient for plant growth– the food base of life on the planet Earth.”

They’re so outraged about this claim that they’ve created a “meme” showing a woman endlessly banging her head on a desk to illustrate what they regard as an unacceptable position for anyone to defend.  They go on to cite “global warming” studies, as if we didn’t know how scientists have been handsomely paid and treated as infallible by the mainstream media even as they falsified records and made ridiculous predictions that have failed.

Global warming, or “climate change,” as they’ve had to re-name their religion, has stubbornly refused to be borne out by facts or circumstances, so there’s apparently nothing else to do but try to destroy those who threaten their dogma.  Kathleen Hartnett White is their latest victim.

Or is it Judge Roy Moore?  You can bet the farm that those demanding that man-made global warming is factual are the same ones rubbing their hands together with glee as the Judge is hit with forty year old accusations of improper contact with an underage girl.  How delicious must it be to have the Republican candidate accused in such a scandal in the run up to such an important election?  He’s been in public life over all these years, a prosecutor, and Alabama Supreme Court Justice until removed for refusing an order to remove the Ten Commandments monument from Courthouse property.  It didn’t matter that the whole of law in Western civilization is based on the part of those Commandments that society has not yet deemed offensive or inappropriate to modern morality.  At least murder and thievery are still punishable offenses.  Their display might be offensive to non-Christians and therefore had to go on the basis of the religious establishment clause of the Constitution.

Judge Moore put his job and career on the line to defend, not only the Ten Commandments, but also refused to sign off on so called “gay” marriage.  And that really puts the homosexual news writers and TV anchors into orbit.  These are the same frauds that circled the wagons around Bill Clinton when he was impeached for lying about the Monica Lewinsky escapades.  Mind you, they just weren’t interested in the stories of numerous others who claimed impropriety.  None of that had any bearing on Clinton’s ability to discharge the duties of President.  They were “personal matters,” and besides, he had an uncommon ability to “compartmentalise” (a term invented for the occasion), meaning he could make world class decisions unaffected by all the scandal and turmoil.  They didn’t tell President Bill Clinton he had no choice but to resign over the “seriousness of the allegations,” they attacked his accusers, called the special prosecutor every name in the book, went with the “vast right-wing conspiracy” theory and backed him to the end of his term.

Obviously, we currently have no way of knowing whether the accusations against Moore are true, and if they’re somehow proven he’ll be done, particularly after his categorical denials.  But the mainstream media has shown itself to be willing to push false claims when it suits their agenda to do so.  What about the “Russian dossier”?  They’ve spent the better part of a year trying to hang wildly nasty accusations around the neck of President Trump, the kicker being that he “colluded” with “the Russians” to steal the election.

The media is not embarrassed in the least to push deceptive falsehoods on the public, they’ve done it time and again.  They continue pushing “global warming,” and hide the chicanery that’s gone on behind the scenes.  They ignore FACTS and scandals that tarnish their socialist heroes daily, and are doing it right now.  They desperately hope that something will come to light that will bring down the Trump administration, and work tirelessly to that end.

With Judge Roy Moore, it’s even more than that.  Nothing frightens or angers would-be socialists like Christianity.  You’ve probably seen the concept of prayer disparaged and mocked when applied to the victims of the church massacre in south Texas.  “Those people were already praying.  A lot of good it did them!”  That’s interesting, because the shooter himself was a loud atheist who called believers in God “stupid” and argued against Christianity publicly.  That atheist was sick, twisted, insane, and he became a mass murderer with no empathy for those he killed, including babies and little children.  He was a vicious monster, and yet his beliefs and attitudes apparently were not very far afield from those piously preached by the mainstream media.

Socialist dogma has no room for God.  Its adherents perceive themselves and their precepts to be superior, and they are oh so proud of themselves to have risen so far above “stupid Christians” in  boundless diversity and great empathy.

We don’t know how any of the current controversies will end, or if they ever will.  Believe it or not, there are more important matters at hand than something that may or may not have transpired in the 1970’s.  The pope thinks he’s going to save the world by getting involved in the North Korea nuclear situation.  He doesn’t seem particularly perturbed about the fact that the Vatican is a bastion of homosexuality, or that priests have been molesting children constantly, all over the world for decades.  The media avoids that subject at all costs.  But a guy like Judge Moore?  He’s got to be destroyed.  And from their perspective, so does Trump.  Then maybe they’ll get rid of the National Anthem.

Mark Armstrong