Greetings from Tyler,

“When it happens, it’s going to be big.” That’s part of a quote carried in today’s New York Times, attributed to Marquez, the “friend” of the male Muslim shooter in last week’s San Bernardino massacre. People who hung out with Marquez at a local watering hole say he also spoke of “many sleeper cells, so many people just waiting.”

It must be the biggest open secret in the western world. The terrorists are here, there and everywhere in western society. We’re told that nine hundred some odd are currently under F.B.I. investigation. At least seventy potential terrorists are reportedly under full-time surveillance.

So now we’re having to listen to endless debates about tens of thousands of people from nations where Islamist movements are rife, and whether they should be allowed to enter and move about freely in our society. President Obama scoffed at the suggestion that any in the teeming refugee population might pose a threat to the U.S. homeland. After all, who’s afraid of “widows and orphans?” His administration is adamant that current admission practices are adequate, and all suggestions to the contrary are “anti-Muslim” and bigoted. Even in the wake of news that the female who led the massacre in San Bernardino entered the United States on a fiancé visa and was allowed legal entry, Obama and his defenders refuse to admit that the protocol for the admittance of Muslims into America needs examination or overhaul.

The fact is that there are millions of Muslims here in the United States. Estimates range between three and seven million, so clearly, nobody has any real idea. With terrorist attacks blowing up all over the world including the ISIS inspired San Bernardino attack last week, Muslim terror now has the attention just about everybody.

The recent suggestion that Muslim admittance to America should be banned, if only temporarily to ascertain who’s already here and what they’re up to, ignited a fire storm of outrage across the board. But not universally. Clearly, there is still some sentiment that the United States should not commit national suicide for the sake of political correctness. But not in the news media, and not in the Obama administration either. It’s just shocking to learn that Obama’s Muslim sympathies trump national security. But that IS the message, and it’s loud and clear.

There is current news of a terrorist prisoner released from Guantanamo Bay returning to the high command of al Qaeda, and making recruitment videos now airing on the internet. Everyone with half an inkling knew this is exactly what would happen, and it’s happened repeatedly. Even the head of ISIS, al Baghdadi or whatever, was in U.S. military custody and released. It’s a lesson the Obama administration steadfastly refuses to learn. It’s hard to know how widespread the sentiment has become, but it’s getting more difficult by the day to see how the president is the least bit concerned about the safety and security of America. All his concerns tend toward protecting Muslims from suspicion or criticism. There’s no way we’re going to sit still for any more of his sniveling, dull-eyed lectures while the riddled bodies of American patriots are being laid to rest.

Meanwhile, world leaders are gathered at Paris with only hours left to SAVE THE PLANET! Yes, it’s urgent. And if they don’t do it NOW, then the world is doomed. Sea levels will swallow up poor countries, glaciers will melt and terror will flourish if rich countries and poor countries don’t agree immediately on how the world’s wealth should be redistributed to achieve “climate justice.” The pope is standing by, ready to intervene “subtly” in the event that the talks begin to break down without an international pact.

Do you think any of these idiots (with the possible exception of Secretary of State John Kerry) actually believe any of their own press releases? Have they all lost their minds? Of course not! This is all about MONEY. The UN is funding projects that promote climate hysteria, as are most western governments. Imagine the billions that will be shuffled around the world to pay for “climate justice.” Of course these people are hysterical. There are vast sums at stake.

But it seems fewer and fewer seem to believe that there is, in fact, a man-made climate crisis. In fact you have to look way, way down the list to find “global warming” or “climate change” as an important issue in any recent polls. It’s even less important as lifeless bodies are being removed from the scene of a terrorist attack in Paris or in Southern California, and we’ve all seen more than our share over the past couple of weeks.

Those who purport to be in forefront of “saving the planet,” are in fact the ones who are facilitating the destruction of western civilization. Barak Hussein Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Justin Trudeau, Malcom Turnbull, Ban ki Moon, and we could continue to list the officials of the EU, individual European nations and so on around the world.

But something is afoot. It’s looking something like an historic political upheaval in the United States with a strong candidate unafraid to rattle the cages of the political elite, the illegal immigrants or the Muslims in our midst. Obama and his sycophants in government and the media created this vacuum, and somebody was going to fill it sooner or later. And it’s causing angst the likes of which we’ve never seen.

The same vacuum exists in Europe, and though we don’t know whom or when, it too will be filled. The process is already under way in France and in some German states as well. We’ve been watching the importation of future tribulation for years now. The phenomenon is beginning to be recognized by a great many who can no longer ignore the proximity of evil. But the importation of terrorists may pale into insignificance when Iran nukes an American city. They’ve just test-launched ICBMs twice recently, and there is no apparent reaction or response from the White House.

Iran’s nuclear capabilities probably should outweigh all other terrorist fears. But the Obama administration isn’t interested in discussing the matter, period. The big question now is, will the Great Tribulation begin on Obama’s watch? Can western civilization survive another year and a half on the current trajectory? We need prayers for our leaders and for our enemies, that they be stopped from their obvious intention to wipe out every good blessing. And we’d better start being thankful, and expressing our appreciation for God’s blessings by obeying His laws. Otherwise, the Bible’s final warnings will be upon us.



Mark Armstrong