Greetings from Tyler,

The terrorist attack at the airport in Istanbul this week shouldn’t have been unexpected. ISIS must revel in the fact that every such action results in another lecture about respecting the religion of peace, and not blaming Muslim “immigrants” or “refugees.” Although some fifty-odd were killed in the attack and a couple of hundred wounded, the president barely noticed. “We stand with the people of Turkey,” was his detailed response, along with we’re going to be making sure that these things don’t happen, or words to that effect.

The buffoon John Kerry claimed the attack was “an act of desperation,” and evidence that ISIS is on the run. If that’s true, what were all the other similar terrorist attacks all about? What about Boston, San Bernardino, Paris and Brussels? Were all those incidents signs of ISIS’ last gasp? What about the next one? Will that be further evidence that the administration is succeeding?

The nonsense we’re being asked to swallow is so impossibly shallow and unhinged from reality, we have to realize that it is not intended to sway or convince people who are informed. It is, however intended to provide cover for those who have no grasp of domestic or international events, feed them excuses and talking points to help them cover their complete ignorance. Very likely, it is also intended to infuriate those who are up to speed on current events and render them (us) utterly frustrated and defeated.

Cases in point are endless. The Orlando massacre is due to a lack of “common sense gun-control.” Somehow, the Department of Justice is still refusing to release the full contents of what the terrorist said on recorded telephone calls, obviously because of his repeated invocations of Allah, Islam and ISIS. There are concerns that Americans just wouldn’t properly process the information if it were released to the public. Not that the tuned-out masses would pay any attention, but it might provide fodder to the president’s critics, and we can’t have that!

The “act of desperation” comment by the same Secretary of State that signed off on the nuclear deal with Iran and tried to sell it as a great accomplishment, is so utterly disingenuous that no further explanation is required.

The Benghazi attack was the fault of a video produced in America! That was no small mis-statement, particularly as it was a bald-faced lie that very likely altered the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. Only now, four years later, have Congressional investigations concluded something that was obvious at the time the audacious lie was told. In fact, a time line has been created showing that Madame Secretary and White House advisors were watching real-time video of the attack while it was carried out, and instead of ordering help to intervene, were concocting the “video” lie that was told over and again via every notable network. The president conveniently skipped his daily “briefing” meeting the next day. He was, after all, in the middle of his re-election campaign.

We generally don’t traffic in the ebb and flow of political scandals, but one is playing out right now that threatens to finally undermine every last vestige of integrity that might remain in our Federal judicial system. The Attorney General of the United States laughed off the “appearance of impropriety” concerns generated by the private thirty-minute meeting she held with former president Bill Clinton aboard her parked jet in Phoenix. If this is not a scandal of the first order, then what could be? If we were expecting justice or the rule of law to prevail, absent political ramifications, that whole notion was dashed to pieces in the cavalier interview done by Loretta Lynch this morning. We certainly don’t pretend to be able to predict the outcome of clear, brazen violations of everything sacred in the realm of top secret communications, or conflict of interest with government officials using their positions to raise millions of dollars for a “charity” that runs like a personal slush fund. But there’s no need to fret. Career prosecutors will follow the facts and the law to a just conclusion regardless of political considerations, we’ve been reassured. But it sure rings hollow in the current environment.

Since last week’s earth-shaking, prophetically important news of Britain’s vote to withdraw from membership in the European Union, analysts and think-tank experts have been out in force to tell the world that it won’t make that much difference in the long run. John Kerry says there are ways to get around the exit vote. The mainstream media has gone out of its way to accuse British citizens who voted to leave of being xenophobic and racist.

There’s no doubt that the central EU leaders and promoters Germany and France were insulted by the rejection, but their immediate reaction was to double down and come out swinging. They issued a verbal ultimatum of sorts, saying that EU member nations will be required to give up national military forces, internal legislation powers and law enforcement, national banking powers, border controls and so forth. The list of EU requirements covers every basic aspect of national sovereignty. Regardless of the learned opinions of university professors and think-tank experts about the so-called “Brexit” decision being meaningless, England will certainly not be bound by that list of EU requirements going forward. Thank goodness a majority somewhere finally took a stand!

It’s almost as if mainstream reporters have gone out of their way to come up with ways British citizens will suffer for their “ill-advised” divorce from Europe. They’re still at it, speculating about business and banking interests that will flee London and relocate to somewhere on the European continent, leaving thousands of employees without their jobs. Could be, but at least Britain won’t be turning its Royal Air Force, Army and Navy over to the bureaucrats in Brussels for their euro-force. And that is what they want. NATO has been deemed insufficient to deal with threats from Russia and the Middle East (largely due to the president’s neglect), and so there is now a concerted push for Europe to field its own “independent” military force, capable of action on a global scale.

While the president brushes off the latest Islamist massacre, brags of “trans-genders” being courted by the U. S. military, greater protections and opportunities for homosexuals, and boasts of vast sums being requisitioned for his “green” initiative, Europe openly announces “independent” military plans and undermines the significance of NATO.

It’s as if every major point of prophetic conditions leading to the punishment of the descendants of biblical Israel are being met all at once. Just as foretold, our acquiescence to one condemned evil after another is bringing us to a time of reckoning. And if watching and enduring the revocation of God’s blessings weren’t enough, our leaders brag on themselves as if they wear the destruction of western civilization as a righteous badge of honor.

Truth has fallen in the streets. Evil is paraded as good, and God’s Laws are deemed illegal one after another. If you need more proof, it will come in a day or two at most. This is not the way our parents or their parents expected us to celebrate Independence Day!

Mark Armstrong