Greetings from Tyler,

It may seem like ages ago, but it’s only been a week since President Trump tossed a monkey wrench into the gears of the mainstream media by “tweeting” that the former administration tapped into his campaign headquartered at Trump Tower in NYC only weeks prior to the election. It’s the most ludicrous, false accusation any CNN presenter ever heard. It was un-presidential, untrue and a scandalous outrage to purveyors of the Trump/Russia connection that “hacked the American election.” The light-loafered tag team that anchors prime time on “the most trusted name in news” is incredulous that such an accusation could be made against our “dignified” former president. Their piteous chuckles, rolling eyes and derisive banter seems to ignore the fact that they’ve stuck with the Trump/Russia collusion theme for at least two months, as if there’s not much else deserving attention.

Investigations are purportedly afoot at numerous Federal Agencies, in addition to Intelligence Oversight Committees on Capitol Hill, which are expected to reach conclusions sometime in the near future. Let’s hope something can be settled on these heavy double-edged accusations before one of these stern-voiced reporters has a nervous breakdown on camera.

Meanwhile, some of the world’s most notorious rogue regimes are threatening missile attacks almost continuously. North Korea, which has successfully tested nuclear weapons, has shown off its ability to launch mid-range ballistic missiles simultaneously, and has demonstrated that ability repeatedly over the past week. We’re informed that the North Korean regime doesn’t yet possess the capacity to put a nuclear warhead atop a missile. Neither South Korea nor Japan, which fall into the range of recent North Korean missile tests, are taking much comfort.

Iran issues threats against Israel and the U. S. with such regularity that each new utterance barely rates coverage. But Iran is reported to be working with North Korea on nuclear development as well as missile technology, and spewing threats like “a strong slap in the face” of the U. S. and “roaring missiles” down on Israel if threatened by the Trump administration.

Perhaps the most worrisome threat of all came from China this week in response to news that
U. S. THAAD defensive missile batteries were being deployed in South Korea to defend against prospective missile attacks from the North. Apparently the THAAD defensive missile batteries can also detect and track anything China may launch, which has touched off a series of threats from Chinese officials about a rapid increase in “the number and quality” of strategic nuclear missiles and further talk of how “the U. S. must pay.” Incidentally, the female Prime Minister of South Korea has just been impeached amid some scandalous financial dealings with tech firms. So, while North Korea threatens and China warns, the streets of Seoul team with legions of protesters.

Given the resolve of the new administration toward protecting allies and American interests around the world, there might well be fireworks. If so, let’s hope they’re contained, and let’s hope they’re ours.

The socialist promoting pontiff can’t seem to go more than a couple of days without saying something way out of the ordinary, often weighing in on matters that are none of his concern. But this week he’s getting headlines by claiming that he’s looking into the possibility of sanctioning “married priests.” Before you get too overjoyed that he’s addressing a situation that has be-deviled the institution of Catholicism with a bunch of be-robed pedophiles in pointy hats, we’d better consider that he may be talking about same-sex “marriages” in his statement. Remember his claim that “we owe the homosexual community an apology?” Nearly every time he’s put the weight of the Vatican behind some issue or other, it’s been anti-capitalist and against the interests of Western civilization. History may well find that he was the first, and most influential voice in his insistence that Muslim refugees by the millions should be treated as the “poor” or the “sojourner” in Biblical terms, and allowed to take up residence in their hordes throughout the western world.

He appears to be just as panicked over “Brexit” and the advent of the Trump presidency as any in EU leadership. Earlier in the week, he made headlines urging the faithful to reject the “evil” of populism. That means any who would hope to spare their homeland the blight that has descended on western Europe. The following comment appeared in “comments” to the report of the pope’s condemnation of populism. It can’t be attributed, but it is interesting. Here it is, unedited.

“Dear ‘Holiness’ Mr. Pope Sir:

So, you don’t like populism?

You are advocating the largest migration of non-believers and anti-Christians into Europe in history. Are they assimilating? Are they converting to Christianity? Nope. They’re buying churches and converting them into mosques. They’re roughing up young men on the street and forcing them to convert to Islam. They’re roaming the streets, looking for white women to rape. They’re soon going to outbreed and outnumber the Christians.

If you support this foolishness, you, sir, are an IDIOT. And I’m not even Christian; I’m a Jew and I have no love for the ‘Christians’ of Europe, who slaughtered my people.

But the kind of people who are coming to France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, etc. are even worse– they hate Jews, they hate Christians, they hate the West. In one generation, Europe will become a 3rd World hellhole. Good luck with your globalism and socialism.”

These are the biggest issues of our time, and those that will drive events toward end-time prophecy. They also happen to be the most prominent issues driving the West to what is lately described as “populism,” which the pope has declared as the great “evil” of our time. The concept of “globalism” goes to one-world government, which appears to be on the ropes, save for the leaders of the EU, the pope and the mainstream media. Despite the move to retain American heritage and values, the Bible indicates that such a government will ultimately prevail, unpalatable as the prospect is.

Mark Armstrong

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