Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 9 November 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

            French President Macron went on record this week calling for the formation of an European Army.  The nations of Europe couldn’t be bothered to help pay the freight for the NATO protection they’ve enjoyed for decades.  At least not until our President Trump called them out publicly. Suddenly Europe needs to go its own way, according to Macron.

            His call comes at a time when German Chancellor Angela Merkel is announcing that she will not seek reelection.  The results of the Muslim onslaught she encouraged (along with the pope), the spike in terrorist incidents and the destruction of the atmosphere in Europe has taken a couple of years for German citizens to recognize.  But she’s lost so many seats for her own party, and seen such an influx of “anti-immigrant” activists in the Bundestag that she’s had to resign as the leader of her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

            She has been Germany’s Chancellor since 2005,in addition to being the foremost promoter and guiding hand of the European Union.  Her popularity has collapsed now that citizens have realized the extent of the damage done to their culture, and that it may well be irreversible.  No one seems to know who will succeed her or when. The next German elections aren’t until 2021, but they’ve got a system that could produce a no-confidence vote resulting in snap elections at any time. 

            Here in the U. S., we’re mired in the uncertain outcome of mid-term elections, and wouldn’t you know it, Broward County is once again the center of a monumental dispute over Florida’s gubernatorial race. It’s the same district that caused the “hanging chad” debacle in the year 2000, counting and recounting recovered ballots and provisional ballots with “experts” trying to decipher “voter intent”  until the Supreme Court intervened.  They never gave up the mantra that Al Gore should have been elected President in the year 2000.  The lawyers (Hillary Clinton’s lawyers)  have already descended on Miami with an outcome as their mandate.  Unbelievable as it sounds, this is the same law firm that paid for the infamous “dossier,” alleging Russia colluded with the Trump campaign.

            The “caravan” is still en-route to our southern border amid reports that the UN is paying for buses to transport them. President Trump has issued an order saying they must present themselves at a port of entry to be considered for asylum. That’s sure to be struck down by an Obama appointed judge any minute now.  But the onslaught of Hondurans, Guatemalans and Mexicans continues at the rate of nearly 10,000 per week.  It’s like there is a continuous caravan that the previous administration encouraged and the current administration is powerless to stop, with judges at the ready to make sure that the financial system and the culture is overwhelmed. 

            Whoever doesn’t want our demographics permanently altered by people who don’t speak the language, understand our laws or have anything in common with our culture are RACIST.  They say the word dozens of times per hour in the mainstream media and all the cable channels.  It can’t be said often enough.  It’s usually President Trump absorbing the relentless accusations, but it’s also his supporters.  They lecture us, “If you support this president, you might as well be down on the border behaving like a NAZI.” 

            Even though the President maintained a slim majority in the Senate, the House is now in the hands of those who’ve been screaming “collusion” for the past two years and RACIST, RACIST!  Even Texas very narrowly retained conservative representation, and at the rate the state is being overwhelmed it won’t last long. 

            The mentally deranged ex-Marine who shot up the country music bar in Southern California seems to have an intent to continue where the Las Vegas mass murderer left off.  It seems that this bar was known as a haven for many who survived that massacre, and now they’ve been attacked again.  Authorities never were able to get to the bottom of the Las Vegas disaster or ascribe any motive or any connections.  It was used as an opportunity to call for more restrictions affecting law-abiding gun owners, and you can bank on this incident producing the same logic.  Just to get ahead of the arguments that are sure to get made, gun restrictions are the least of a mass murderer’s concerns. 

            President Trump has re-authorized all the economic sanctions that were in place against Iran prior to Obama’s nuclear “deal.” Europe doesn’t want to play along, as usual.  Since the “deal” was called off, Iran has seen the value of its currency plummet to some 30% of what it was and Iran is, as ever, talking WAR.  What’s new?

            The U. S. and Europe see the Middle East from opposing points of view.  Europe wants to do business with Iran and resents U. S. interference.  Most European nations back the plight of the “Palestinians,” and condemn Israel at every opportunity.

            Jerusalem remains the flash-point of world conflict, just as the Bible says it would.  But who believes in the Bible anymore?  Certainly not those who now control the House of Representatives and nearly every aspect of our society.  We’ll pause now to observe the weekly Sabbath and pray for mercy amid a very uncertain future for Western society.  Have a good one, 


Mark Armstrong